My Two Cents - Ruger SR9 And SR9C Review (9mm)

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Cephas Martin: I have both and love them both. The SR9C is my Every Day Carry. I keep the SR9 beside my recliner so it's easy to reach. I would keep it by my bed if it had tritium night sights like I have on my Ruger SR1911S.

Ed Stallion: Happy new year to you. Great and informative review, as always ! I was going to purchase the Ruger SR9 this week( this will be my first 9mm to keep). However, The Ruger company has just sent out an e-mail blast announcing the Launch of a brand new 9mm called " The American Pistol", "pro" version. Please, take your time and let me know what think. I value you objectivity and knowledge.

Austin D: i also live in arizona. where did you get your sr9?

C Hoss: U r dumb!

Charles McCormick: I own this gun. Bought the SR9 back in April. Great gun, accurate, amazing ergonomics and easy/fun to shoot. I haven't had a jam or failure to fire yet. It does have a lot of safety features on it, which I know some gun owners do not like but they don't impede the firing and accuracy properties for this firearm. One thing that was mentioned in you video darkwriter77, you were talking about the safeties and the stamp on the gun about reading the manual before use, I have to say there is a reason the put "Hot Coffee" on McDonalds coffee. There it a reason why they have "Wet Floor" signs. lol. Because people are stupid and Ruger doesn't want to get sued for anything. For what its worth though the gun is amazing. Nice video. have a good one.

InfiniteWisdom: hmmmm decisions decisions.... 

thinking compact

MCWheezyDaddy: "girlfriend of mine" made me think you have more than one :P

EQ Shelton: Definitely getting the SR9 and the SR9c 4 my wife, 4 home protection here in Fl... The video was a bit dark, couldn't see the darker parts of the gun/descriptions, but GREAT, objective, views on this firearm... Much appreciated...

Richie Hackett: i have a Ruger sr9 and have shot 300 rounds with 4 jams...would not use this gun if my life depended on it firing. 

Reginald Harvey: Good review.. Thanks! 

Ralph Zobjeck: Just a thought. I think the front sight dot is larger is due to it being further from your eye then the rear. That should give you an equal size dot when you look at your sight picture being the rear blade is closer to your eye then the front. Also when shooting your focus should be on the front sight.

Emil: Well, obviously I have faith in the .32 and I can get 2 or 3 shots off faster.  If someone pulls a knife on you, if possible you should be backing up as you shoot just in case your first shot misses, no matter the caliber.

Emil: I had an SR9c and it is a great carry gun.  But I wanted to go to the same caliber for carry and home so I sold it and made my Bersa Thhunder .32 acp and my Kel Tec P-32 my two guns.  I shoot them both well and as I said I wanted to get down to the same caliber for ammo.  The SR9c is definitely good though.

preto shohmoofc guy: Never do any kind of video in front of a light. Such as a window. Always have the light facing towards yourself. Then you'll have no shadows. 

Taurus/Hipoint Enthusiast: I have the SR40c (I like the caliber better than the 9 mm) there is a vid on you tube about the trigger improvement in less than 10 min....I did mine ooooooh how much sweeter that trigger is.......Your polishing trigger points not changing out trigger bars..

paco ochoa: just got my lc9 for car gun no longer on the california roster list, dang it i wish i had both sr9c and lc9 but if i could only keep one it would be the sr9c despite the lc9 being thiner, the sr9cs trigger and size makes it a better "all around" shooter.

shotguns machetes: is it +p rated?

Doug Dobbs: Tremendous review!  Thanks for the thorough run down.  Yours is the only one I've seen that spoke about how to defeat the "no fire with magazine out" feature.  That's been one of the few things that's made me hesitant to purchase one of these.  
My Two Cents - Ruger SR9 and SR9C Review (9mm) 5 out of 5

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My Two Cents - Ruger SR9 and SR9C Review (9mm)