2002 Chevy Impala 3.4 Liter - Replace A Thermostat

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2002 Chevy Impala 3.4 Liter - replace a thermostat
2002 Chevy Impala 3.4 Liter - replace a thermostat
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Hector Sanchez: Replacing the engine expansion plug near water pump

Hector Sanchez: Tried everything on coolant line and the tower will not budge free and suggestion.....

Jorge Bueno: Your engine is very clean,super clean

dee jay: Great great post will be doing this as soon as I get home

Del Ferdinand: Thanks for the info. It dosn't matter what accent you have it's the invormation thats important and that you took your time to share that information!!!!!!!

meTimetraveler: make sure to have the ignition off when you disconnect/reconnect the sensors. Do not reuse gaskets. Do not remove the throttle body, remove the exhaust cross over. Squirt the studs/bolts for the cross over with liquid wrench an hour or so before you remove them.

chris credit: Man that's nuts! The engine designers should have to work on their designs. I recently heard these motors are built to last over 400k. Apparently this was achieved by allowing a little 'piston slap', which acts to minimize wear during cold starts; this explains the noise they make. Well done Canuks! (I genuinely mean that; since I myself have Canuk roots; my last name is 'Credit', as in Port Credit, just south of Toronto.

DEL DEW: I don't care what he sounds like. I came because I needed advice:(bite the hand that feed me?.I think not)...I just appreciate the advice not judging...just grateful..thanks for the post.)

UGotMalk: great video..thanks 4 uploading

KleetisTheFeetis: honestly, i have no idea what you are doing or where in this video. if this is better than your last one, i'd burn your camera and delete your account. P.s. I don't if anyone realized that this car is the most poorly designed/ engineered P.o.s. i've ever seen. I mean for freak sake they have to mark everything with different color crayons to make it easier for the people assembling it.

rhcm1439: get your crap together when you post something

toddscottnelson: I'm in no way a gearhead, but I could follow this video easily.

dfried97: Nice try

templetext: Thanks for your video. It helped me get started. I've tried to include the completion part and helps for completing the job. I made a follow up video but can't figure out how to put it here. Search templetext 1997 pontiac.

jerimiahmt: I have a 05 impala and a monte carlo, botha have the same motor and I gotta do both, i just looked over the car and all the work you did wasnt neccesary, just remove the entire air box asembly and im good. P, S if you take apart anything that needs a gasket REPLACE the gaskest!

Rosemary Regan: Hey jerks, if you don't like the way the guy does it - then don't do it his way. Simple as that. Don't knock his way because it's not how you would do it. I for one am glad that there are people who take the time to make videos like this to help people save money. That being said, you have Michigan in your name MichiganFlyer...do you live in Michigan? My thermostat went bad and I have lupus although I tried to follow your video, I couldn't. Can you come change it for me? :D

Russ Gardner: To all you haters--didn't see your videos on here! It wasn't the best video I have ever seen, but certainly not the worst! He did explain it in a way that a novice can understand and follow. Wish he would have totally replaced a thermostat, but overall it does the job! Thanks!

Ted Matthews: I have a 2004 impala and the thermostat is in the same place. I followed the video and instruction. I only had to remove the manifold shield in order to reach under to remove the bottom thermostat housing bolt. It is not easy. You can not use a socket to remove the bottom bolt from the thermostat housing. There is no room. The manifold is too close for a socket wrench. This was a good video on how to remove the thermostat. You have to have patience and observe.

kingtazmlk: i did not learn from this video as a matter of fact i got dumber watching it lol

facio559: Just did this on a job was a complete bitch to get that last thermostat bolt my forearms are all bruised up but i managed to get it with out taking off manifold or making adjustments.

sgraham1790: Hahaha it does sound like ketmit the frog

drew blue: I feel for u man damn that musta been a pain in the ass i have a impala now i recently bought her and proud of the car w/ 173,000 mi and still going :-) iam now officially a impala lover :-)

kingtazmlk: this is so sad please no more videos

MichiganFlyer2: Thanks for the reply. I actually did not do it myself but a nice guy came over and did it for me. I don't have the tools to complete the job at the moment. I live in the Lansing area. Do you have a similar vehicle to the 02 Impala?

Zehnuss: "before you untighten it all the way" WTF??? Nice vocabulary Kermit the Frog!

frailsongs4u: I have a 2003 impala. Same set up. Video was perfect. Good job.

HURLO DOLO: It's always nice when someone makes a video to help others. I will be attempting this tomorrow. Thanks.

Daniel Miller: this was the worst freaking video i seen in my life, quit putting videos online, you suck and dont belong doing.

Ray Cleveland: I just complete the same job and he is right on the only think I did was to remove the heat shield off cross over pipe give a little more to put it in. the only he should have done the work on the video as it labor intense which is not shown in video

wackman84: good post

ed mack: appreciate the video. its the only one i found on it. but when you get to the last bolt "way down there" you dont give any detailed instructions. its like good luck figure it out. im not sure what size the bolt is and im sure with the tight space im only going to be able to turn a 1/4 inch at a time. the first bolt is a 1/2 inch i think but i wasnt able to use that on the last bolt so its probably not

drew blue: Trolls!!! Got to lv them lol

vinstonvega: You sound like Chris from Family Guy

jim fischer: i have a 05 monte,same motor.all is needed to take off is the air induction.like he does in the begining,use a socket to get the top bolt on the thermostse houseing the a wrench for the bottom bolt.the bottom willl take some time.have to unscrew it a 1/8 turn at a time and flip the wrench every 1/8 turn.but no risk of damaging anything else if you did it his way of removing parts that really dont need removed.

M Clem: Sorry for your lack of DOING THE JOB !! If you are gonna show how it's done DO IT, I could have said how to do it and not do it , also, the video camera work wasn't so good ... Need to work on your skills buddy. Then post a video on how to TELL someone how to .... But not show any actual work... 2 thumbs down
2002 Chevy Impala 3.4 Liter - replace a thermostat 3.3 out of 5

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2002 Chevy Impala 3.4 Liter - replace a thermostat