SXR 250 Rtc Sport Bike Customized

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SXR 250 rtc sport bike customized
SXR 250 rtc sport bike customized
sxr 250 rtc sport bike
sxr 250 rtc sport bike
250cc RTC Sport Bike
250cc RTC Sport Bike
Dong Fang 250 RTC
Dong Fang 250 RTC
MC_D250 RTC. Sunny 250cc Street Legal Full Size Sport motorcycle at for $ 1.929
MC_D250 RTC. Sunny 250cc Street Legal Full Size Sport motorcycle at for $ 1.929
MC_D250 RTA. Sunny 250cc Ninja-Style Full Size Racing Bike at for $ 1.899
MC_D250 RTA. Sunny 250cc Ninja-Style Full Size Racing Bike at for $ 1.899

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Kevin Lee: I haven't heard many bad things about this bike. Most of the comments I see that are bad are form 3 different types of folks. 1- people that didn't break int he bike when the first got it. 2- folks that are label whores and can't stand to see someone having fun a a start up bike that looks so good. 3- people that ride huge 500cc plus bikes. --- It is what it is and I've seen these smoke less experienced riders on more name brand kind of bikes. 250 CBR.... 

stix4Him: Great looking bike man! Being the frugal guy that I am, I'm always looking for a bang for the buck deal. I've been looking at this bike and the Jinlun 250p..lots of mixed reviews. I agree that the lions share of bad reviews are coming from brand whores and inexperienced in as far as mechanical aptitude is concerned. Do you still have this bike and if so, how is it running..issues? Thanks in advance.

brett peterson: please do a review of this bike while riding it also you did a great job man on ur customized stuff there just checked out one of these today and I want it now for my starter so please do a review on it bro :)

Holiday Puller: Could you PLEASE post a video on how to drive the SXR 250cc ? I'm buying one and I've never rode a bike or scooter. It can't be hard. This will be my starter bike so PLEASE SIR PLEASE!

panzormi: ok i uploaded another video for yalls questions answered go to my channel check it out

josh kane: and I like it alot!

sunshine lee: where and how much did you buy this bike from ?

sam stewart: hands down best looking rtc so far..i know you get this question it worth 2100 because i dont want to spend the money on something thats not going to last a few years

kosova thereality: In which country/state is made this bike?

Drake Crider: Im looking for a beginner bike and stumbled on this bike, i dont really care how fast it goes just wanna fun way to get too and from work and save on gas. However, ive read many bad things about this bike and dont want to waste any of my money. So i was thinking save all winter for a Njnja 300. Is this bike worth it?

TwistinDa Throttle: This is a freaking beaner bike!!. Piece of crap

panzormi: and its showed me im a bike guy i will never go back to a car im forreal plus this is all i own i have no car so rain sleet or snow i will ride i love it but i only did so much to this one so i can sell it for my advice if u cant save alot right now buy one of these and it will help save from gas money and stuff but if u can goahead and save about 3500 to 4000 grand and buy a 600cc or faster one of craigslist or motorcycle trader youll be happier in the long run i couldnt wait needed one fast

travishoxie1987: I just wanted to say all u did to this bike really made it xtra sweet. Good job bro. U still have it? How's it working out 4 u?

Quisé Lott: The alternatives (If new). Also before people go judging, I admit a lot of my problems were caused by people riding my bike without permission and messing up stuff (Dad). In addition I bought my bike in the off season so it had sat around for over 6 months in a warehouse. Just stick to buying them fresh like Panzormi and Joshuam2310 and you most likely won't have any problems

JonSimpsohn: hey man I'm getting the same bike and I'm going to want to do the fender eliminator kit and I'm curious how you did yours. can you make a video about it? thanks love the bike

Dallas Whitely: Where did you get that cloth paint?

smokedog123456789: U can buy it from powersportsmax or scooter depot

sam stewart: Thanks for the advice dude..but yea I think I am still going to get it maybe ride it for a year or 2 until I save up for a r6

panzormi: Let me tell everyone this I have had this bike 3 months now I ride it every day to and from work witch I do get on a smaller highway I've put 2000 miles on the bike and not had any problems with it do far some of these other 250rtc drivers don't take are of there's or got crappy ones I don't know I clean it every three days and go through all my screws and bolts make sure there tight make sure nothing is loose and everything works and not have found anything in three months the fastest I've wen

Quisé Lott: I agree with some of this stuff, the welded compartment that held my battery broke at the weld on one side and from being shipped the plastic had a the size of the tip of a fingernail that with vibrations and uncle overtightening bolts spread to be about 4 inches in 3 directions. However I wouldnt say its the worst mistake of my life, when i bought the bike i didn't want to put much into it besides regular daily maintenance, but even if you put $1000 in part upgrades into it, still cheaper than

sam stewart: Where did you get the decals

Adrian Adair: What color did you order this bike?

Edwin Gonzalez: It looks sweet man I'm gonna buy one of these to start riding

joshuam2310: Love everything about your bike. I just want to shorten my exhuast slightly for the more rumbly sound and less area to burn my self. Also i really like the way you did your rear turn signals, i never though of doing it like that. I dont need thwm in tx, but safety why, it is much better.

panzormi: YA I wana do a shorty exhaust to but I'm afraid to mess up

Dante Rodriguez: Is it automatic?

panzormi: so far yes mine has been worth the money but anybody who hasthis bike after a couple days wants a bigger one same with me i adlready want a bigger one i wana go straight to a 1000cc but this bike is great for not having alot of money it gets to and back from work i have fun on it andit was a great learning bike for me its saved me so much money i gas

armeniansoulja: Nice bike.... But to all new potential buyers, beware!!!! It will be the worst mistake of ur life. I bout one 2 months ago....i havent riden it for a month because they have the worst customer service, and the shipments take too long. Also they bike will give you problems from day one. Mirrors r crappy, the whole body is cheap plastic that broke the 3rd day of owning it. The metal piece that was welded on actually broke off because it was rusted. I beg u not to buy this crap!

Tazz Wall: I have the same bike. Thanks for the idea for racing stripes.

MCRev25: @Panzormi hey my dude, just curious.. Where did you get this?? And what state do you live in. Im findin that a lot of these bikes arent street legal in NJ where i live. Any info would help. Thanks

panzormi: Went is 87 mph so it does go faster than 60 So I can ride on the freeway just not for more than 20 min or so to be on safe side to not ride the bike to hard it's a great bike to go and get back from work but I will suggest getting a faster one for safety reasons it is only a suped up scooter with a street bike look I would like to go 120mph every once in a while
SXR 250 rtc sport bike customized 4.9 out of 5

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SXR 250 rtc sport bike customized