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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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Jamie Shouse: Shadows are less saturated. When you pull to the right, you are increasing the saturation while darkening the value. They compete with the mid tone for what should be in the foreground. That's why it appears muddy. (The technical explanation of why this works) Saturation = how bright or grey a color is. Value = how light or dark a color is. Hue = color. red, blue, yellow, ect. The thing I feel you are missing is changing hue, that's what makes a piece really pop. I've heard it called "bending" and it changed how I paint. In general, shadows go towards purple/blue, high lights go towards yellow (think of a circle instead of a bar). When you pull down, also move the color slider on the side down to red, just a little for each shade darker you go. When making a high light color, move the color bar towards yellow. That expands the range of value you can use without using pure white and loosing detail. Since cool colors (purple, blue, green) fall back and warm colors (yellow, orange, red) come forward, this will also add more dimension to your work. This is all dependent on the lighting and all that stuff, of course. 
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BogoblinGamer: @T72joker It certainly is. Fingers crossed I'll have the final episode up today, and there's 22 other morsels or project zoo goodness for ya.
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