PCH Prize Patrol Message To Fans

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Christy Bailey: i just wanted to let u know there is someone impersonating u on facebook and let others know it is a scam they tell u send a payment lol smh

gtpgsm: :-)

T. ANDERSON: Safe travels!

Johanna Imel: Ty for all you do So Fun and Needed for so Many!!

4EVERxMiNE: ahhh i hope its me!!!!!!! oh lord let it be me.

Marcy Robinson: I so wish it was me

Caroline himes: just fantastic!

Jakovy Loki: Awwww, Danielle you are so nice for coming on to inform us all. I'm sorry for my negative comment on the other video~ Can you forgive me?

Debra GYS: Thank you for the video Let the winning begin!!!!

Tonya Parks: It is always a pleasure to see your face to utter encouragement. I appreciate the opportunity to be involved in these contests.

Kim Selves: wishing u the best on your adventure on Thursday. I might have a chance to see you at my door.

Danielle Lam: Thank YOU for entering :) Have a great day Johanna!

jabr almugannahi: I wish its me

Johanna Imel: Ty :)

Shaunte Wilson: Have safe travels to Georgia... Columbus, Ga at that!!

Amanda Throckmorton: :-) Love the Video.

Virgil J.: When it says Search&Win, My question is, What am I searching for and how long do I gotta keep playing and entering? I'm asking because looks like it's taking years and years for some of these people to win.

Diana Hanlon: You do a wonderfull job Danielle keep in touch with all your pch fan and it nice to hear from you WooHoo!!
PCH Prize Patrol Message To Fans 4.8 out of 5

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Omar Cruz: Se equivoco..eso es el tipo de motor y su cubicaje es como decir 318, o 360..usen la cabeza señores jaja..
XekTOr89: Spec ops looks pretty good, from what I've seen it kind of reminds me of Uncharted (I dont think it has all the parkour stuff).And Im guessing you're going to do the co-op multiplayer ?
Cambier Quentin: new 
originalfusegaming: @Aerodynamisch Yes, definitely try this one. I've loved playing this and highly recommend it :-)
RollsRoyceFTW: how do you root anyway?
Signs Revive: I played this game for 3+ years and now I just find it ruined and there aren't many players on this game... I want another game just like this but I can't find out yet. I tried wildstar but that gets really boring...

PCH Prize Patrol Message To Fans