Touching Up/ Bleaching Roots Is A Pain In The Arse

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touching up/ bleaching roots is a pain in the arse
touching up/ bleaching roots is a pain in the arse
Re-Dying my hair red c: (SPLAT Crimson Obsession)
Re-Dying my hair red c: (SPLAT Crimson Obsession)
bleaching hair platinum or white
bleaching hair platinum or white
Bleach and Repeat!
Bleach and Repeat!
Silvery Lilac hair!
Silvery Lilac hair!

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j0sy7: @ImSoHappiNinja if its a golden blonde, u might need to lighten a bit more before toning. ur hair should be a pale yellow color before toning in order to get a nice platinum/white blonde

imsohappininja: @j0sy7 Smf. Im getting it still but it will change my golden blonde hair to plat blonde?

j0sy7: @ImSoHappiNinja nooo dont leave it on for an hour! your hair will turn a muddy purple! 20 mins at the most!

imsohappininja: Im getting like 5 bottles of this to use on my yellowish hair and im leavin it in for a hour!!! cant wait!!

Aubrey H: @paintdrippin why? whats henna?

j0sy7: @n4gauge i did it in 2. - i would try using a 40 vol. developer to retouch.. but be careful not to apply to the hair that is already bleached ... it will break. if you're not comfortable using 40, use the 30 vol. and do it in 2 sittings. :)

n4gauge: hey about retouching ur roots did u do it in 2-3 bleaching again?

j0sy7: its a dye it doesn't strip out color- what a toner does is tint the hair with a very light hue of blue or violet to cancel out yellow/orangy/brassy tones.

Laupariss: .........But I have to know if the toner is just a colour corrector or a dye. So does it just strip the copper out or does it leave like a film on each hair? Thanks for helping out.

Laupariss: thanks for your help. My idea is to get an overall lighter cold look and then put a nice ash brown dye over my hair so the gold and copper won't shine through if you know what I mean. I know I can throw a brown colour in my hair now but to keep it looking ashy I'd have to reduce the copper tones... so what I was thinking, I could use a toner with a 20 developer, that way i'll have a better base colour for colouring.

j0sy7: well manic panic is more of a dye, silvershampoo is just a very mild version of a toner. i know john frieda has red shampoo/conditioner line for red hair - you should try that! or u can add 1 part manic panic dye to 3 parts conditioner to help with refreshing color as well :)

Laupariss: Does manic panic work the same as silvershampoo (the purple shampoo)? Because I've tried that and it did help a little but not enough.

j0sy7: @Laupariss toners are meant for blonde shades. i don't know if a toner will help your red hair --- you can use a rinse perhaps? .. but those wash out everytime you shampoo. i would maybe try something like manic panic dyes ( a semi-permanent dye) - you can just process for 15 mins to refreshen the colour- it lasts for a couple of weeks and it doesnt require a developer

Laupariss: Nice color! I hope you can help me. I have an ugly copper hair tone (I'm asian) after my dye has been washed out. Can I bring back the reddish with a toner and what will it turn out? Thank you.

takemebck09: i used the 7th stage and OMG! it burns!!! my hair is like really long and i would have to buy a tub lol... id rather go the bleaching way.. but i think its good for root tough up

TiFFerzZehNiNjA: omg i use the same bleach u use!! XD! its awesome for dark ass hair O_O

j0sy7: i would use 7th stage, it lifts more, faster, and it has a blue tint to tone down the orage tones that will happen when bleaching from black to light blonde. for toner, i would use wella white lady or clarol 323D extra light platinum

j0sy7: well, ivory lady is a hair color, but it will most likely do the job. if its just toning down the yellow, i would use a toner like wella white lady,

njbhcolio: hi i want to bleach my friends hair into pamela anderson blonde do u recken i should use clairol born blonde to and then a toner to bleach her hair she is naturally black hair and liitle coloured part growing out

beanybeans11: Thanks for your vids! So helpful! Have you ever tried or heard of Kaleidocolors hair bleach? I tried this a few days ago for the first time but still feel like I need to tone out some yellow/brassy....I am thinking of using Wella Color Charm Ivory Lady....what do u think? Is this a good idea?
touching up/ bleaching roots is a pain in the arse 5 out of 5

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touching up/ bleaching roots is a pain in the arse