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Tia Smith x: Mascara-wet and wild, actually beauty benefits, why are u lying?
Shadyquah Moore: Yassssss I luv It Chula.. And what makes it so special is your still have that volume in your hair.. It's not all flat like others I see on here.. Thats exactly what im talking about.. I love thick healthy hair 👍
linda brown: Lord have mercy....She is 85 and he is 30 something.......lady, what were you thinking?  Please adult children, pay attention to your elderly parents or you wont have any inheritance to get.  Scammers will take every penny.   It's a sad world we live in.
JayJayMayHay: xD this cracks meh up
Alex Hood: Looks really cool
rileyzoe1: I am right with you on the feeling guilty thing. I just started with the minimalism thing a couple of months ago & I love what I've done so far as far as decluttering! It feels soooo good!! What has helped me as far as my wardrobe is #1-I cut it way back but I didn't put a number on it like 33 or 10 & #2-I made a list of things that I need to complete my wardrobe such as basic T's or newer jeans. I find that if I stick to what's on the list it's a lot easier to go shopping. Like I said, I am just starting on this journey but I am loving the feeling it is giving me so far. Thanks for being so honest & letting me know I'm not alone is all of this!!
christina weinmann: Mike- hi there! What are you using for your water source? I was using water straight out of the hose but found it had a very high salt content and my plants were suffering quite a bit... Not to mention I had quite a slimy reservoir and since then I've had to clean it out and start from scratch....I live in Phoenix Arizona and just switched to RO water... Also my reservoir is black and gray thinking about switching to a white cooler like yourself to help with obvious high temps here... Thank you in advance for any help you can provide.

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