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davehilton: same as me dads car. Tidy, Much.
GunFun ZS: Very good group. Would you care to list the recipe in the "about"? I can understand reluctance to list exact charge weight, but knowing which hull, primer, powder, wad, and data source if any would save a lot of T&E trying to find a combo that does as well.
FitKim: I would say no more than 1-2 cans per week. Chunk light tuna has the lowest concentration of mercury levels, so look for that packed in water. Thanks for the question!
саша гончаренко: наверное это самое смишное видио о варфейс
Taylor Reed: Does anyone know the top 25 for this game?
BiG420ToMaTo420BuDs: Those are not super cars they're hypercars. Any car that goes over 220 mph is a hypercar and the venom gt is currently the worlds fastest production car 
Vickie Cassidy: Great video! awesome that it can be used as a wordpress plugin, lovin it! Hostgator has really easy wordpress integration and you can get 25% off your hosting with coupon code givemegatordiscount 

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