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frugalistablog: Oh heavens! I love you!
VRIDETV: Today's featured #HD video: Motorcycle riding on Highway 5A Part 2 from Nicola Lake to Stump Lake, between Merritt and Kamloops, British Columbia. This stretch of highway is blessed with lakes, windy roads, and incredible scenery with a number of roadside points of interest, and rest areas. +Tourism Kamloops #ExploreKamloops +Kamloops Harley Davidson 
jan kubraczek: Few words of warning: Better Whiterun is really good and interesting mod, but sometimes it causes serious problems with thieves guild questline - quests after "taking care of business" don't launch themselves automatically when this mod is on, and you are attecked in the cistern
TheStormBullet: Nice reviewing, your video. :)
lizzy coffey: the sim card and two arrows underneath each other is the 3g data enable button
thesteelerfan1973: and I think that maybe they made an improvement in the durability of the motor...because now days a lot of people are talking about the p51 motor for the champ and love'n it.... guess i'll find out.
Claude de Fabulous: Mcdonalds commercial back then were so romantic

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