Copenhagen Mint DOES Exist! No Really, It Does.

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Mix of dips
Mix of dips

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bryan spangrud: good thing im a texan

Steven Navarro: Can you send me some dip?

Marshall Matthes: Can't find any in south east Texas area

raymond pelly: found it in southern California

Garrett Ashford: Can you send me a van of mint

Brandon Vierra: I'm from the middle of California and it's common as dirt 😂 it's easier for us to find than water here

Dustin Kimball: I live in Texas and where I live you can't find it with in 200 miles 

James Bigica: New York has them

Nick Loffredo: I live in New York (not the city) and we don't have it. I went to florida and they have it. got me a tin and it went too fast -_-

wayne hyatt: you aint missing much on the southern blend. i bought a can shortly after starting dipping. last can of it ill buy

MSteven Thomas: And place in ms that sell cope mint, havnt found it yet?

Israel Reyes: Aint no better dip than cope mint! in my opinion...

Dustin Albert: +Mudjug1 I dip Copenhagen Mint all day down here in Florida. If you want any bud, I'd be more than happy to ship a few up your way!

Benny Bennalo: could you send me some dip?

AJ Hainstock: Saskatchewan Canada, Copenhagen mint is available here, Copenhagen winter grees thou is my preferred dip, helped me quit smoking, (number 7 menthol) and I dont smell like crap, and my kids think I just have a bad saliva problem causing me to always spit :)

jacob velez: i can get in CA

Daniel Wood: Southern blend in va i had a can 

Joe Milligan: i can get it in oklahoma

Hunter Olsen: Hey can you send me some of that dip. If not where can I find it in Connecticut. Thanks bruhh

Carissa Adams: Can your redneck nation send you mudjug if you underage like 16
Copenhagen Mint DOES Exist! No Really, It Does. 5 out of 5

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Wanda Quan: you know what's weird? the card i chose was the six of spades to

Copenhagen Mint DOES Exist! No Really, It Does.