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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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Shirley B. Eniang: The bestie Barbs and I filmed this GRWM video just before our night out! Hope you like! :) Check out our OOTN on her channel. xx
Covaxius: @Flurbdurb I wish people would stop bringing up that it's really old, I've seen people screaming about that on every video and haven't seen any people comparing it to Avatar or Star Wars
Ashlee Pesino: I'll admit that I'm a little sad this video is almost a year old and the manufacture hasn't looked into making other types of cases. Not everyone has an iphone. :\
July301998: This Movie is awesome but it's from the 80s or 90s and called pitcher and the pin up
averone007: Very nice. May I ask what video equipment you are using??
TheMushufasha: Paramount, I will continue to sell illegal copies of your films until you stop making garbage with directors like Michael Bay. But an end to it 
Andi Rachmat: Now thats one smart blonde

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