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Kevin Bowen: Those clips are designed that way so you can still tuck your shirt in and have your firearm covered, you just tuck it in between the clips and the leather. 
Rene Atencio: 6.8L 100Km
JUDGERAMBO: These hammers unscrew apart, a gap will form between the red plastic and the metal ends. still using the hammer the threads break sending the metal piece flying when it is swung. If you own one check the ends. Mine was a 40 oz and i noticed the gap a while ago and just kept using it.
HarleyBones99: The smaller holster is designed to fit the Tiberius Pistol. Best to do a test-fit first to be sure on the TPX. You may need to go with he BT Universal Holster, which is slightly larger.
Madara D Goku: ;O
marina agathangelou: Does not any one else use their left hand to do their left eye mascara? I am beginning to think i am the only one who does it lol. Greetings from the uk!
primeflyin: go the hempel!

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