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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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mati00733: masz je pod wzmakiem czy samo radio?
abby killienih: Why don't people like Russell? Hmmm, well he's a prick for one. What a prick thing to do, asking her if she is going to "carry a baby". Obviously he knew she had some fertility issues. Then he goes and exposes what may her one of her biggest vulnerabilities on national television. Very aggressive thing to do. The look on her face says it all when he says that crap to her. He's a piece of crap.
Jorge Melendez: Thanks for explaining everything about the phone! Thanks, Jorge
imakeitworst: The cover is not "Rubber", it's a flexible plastic, PC - From petroleum, not from a tree (rubber).
Hélène Christophe Le Carrour: Merci Olivier pour cette superbe video ! Beau vol, bel avion... A bientôt !
OmarZing: Original Naruto > Shippuden
Teradmc: Aww I take it the queens emissary has left then...never made it to rank 3 :(

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