9mm Luger - Winchester 115 Gr. SXZ - Ammo Test

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Justin Bilyeu: Does this coating cause any feed issues or malfunctions? I would think there would be a chance that after some time on the range and your gun is warm there could be some melting of this coating that could cause malfunctioning. I'm very curious to know if this is the case. How well do they run through your handgun?

NCtrail4R: Saw these at Bass Pro - the 9mm ball ammo is around $14/50rounds and $20/50rounds for hollow points. Best price on hollow points that i have found. Most are $20/20-25rounds! Good to see that they expand well. Plan to pick some up - hope they run well too!

darkwriter77 .: Not bad, not bad. Saw some of this at Bass Pro tonight in .45 ACP and thought about picking it up for my 1911. At about 33 bucks for a box of 50, the price wasn't too shabby. Would make a good cheap round for anyone wanting to stockpile a lot of JHP ammo.

smartguy104: @silvereagle1833 Not sure why they are black like that the expansion result really reminds me of a silver tip.

andreleger2001: @silvereagle1833 The latest generation of the Black Talon design is the Winchester Ranger-T series. These are not the same design, but do have the same coating.

Christopher Z: The Black Talon returns?

andreleger2001: @jwash3rd It is the same as a Beretta 92 = 5" barrel.

andreleger2001: @hugo2x From what I understand, the SXZ rounds are the same as the Winchester White Box (USA) rounds except that they have a Lubalox coating. They are sold with an exclusive contract at Bass Pro Shops. They seem to have expanded exactly in the same manner. I will be posting the .40 S&W and .45 ACP versions as soon as I finish editing them.

willwood487: good expansion and good weight retention= good ammo!

jwash3rd: Another informative vid. Is that a 4" barrel on that Taurus? The scale has been a nice addition.

rage340: @hugo2x been around a little while, not talons, just has a black coating thats supposed to help keep the barrel from fouling as much

hugo2x: Is this a new type of ammo, like the talons?

rage340: pretty decent expansion, better than i expected

pmalveda02: for a 115 gr i would say not bad! :)

0Weaver0: good, but no Ranger Ts
9mm Luger - Winchester 115 Gr. SXZ - Ammo Test 5 out of 5

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9mm Luger - Winchester 115 Gr. SXZ - Ammo Test