My Two Cents - Ruger SR9 And SR9C Review (9mm)

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Fots T.: Very nive review! Thank you for sharing it. Keep them coming.

TN6565: You are an excellent presenter, thank you. I look forward to more videos. I will keep my magazine disconnect safeties because they do not inconvenience me, and because I have a friend whose son stupidly shot someone dead thinking that, since the magazine was not inserted in the Glock, that it was unloaded. I just can't guarantee my guns will always be in my control and this is a little extra measure of safety.

Jesus Edifies: I had a colt 45 years ago that my hands would not fit the gripes very good and it had a hard trigger pull so my target practicing was bad. I have been looking into the SR9C and think it would work better for me.

Eric Hitch: Great Video! Thank you for your time, it defiantly helped me make my decision! Going for the compact. Respectfully, Eric Hitch

Doug Dobbs: Tremendous review! Thanks for the thorough run down. Yours is the only one I've seen that spoke about how to defeat the "no fire with magazine out" feature. That's been one of the few things that's made me hesitant to purchase one of these. 

Shorthair ptr: I have a Sig P238 as my carry (having small hands and being small it fits perfectly in my pants) so I was looking for a home defense gun. Saw the Ruger SR9 on sale at my local store. After I watched your video and read a few articles, I decided to buy it. I picked this over the S&W sd9ve due to the ambi safety. Yes, the Ruger has a lot of safeties (and yes maybe too many) but the ambi safety, your video, and the price ($100 less then any where) are the reason why I decided to buy it. I havent had time to shoot it yet but thanks for the video. A HUGE HELP!

elsullo2: One of the best gun reviews I have seen on Youtube! Thorough and usefull presentation! (lighting could sure be better.) I have subscribed to see what else you have been up to. Thanks!..........................elsullo

Mac Ellis: Safety Sally's.....the only one who is going to get hurt would be you. Wasting time to appease the those morons is a futile waste of time. 

BigPoiDog: Good review! I have a relatively new SR9C and even after running about 300 rounds through it, the springs are still pretty tight. Racking this sucker takes a bit of effort (compared to my friend's p95) and it definitely does not like cheap Russian ammo -- WPA military classic was stove piping every other round but Remington UMC worked great and Blazer brass ran fine (my son had a couple of stove pipes, but he may have been limp wristing some shots). What kind of break in period did your SR9C require? Since my last trip to the range a couple of weeks ago, I've left the slide locked back. Going to test today and see if that has helped loosen things up...

EuphoricImpact: Excellent review. I wish I had viewed this before purchasing mine. I absolutely love it. I know many Glock owners love to rip into this weapon. However, I do not care. It is excellent! I enjoy shooting my 9mm more than my 40cal. Do not take that statement to mean I do not enjoy my SR40c. I do immensely. It is my opinion that the SR40c is much more enjoyable to shoot, compared to the Glock 23!!

Satch Boogifan: Ruger makes excellent guns Demand is greater than supply though

Satch Boogifan: I love my SR9 American made for less than $500 You can't beat it!

darkwriter77 .: Thanks! :)

Lateef Skinner: great vid , what would be a good hip concealment holster

darkwriter77 .: Thanks! I do love my SR9. Just wish the grip wasn't so darned big, but at least at this time of year, I can still appendix-carry it IWB like I do with my other carry guns and it still hides well enough ... as long as I have a jacket over it. :-)

Lateef Skinner: Do you know of any sites

darkwriter77 .: Thanks. As far as inside waistband (IWB) concealed carry goes, I usually use a Remora holster by default (and I highly recommend the Sweat Shield option). Remora also makes an OWB holster, but I haven't tried it yet; otherwise, a common leather slide holster molded for an SR9, M&P, or Glock will usually work quite well. Bear in mind that you don't have to spend a fortune to get a good CCW holster. When all else fails, you can always try making your own (see also my DIY leather holster video).

jrrtolkien717: buy the sr9c

darkwriter77 .: Yup. Pretty much the case with all manufacturers at this point, what with all the post-election hype and now the potential AWB fears. Sure wish that I'd had the money to have invested in Ruger, Smith & Wesson, and some other companies earlier this year. Glad I got my SR9 with its 17-round mags while I had the chance - about this time next year, 10-rounders might be all that's available.

Ron Carpenter: The big plus for the SR trigger is it feels the same on every shot. The P series double/single has one feel for the first shot and entirely different for the following shots. It is not as light as my 1911, but the break is early. Glock triggers break late requiring the shooter to preload the trigger, get the sight picture, pull more to break the shot. So much for "keep your finger off the trigger 'til ready to fire". I prefer the SR to Glock or P series, it's a personal choice.

Jeff Liss: I have a SR9c, and completely agree about the soft recoil. It's not only accurate, it's also a pleasure to shoot. While I'm not into physics, it seems like the energy (recoil) is directed over your hand, not into it. I highly recommend the SR9c for carry....and for the range.

xxWolfBitexxx: Rugers a great gun and looks sexy to boot. Glocks are good guns too but ugly and boxy. Why they cost more is anybodys guess. I think they like saying "I gotta Glock".

darkwriter77 .: Part of the higher cost of Glocks is because, by and large, they're made in Austria and then imported. (They might be ASSEMBLED in the USA, but most are still stamped as "Made in Austria.") The biggest reason they're so expensive is because they pay to have their logo featured EVERYWHERE, and they pay LOTS to get their stuff promoted with law enforcement agencies. Glocks don't suck, but they're definitely overpriced and over-hyped for what they are.

18661873: Had mine for over two years. Black slide with an OD green lower. Cannot recall a misfire or jam. Only complaint...stiff recoil spring with cheese grater serations on the slide make for difficult racking. But I am a kitty.

darkwriter77 .: Remoraholsters com is a good place to start. Galco also makes some pretty nice ones in leather, too - both IWB and OWB models.

darkwriter77 .: Yup. Nearly every gun manufacturer puts some cosmoline-like grease in/on their firearms from the factory that helps prevent corrosion but does not usually work well to reduce friction. It's generally a good idea to thoroughly clean ANY brand-new firearm before taking it out and shooting it for the first time. Some companies, mainly Taurus, absolutely cram their guns so full of goop that you almost CAN'T shoot it reliably without first cleaning it.

Ed Burns: This is a good comprehensive review.

braveheartwarrior: did u have to clean it straight out of thebox?

Solar4Rich: Yup , NUTS !!!! How many pounds is the trigger pull ? Thanks

Solar4Rich: Wow, love the price of that walmart ammo. I can't find any here in CT. I have to mail order and end up paying $35.00 for a box of 50 .

Subcab123: i really enjoyed this review. I own a sr9c and its the greatest gun i never knew i wanted.

darkwriter77 .: The SW9VE and the newer (and nicer) SD9VE are great pistols for the money. The SR9 and SR9C are just as good, but slightly better in some ways, primarily because they're safe for +P+ ammo and they have MUCH nicer triggers than the S&W pistols. If you're just starting out, I would honestly look first at the S&W's, as they're very good all-around pistols and are easily concealable while still having a full-sized grip and 16+1 capacity.

darkwriter77 .: Thanks! I do like the SR9C, but I came to love the M&P9C just a bit more because of the way it fit my hands. The trigger on the SR9C is definitely better than on the M&P pistols.

Avila1392: Looking into buying my first gun.. saw the sr9c at a local pawn shop and just loved the look and feel! Not looking to do nothing special with the gun just home defense and maybe carry every so often, a friend of mine has the sw9ve and I have seen them for about $200 cheaper I really like the sr9c but since I will not regularly shot the gun I see no need to buy the $500 (SR9C) VS the $300 (SW9VE) what is your opinion?

darkwriter77 .: Yikes, 35 bucks? That's just nuts. I don't see 9mm very often yet, but every once in a blue moon I get lucky and the local Wally World will have Prvi Partisan or Federal FMJ's for around 15 (or less) per box of 50. (I haven't seen any 9mm JHP's at Wal-Mart in almost a YEAR.) The panic buying and inflated prices will go away eventually, but you folks in CT (and CO and CA) have it tougher than the rest - LOTS more panic buying in those states due to new recent anti-gun laws.

darkwriter77 .: The trigger pull is supposed to be right around 5 pounds, which is about the same as any Glock's, but it sure feels lighter than 5 lbs. to me - not light enough to be too dangerous to carry with the safety off (since it has the same "Safe Action" trigger design as a Glock), but definitely lighter than many other striker-fired pistols. Very little takeup, very crisp, and very short reset. It's VERY easy to shoot the SR's quickly and accurately (especially the bigger SR9).

darkwriter77 .: The SR9 and SR9C are both great pistols, I agree. As far as the recoil, it does seem to have a lower bore axis than some other pistols (such as the Springfield XD) which directs the inertia of the recoil into your hand/wrist/arm rather than over it, which is actually a desirable trait. Having a higher bore axis results in more muzzle flip and more felt recoil, which results in slower follow-up shots and more hand fatigue at the range.
My Two Cents - Ruger SR9 and SR9C Review (9mm) 4.6 out of 5

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My Two Cents - Ruger SR9 and SR9C Review (9mm)