Copenhagen Mint DOES Exist! No Really, It Does.

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Copenhagen Mint DOES Exist! No Really. It Does.
Copenhagen Mint DOES Exist! No Really. It Does.
Copenhagen BREATH MINT!
Copenhagen BREATH MINT!
Copenhagen Mint!!
Copenhagen Mint!!
Copenhagen Southern Blend the Elusive Sasquatch Dip
Copenhagen Southern Blend the Elusive Sasquatch Dip
History of Copenhagen Smokeless Tobacco
History of Copenhagen Smokeless Tobacco

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Cap420: dis nigga be BALLIN

Andrew Hunter: Bryce Andes I got it in Florida give me the info I'll send you some 

Zach Westjohn: Copenhagen mints in florida i saw it yesterday

Robbie O'Dell: Coopengagen southern blend is so horrible. The cut is horrible and it is drier then wintergreen

John Bob: Coast Guard personnel are commonly refereed to as Coast Guardsmen. Remember that CGUSA acts as maritime law and behaves like an extension of the US Navy in times of war.

Lane Carr: I wish Copenhagen would just release it everywhere already, its been on trial for months now and most people like it, so they need to go on and put it out

nate brown: hahaha its the anatonical snuffbox i broke mine ropin when i was 14 hahaha

TheChristopher916: Got it in Nor Cal for $2.78

Zachary Hillstrom: Darcie!!!!!! what up man? you crazy dipper, do you smoke weed?

Andrew Ford: The blue fire mudjug is sexy

BigMuddTires AlltheRednecksoutthere: Hey yall please go to copenhagen junkies on here they are funny and they do dip reveiws and that stuff they are just starting and need more subscribers. Pleae help em out you will like them!! 

king killa: this man funny as freak in this video he gettin so pissed!!!

the dip man: keep those video coming mudjug1

Steezy Steve: Do a review on some redbull nasal snuff

rugerg18: I live in Florida and I just bought a can of Copenhagen Mint the other day.

ME123Insanity: can't get that stuff up here in north Idaho :/

dipincope90: My friend ordered me a mudjug for my birthday and if y'all ain't send mine yet can u donate my free black one to the troops like u mentioned cuz I support the troops as much as I can and 2 I already got one thank you 

TheSFgiants28: why you call out tallanasty

SnuggiezPlays: It will be available in Las Angeles and st. Petersburg on the 16 or 17 I believe.

Ryan Patrick: just bought it in So Cal

Bryce Andes: Live in Montana will pay 10 dollars a tin for some hmu

Bud Birdsong: So Cal has it now (Inland Empire)!!!

AricDips: It's luh buk not looooobock hahaahahahah I live there, suck it

chris smith: Lu bock it's pronounced luh buck I live there

jj Chapman: I want to try that 

dipincope90: I like Copenhagen anyday anyway great video Man thanks to u we dippers have the best spittoons in America thank you and for those who don't have one GO get one they are the best 

brent burdick: I live in central Florida and we have it

Swagmoney Yolo: hey man do u know if they sell copenhagen mint in New york city? Hey man do u think u can send me some? Ps. Why the freak do you crack your crap upside down? also i love ur vids but how do u not get cancer from dipping so much??

pancakes4love: do you ever blink?

Ryan MacEachen: can you send me a can of Copenhagen mint?

will salsgiver: They do sell it in crapville Ohio 

Benjamin Dalanca: Englewood florida wal mart on jacaranda. And sunoco on mccall rd

Tyler Hamon: Dip doctor who is ur favorite NASCAR driver? 

Taylor Slunaker: hahahaha hilarious 

josh fry: Haha I'm in Canada and just polished off two tins of southern blend. 

James Emery: where the freak do u get cope mint?

ozdrummer91: yea we definitely still have Cope mint he in FL. got some in the fridge right now hah. I like my dip cold.

MetalheadX45: Bout to pack the turd trench!! 

Zach LaFleur: Darcy, as usual, you're funny as freak! Now, we all appreciate all of the shout outs to military and first responder personnel, however, we wouldn't have a country if it wasn't for all of us "civilian losers" as you put it, now would we?

extremeextra300: that looks like the crap i get CANADA

James Emery: oops lol

Mark reynolds: We got it here in Alabama and it's only $2.10 for a can were I get it.

paul gardipy: could you send me two tins of American Copenhagen wintergreen my Canadian dip sucks soggy pickles

paul gardipy: this might sound dumb but Canadian Copenhagen is like atleast 5x stronger than American Copenhagen wintergreen try the 2 one after another and youll see I know it sounds weird but its true

Azire Opie: Great videos love you're videos 

jay rainy: hay folks if you like mudjug1check out outlawdipper-i just found out about him and he is funny as hell lol

Morgan F.: Dude, you're freakin funny! Holy crap im diein!!!!

BigD Dippin: If yall guys below aint checked my channel out yall go do that it b greatly appreciated!! Name is dylan richeson! Go subscribe if yall wld. And great vid man love the channel!! Keep spit'n black!

Brandon beebe: coast guard they arew called "costies"

jeblaine: Montana still aint got southern blend damn I got a log when I was visiting a buddy in north dakota
Copenhagen Mint DOES Exist! No Really, It Does. 4.8 out of 5

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Copenhagen Mint DOES Exist! No Really, It Does.