SHTF, AK Ammunition Storage In .50 Cal. Ammo Can

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SHTF. AK ammunition storage in .50 cal. ammo can
SHTF. AK ammunition storage in .50 cal. ammo can
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9mm Boxes in .50 Cal Ammo Can (How Many Fit?)
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SHTF guns and ammo - prepping firearms
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Ammo Storage / Ammunition Storage Secrets
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Ammunition storage and using Military Surplus Ammo cans

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ruger181: Good question, I am not for sure since I don't have a shotgun. If you can't find your answer from other videos or forums then I guess you can fill up your .50 cal can with the ammo and let us know for sure by posting it.

ruger181: @kcd1001 Average storage for me is within 7 months. I could leave them longer but eventually they get used and any spare unloaded mags will then become loaded.

ruger181: That ammo was bought in 2006 for about 150 dollars at my local gun store. Academy Sports here locally are selling it 5.99 for box of 20, so at this time (21 August 2013) it will cost about 300 dollars before taxes for 1000 rounds.

evo8FQ400: of a forum i found that a .50cal can can hold 224 2 3/4" shells in rows. if anyone wants the link just send me a message.

19987mac: You seriously just made me smile :) I need to do this ....... What's the pice for all that ammo? An were you buy it

ruger181: @PBJMORENO I had the 1,000 rounds stored in that ammo can since 2007 and do not see any rust at all. As long you have a good seal on the lid and do not handle the ammo with your bare oily hands, which will start some rust, then you will be alright.

drtrolish: No its not, springs also lose compression ability from being compressed for long periods of time. Weather or not that will have enough of an impact to make the magazine not function is another story.

hightower338: In to houses. I'm not trying to put you down or bad mouth you I just think that we all will have at least a couple of hours before people try to break into houses and start taking and killing for what you have.

Anthony Kumpe: That why I load 2 or 3 mag leave 5 rounds out and don't load the rest at frist I made the same mastake

Georgia Yankee: good way to flatten out your mag springs storing them long term fully loaded.

Brootalak47: ruger this is an awesome idea. i have 12 magazines for my ak so this will be perfect! thanks for the vid from your new sub!

Headass357: The left side is for bug out and the right side is for bug in

swearingenmetro: About 240 of 00 2 3/4"

recordmanful: Or, you can get a lever-action rifle and get two boxes full of 357 magnum.

Dean Thorton: That is a myth. Compressed or not compressed makes no difference. It's the action of compressing and uncompromising that wears out a spring. He's doing nothing wrong here.

evo8FQ400: how many 2 3/4" 12g rounds can it hold loosely? thanks for the upload

Kham D: good idea, how long do you keep your mags fully loaded for.

Jesus Moreno: I was wondering how long will you store your steel case ammunition for? Do they rust easy like in long term storage, 5+ years? I store my .223 ammunition loose and I buy steel case also. I keep the ammunition in my safe but I have silica beads in my safe and ammunition boxes to soak up ANY moisture.

Jesus Moreno: @ruger181 Thanks for that information! I was worried about rust, good to know you have had that ammunition for a that long.

marco Gonzalez: @ruger181 if i may add... you should get more cans and ALOT more mags and distribute is at such... maybe a few with loose rounds... that way so you dont have to worry...

Budget Shooter: you can hold about 250 2 3/4

josueguzman602: The only thing that sucks for me with having alota ammo in storage is I always want to go shooting lol

Krzysztof Grabiński: Good idea. In case you had to take only one ammo can, you can always put lose cartridges into the gaps (between magazines and ammo boxes), so you can bring more than 500 rounds and you will still have 10 mags in it.

Randall Keizer: Ex military. Compression will ruin your mag. Always had a 30 round mag and we never put loaded more than 27 rounds EVER!!! You are looking for trouble if you leave mags loaded all the time and to their max.

hightower338: @ruger181 you brought up having loaded mags, the only thing I see bad about that is wear on the spring. But what I want to bring up is if a shtf happened say right now and you had unloaded mags I don't think that you or anyone else would have to rush right away to get them all loaded in a hurry but more of a ok I need to go load my mags type of attitude would be fine. Cause I thinly for the next couple of hours everyone will be trying to get home or the supermarkets before they start breaking

Budget Shooter: about 250

itsmanmusa75: ليت المسلمين يصنعون اسلحه
SHTF, AK ammunition storage in .50 cal. ammo can 4.6 out of 5

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SHTF, AK ammunition storage in .50 cal. ammo can