Copenhagen Mint DOES Exist! No Really, It Does.

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Mix of dips
Mix of dips

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bryan spangrud: good thing im a texan

Steven Navarro: Can you send me some dip?

Marshall Matthes: Can't find any in south east Texas area

raymond pelly: found it in southern California

Garrett Ashford: Can you send me a van of mint

Brandon Vierra: I'm from the middle of California and it's common as dirt 😂 it's easier for us to find than water here

Dustin Kimball: I live in Texas and where I live you can't find it with in 200 miles 

James Bigica: New York has them

Nick Loffredo: I live in New York (not the city) and we don't have it. I went to florida and they have it. got me a tin and it went too fast -_-

wayne hyatt: you aint missing much on the southern blend. i bought a can shortly after starting dipping. last can of it ill buy

MSteven Thomas: And place in ms that sell cope mint, havnt found it yet?

Israel Reyes: Aint no better dip than cope mint! in my opinion...

Dustin Albert: +Mudjug1 I dip Copenhagen Mint all day down here in Florida. If you want any bud, I'd be more than happy to ship a few up your way!

Benny Bennalo: could you send me some dip?

AJ Hainstock: Saskatchewan Canada, Copenhagen mint is available here, Copenhagen winter grees thou is my preferred dip, helped me quit smoking, (number 7 menthol) and I dont smell like crap, and my kids think I just have a bad saliva problem causing me to always spit :)

jacob velez: i can get in CA

Daniel Wood: Southern blend in va i had a can 

Joe Milligan: i can get it in oklahoma

Hunter Olsen: Hey can you send me some of that dip. If not where can I find it in Connecticut. Thanks bruhh

Carissa Adams: Can your redneck nation send you mudjug if you underage like 16
Copenhagen Mint DOES Exist! No Really, It Does. 5 out of 5

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thmanou: Ωραιο το βιντεο.. αλλα το πιο σημαντικο ποσο θορυβο κανει δεν το δειχνετε.. περιμενουμε καινουργιο βιντεο με το λεβητα σε λειτουργια minimum και max
Tomthecreeper77: Not a gerbil. They have tails.
stev1963hit: Henry Wakefield - SCAB! In real life Stan would've been rolling in his grave-Hilda would've known it too,& as soon as she found out,Wakefield have been out out on his tory arse
jumbosmalls: @GodForYa just downloaded add block plus. thank you so much. ads are so annoying and now i dont have to complain about them all the time and focus on the video. lol
Juicefulll: if the link is not made between ISIS and western foreign policy then the movie is not interesting to me. The propaganda woudl be simply to distracting. Oh poor people living under the tyranny of islam. Its not cuz of all the thousands of kilos of depleted uranium which caused radicalism. Massaciring of millions and the theft of billions in resources. Installing puppetregimes and playing with the lives of millions. Of course you ll have freaking radicalism. This basic idea should be part of such movies, even if on the background. Otherwise it's just another movie demonizing islam. It's as if ur making a movie about ''some'' bad jews during WW2. You simply shouldn't do such a thing because it fuels the bigotry and the bullcrap around islamophobia.
TK lightning: worst voice...................would be good if u put a sound clip
Umelaurus: It's related to the Aztecs and their many sacrifice-methods. It's more precisely the heart sacrifice; the most precious thing to give to the gods. (research amoxtliorg)

Copenhagen Mint DOES Exist! No Really, It Does.