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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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TheAphrostar: i don't think that this car is BMW's answer to Tesla because it's a hybrid and not a fully electric car. This car is BMW saying that hybrid don't have to be boring and lack style. The day they do answer Tesla, it will be known. 
carl1964carl: Thanks, its enno orange and ink gloss black
sixfteightinguy: psa has this gun for 199.99 for christmas sale. i assume that's a good price?
CouchPotatoArmy: How accurate is it? like at less than 50 feet? im interested in upgrading from my broken down marker 
CuteColourful: LOL yeah, fail >___o;; xD
LikeUsCrowd: I'm... gonnna go see a docter now.
carwashnews: The bowler makes me mad! Stop hoping all over the place

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