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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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Ayla De Weerdt: He named his bat "sasha" ha ha ha lightning 
Mattybraps: Get to the point quicker
BreeAnn Barbie: +Claire Woods Aw thanks so much! :D
Kyle Nau: Yikes! I got overworked and kind of forgot I had this. Sorry for the two year(!) delay - this tutorial has gone somewhat out-of-date since then. Quick update: It seems both Firefox and Chrome have dropped the webkit prefix for the AudioContext. Chrome has dropped the "node" terminology. So "createGainNode" is now "createGain". I don't know if this is going to be the standard. As Isaac Lean points out in the comments, if you are getting a "Cross origin requests" error - you need to be running HTML5 on a webserver (or WAMP). You need to be loading sounds from the "same origin" aka web domain.
gio charkviani: hey please review the 90's burger king pokémon toys please! P.S. I love your videos
Ken Saunders: I prefer to use a hardwood block of wood on the caliper piston when using a C clamp, this ensures pushing the piston square back into the cylinder bore. Also, I dont know what climate your in but i like to put a film of lithium grease on the wheel studs. This keeps corrosion from water and road salt so that changing a tire later on will be easier.

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