Corsair H100 Install In 600T Case.wmv

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Corsair H100 Install in 600T case.wmv
Corsair H100 Install in 600T case.wmv
Corsair H100 Install in 600T case (UPDATE).wmv
Corsair H100 Install in 600T case (UPDATE).wmv
Corsair Special Edition White Graphite 600T Case Review - PC Perspective
Corsair Special Edition White Graphite 600T Case Review - PC Perspective
Corsair 600T and H100i Case Mod
Corsair 600T and H100i Case Mod
Corsair H100 Installation Guide On HAF X Case
Corsair H100 Installation Guide On HAF X Case

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USAdystopia: sure to see the later updates on this build. NOT SHOWN: Corsair H100 replaced with Swiftech H220 and 200mm case fans replaced with Spectre PRO Red LED fans. Samsung 840PRO 256Gb added, too. Hardly any noticeable noise and rad fans rarely exceed 1000rpm w/ the VERY quiet Cougars.

USAdystopia: Be sure to see the updates as noted to see the same case in white.

TheVitalij24: is it good case mate ? i need buy case would you recomend this one?

KilgoreTrout: I did this after seeing the video. Works great, and thank you for the idea.

Jerome Aaron: i installed my h100i in 600t the same way you did ! :D

patrick0uch: Hmm, I wonder if there is any way to mount the radiator above the mesh grill, and install the 2 fans under the mesh grill? This would give clearance for the ram/heatsink...just the coolant pipes would need somewhere to go through... Would this work with some modding? or would it work without any modding?

evoeightyci: Hats off for your ingenuity on how to mount this unit but do you really want the heat from your CPU blowing directly over your graphics cards?

USAdystopia: are making a troll statement about something you know NOTHING about.

calical26: push/pull there will be no extra performance

USAdystopia: @craftirMineLT Yes, but I have removed the H100 and installed a Swiftech H220 in a P/P in the same area, but I removed one hdd...reversed the other cage and upgraded the intake 200mm fan to a Bitfenix Spectre Pro 200mm with red LEDs and added a clear acrylic door from

MartynazHD: Will it be the same with the H100i Edition?

Mark Cota: Nice. Will check out the update brother.

USAdystopia: Am using a 120mm fan outside the case now to pull the warm air surrounding both 7970s that are installed in the newer build (see above update links). Just ordered a Swiftech H220 and will be adding a pair Komodo 7970 waterblocks when they are back in stock so...should be a moot point. With both 7970's overclocked to 1125 MHz + 1550 MHz memory clock still only reaching 73C on the upper card in winter so not a big problem.

Mark Cota: Do you think a 7970 sapphire which is exhaust fan would run better. Cause it pulls the air out from the back of the gpu. What do you think?

USAdystopia: can use thinner stock, too. 6/32.

truth: hey USAdystopia texrickster once again first I totally forgot about you adding the aluminum and velco what a dunce I am, so now after reviewing you vid again one question did you get the aluminum from local hardware store and did u use 6/32 flat head screws?

calical26: that looks funny as hell

USAdystopia: great! Thinking about buying the new version H100i...has more flexible tubing, better fans (Cougars are really good, however) and link fan software. You can also designate the color of your pump lighting! Check out the UPDATE videos. Am not using the ram coolers.

Stan Static: Hey great video, how well does this cooler work in your opinion, also are you running a cooler over your RAM?

yuud4i: dat Gopro
Corsair H100 Install in 600T case.wmv 5 out of 5

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Corsair H100 Install in 600T case.wmv