PCH Prize Patrol Message To Fans

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Edward Rayl Sr: I'LL be waiting for you all (prize patrol elite ) for a very long time to show up at my door ! And i still wait because DREAMS AND BIG CHECKS DO COME TRUE HERE AT PCH" THANKS FOR ALL THE FUN TIMES peace out

Christy Bailey: i just wanted to let u know there is someone impersonating u on facebook and let others know it is a scam they tell u send a payment lol smh

gtpgsm: :-)

T. ANDERSON: Safe travels!

Johanna Imel: Ty for all you do So Fun and Needed for so Many!!

4EVERxMiNE: ahhh i hope its me!!!!!!! oh lord let it be me.

Marcy Robinson: I so wish it was me

Caroline himes: just fantastic!

Jakovy Loki: Awwww, Danielle you are so nice for coming on to inform us all. I'm sorry for my negative comment on the other video~ Can you forgive me?

Debra GYS: Thank you for the video Let the winning begin!!!!

Tonya Parks: It is always a pleasure to see your face to utter encouragement. I appreciate the opportunity to be involved in these contests.

Kim Selves: wishing u the best on your adventure on Thursday. I might have a chance to see you at my door.

Danielle Lam: Thank YOU for entering :) Have a great day Johanna!

jabr almugannahi: I wish its me

Johanna Imel: Ty :)

Shaunte Wilson: Have safe travels to Georgia... Columbus, Ga at that!!

Amanda Throckmorton: :-) Love the Video.

Virgil J.: When it says Search&Win, My question is, What am I searching for and how long do I gotta keep playing and entering? I'm asking because looks like it's taking years and years for some of these people to win.

Diana Hanlon: You do a wonderfull job Danielle keep in touch with all your pch fan and it nice to hear from you WooHoo!!
PCH Prize Patrol Message To Fans 4.8 out of 5

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PCH Prize Patrol Message To Fans