Corsair H100 Install In 600T Case.wmv

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Corsair H100 Install in 600T case.wmv
Corsair H100 Install in 600T case.wmv
Corsair H100 Install in 600T case (UPDATE).wmv
Corsair H100 Install in 600T case (UPDATE).wmv
Corsair H100 and SP120 fans - TimmyTechTV
Corsair H100 and SP120 fans - TimmyTechTV
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Corsair H100 Unboxing
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Corsair H100 Defective Pump
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Updated Video: NZXT Phantom with Corsair H100 in Push Pull Configuration
Updated Video: NZXT Phantom with Corsair H100 in Push Pull Configuration

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yuud4i: dat Gopro

Dee L: I agree with bobbavet. I saw someone else do that on another youtube video.

USAdystopia: UPDATED VIDEO NOW POSTED...SEE: "UPDATE to H100 Install in 600T Case"

Mark Cota: Nice. Will check out the update brother.

teay20000: I like this Corsair 600T but It can not install H100 on top of case. Corsair Plz make Corsair 600T Full tower too.

DrTeeHSea: @DrTeeHSea actually run it for longer...i have a feeling that the GPU temps will continue to rise as your case fills with deh heat

USAdystopia: The push/pull is for maximizing cool airflow THROUGH the radiator...the large fan at the top is for removing the rising warmed air OUT of the case...performance superior to your method.

Cameron Cregler: Yeah it maybe unconventional, but if you can do a lot better you should post a reply video....but I wouldn't diss his creativity unless you did and can

Jerome Aaron: i installed my h100i in 600t the same way you did ! :D

calical26: that looks funny as hell

clyde finder: unza imo vcrd???daan na lage?

עידן כהן: @USAdystopia but why u installed it like that ur not preffer clean airflow from out of the case totaly.. your h100 eat the hot air from the hdd if u close the case

MoreCowbellPlzKthx: Not sure if trolling or just stupid...?

Dee L: also you'll make your graphics cards run hotter cause your pulling hot air in to the graphics cards. You can't push the hot air out the front without changing the direction of the front fan. But i heard it can't be removed.

Drebln893: @einhander1231 .....looool so true

USAdystopia: nuuh unnhh!

Brandon Williams: @USAdystopia its not a BAD idea, but i must agree with @drebln893.... reason being youre cooling a rad with warm air from inside the case. theres a REASON rad fans pulling air from outside>in, not in>out...

CTFlyer7: I came here looking for a video on how to install a Corsair H100 in a 600T case and all I found was a video on how not to install a Corsair H100 in a 600T case.

David Stanley: looks a noisy case with all those fans

Iced Gaming: Hey I know this is old but. You can use the top section with the 2 spots for 2 120 mil fans.. just keep the ones under the rad but the ones above can be mounted on the top section

USAdystopia: @xversacex Try Home Depot, FrozenCPU (DIY/Mod parts)

MrPandawesome: @USAdystopia I kind of want to know though.. Does it make a lot of difference on GPU temps?

syke77: I think its pretty smart the way you worked around the problem, cuz i had the same issue but theres literally a 2 degree difference in cooling power between an H100 and an H80 which fits perfectly outa the box... but ya yer rig looks intense.

USAdystopia: can use thinner stock, too. 6/32.

Cuervo4992: ok...... thats not how you install an H100 into a 600T. corsair made this case with the H100 in mind but not for a push pull config. if you remove the 200mm fan at the top of the case and replace it with the H100 then put 2 120mm fans in the top and run the cables through the hole they put up there for them. bam all done.

techrickster: hey USAdystopia texrickster once again first I totally forgot about you adding the aluminum and velco what a dunce I am, so now after reviewing you vid again one question did you get the aluminum from local hardware store and did u use 6/32 flat head screws?

patrick0uch: Hmm, I wonder if there is any way to mount the radiator above the mesh grill, and install the 2 fans under the mesh grill? This would give clearance for the ram/heatsink...just the coolant pipes would need somewhere to go through... Would this work with some modding? or would it work without any modding?

MartynazHD: Will it be the same with the H100i Edition?

Stan Static: Hey great video, how well does this cooler work in your opinion, also are you running a cooler over your RAM?

Puzz3d: Why would you push all that hot air directly on to the GPU?

Enmanuel Quinones: @USAdystopia ok i just saw it, but i was thinking in get a fan controller but as the h100 have 4 4pin connectors in the square area, i think the h100 can bring me the full rpm for each fan i will buy.

USAdystopia: Am using a 120mm fan outside the case now to pull the warm air surrounding both 7970s that are installed in the newer build (see above update links). Just ordered a Swiftech H220 and will be adding a pair Komodo 7970 waterblocks when they are back in stock so...should be a moot point. With both 7970's overclocked to 1125 MHz + 1550 MHz memory clock still only reaching 73C on the upper card in winter so not a big problem.

xversacex: I can't find screws anywhere that are the exact same size as the ones that it comes with to do the push pull config

TheVitalij24: is it good case mate ? i need buy case would you recomend this one?

USAdystopia: @SphinxSuave That is a M4A88TD-V EVO/USB3 motherboard. An updated video showing a white 600T case with the addition of the second XFX 6950 to this board and should be completed next week. The final sequence in the video will also show everything mounted on a new ASUS CROSSHAIR V FORMULA board that I just ordered.

USAdystopia: No...actually it is the NEW...GOOD...PC Assembling...part Velcro...part brain. If you own a 600T you would see that screwing the assembly is NOT the BEST option but of course feel free to mount how you deem best.

Mustang502011: @KNuri1981 The H100 installs well on top of the 600T case. I have both the H100 and 600T White "special edition" case. I have the radiator on the inside of the case with 2 120mm fans on top of the mesh underneath the removable top cover. I used the longer screws that came with the cooler and dropped them in from the top of the fans down, which means the fans are holding the radiator against the mesh. My idle temps sit at 34 degrees celisus and not 1 degree higher unless under load.

USAdystopia: They are behind the motherboard panel in back. Just installed more powerful Panaflo Ultra exhaust fan (rear) and 3 speed TriCool red led (1200-2000rpm) intake fan (optical cage) and placed one of the original PWM Corsair H100 fans on the lower outside back of the case to pull hot air from the 7970 video card's exhaust ports. REALLY removes heated air from cards! Removed top case dust filter for easier exhaust of the 200mmm case fan.

USAdystopia: @einhander1231 Est tan gracioso!

Angel Baldacchino: Can you help me pls how can I mount push and pull configuration on h100 how I can mount the fans pls and what screws I need to use pls

USAdystopia: sure to see the later updates on this build. NOT SHOWN: Corsair H100 replaced with Swiftech H220 and 200mm case fans replaced with Spectre PRO Red LED fans. Samsung 840PRO 256Gb added, too. Hardly any noticeable noise and rad fans rarely exceed 1000rpm w/ the VERY quiet Cougars.

USAdystopia: @trevyzero1 Thanks, glad you like it!

USAdystopia: @CTFlyer7 ...eventually you'll learn how to use the rest of your brain...

locc911: nice!

USAdystopia: @Drebln893 28,172 other people thought it was hilarious, too!

Fossillarson: @LimonPhipps Have you tryed to add one more fan to the other side of your H60 for a push pull setup ?? my buddy did and his 1100T temps droped to adv, 40* -45* under load. my H50 with custom Push pull I added a gutted 120mm fan shell to work like a void so the fan is not on the fins adds that extra room for throttle body spacer type. good luck but x6 run hot in the 50* i do feel you as my buddys has shut off few times bc of the temps.

USAdystopia: @ulfmusskacken Installing above is an option but with the four fans would need to remove the dustcover and would lose the benefits of the top 200mm exhaust fan. Even with the added 6950 vid card and CPU now at 4.444Ghz temps are: 28-30C @ idle and 34-36C @ part due to the lower ambient room temperature.

dmcgamingclan: I see you used the same cougar fans like me? how do you like them? ;)

USAdystopia: @LimonPhipps ...they are GSkill memory FTB3500C5D fan. Have taken them out as I've gone to 7970s in CrossfireX and a red lighting theme and will post a new video soon.

Puzz3d: uhm, I'm talking about the heat from the rad getting blown strait on the GPU, what did you think I was talking about?
Corsair H100 Install in 600T case.wmv 3.2 out of 5

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Corsair H100 Install in 600T case.wmv