How To Check Inertia Switch On Ford Vehicle Fuel Systems

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Chadd Chevrolet: Can this switch go bad without it showing its tripped? 

gilberto munguia: to know where is the fuel pump shut off in a ford f 150 2011 i cant find

Benjamin Arellano: Thanks for the reply I'll have to look into that . I also got from a mechanic that it might be a skipped timing belt . Thanks again 

alex iverson: Damn! thanks guys it helped me out a lot 

syfaz777: sir. i have a 93 ford escort that reads 8 volts at the wiring harness for the fuel pump. my inertia switch seems fine. what could be the problem. the car battery is good

kingfulgp: Very helpful thanx

Daniel Bouwman: Does the red switch remain open while the car is off? My car won't start and I suspect the pump is bad or the inertia switch. I do not hear the pump come on before start. Thanks

Em6726: I have a 2004 ford ranger edge. A few months back my truck shut completely off on me while driving. I pulled over and tried to start her back up but nothing happened. had my passenger step out. I checked the fuel shut off switch located on the fire wall and she started right up. The connector had come loose probably caused by the passenger. Hope this helps. God Bless America and Ford Motor Co.

Benjamin Arellano: I have a 2001 Ford focus Manual, I turned it on not knowing it was in gear i let go of the clutch and the car stalled, It jerked around pretty bad, I found the Inertia switch clicked it on still nothing, i was told it could be the belt came loose or skipped is that possible?

MrTexaspreacher: I'm having issues with my inertia switch, it's gone bad on me. Can I replace it easily or bypass it in some way?

shelia starnes: had an accident n 90 ford ranger after pressing inertia switch fuel pump wont cut off 

corey corvi: Thanks any way for your help guys. I will keep trying

Airtex Pumps: Yes, simply press the switch down. Please let us know if you have any issues we can help you with or feel free to call our free tech line: 800-424-7839. Thanks for watching.

SAMCROx508: Hi, I have a 96 Ford Explorer, We broke down about a week ago, The mechanic where we broke down said it was the fuel pump that it was dead, The car wants to turn over but just wont, We replaced the Fuel Pump and Filter on it but still it wants to turn over but just not doing it, Do you think this switch might need to be pushed ? There are a lot of pot holes in my city.

payjay337: 2000 ford mustang, my red button stays down, brand new fuel pump, brand new fuel filter, but car still not getting gas, fuses are good

Thorgiersson: Every post I find says on the passanger's side like pictured here, however, on my '91 F250 with dual tanks, a 7.5L engine and automatic transmission, the Inertia Switch is located on the drivers side mounted to the fire wall on the left side basically under the fuse box.

Airtex Pumps: The next area to check is the voltage & ground at the fuel pump. You should have battery voltage minus 0.5 volts. You can view our voltage drop video for more help on this issue. Thanks for watching!

Joel Trevino: I dont really under stand you the car dosent mark how much gas it has the gauge disapears and where you have how many miles till it rans out theres a CO thank you

Alfonso Ayala: I have a 2002 ford focus. I suspect the inertia switch is faulty. My switch looks liek one black primer ball . once it's pushed down nothing stays in the down position, could it be faulty?

custom: I have a 2006 ford ranger. The car sometimes stops and wont start again. A few years back we had the inertia switch replaced. Now it is happening again. I have located the switch and it does not stay down when pushed. Can you bypass the switch? if so how? In the past when this happens, it eventually starts again? How can it start again? does the switch build up pressure to trigger it to stay down? Thanks for your help

corey corvi: Where can I find this switch on my 2009 model (Australia)

corey corvi: It's a 2009 ford ranger xlt 3 ltr turbo diesel. We ran out out of fuel, threw some in and got 20 feet she died. So we changed fuel filter ended up cracking cracking injectors and getting a jump cause killed battery by then. Drove about another 100 mtrs and she died again. I have been threw every mechanical check I can . So turn to YouTube for ideas cause you can't purchase a workshop book ifor the ute! She cranks but won't fire.

Airtex Pumps: Hello Joel: The DTE (Distance to empty) display is controlled by the ECM. If the fuel gauge is still working (as it is also controlled by the same information) then there is an issue within the DTE module. It would need some further diagnostics to see exactly where the issue is. This will require a scan tool to see if it is receiving the information or not. If you need any further help, don't hesitate to call our free tech line: 800-424-7839. Thanks.

wangbungal: mine does not go down when you press it, would that indicate a failure? or other factors would chime in?

Airtex Pumps: Your Explorer will also have a fuse before the relay. It is located in the fuse box under the hood. It is number 18 & is a 20 amp fuse. Hope this helps. Thanks for watching.

DDonoven: So when the button is down it is working properly?

Airtex Pumps: The inertia switch could be tripped. Push the button in the middle of it to see if it needs reset. If it makes no change after this then you will need to use a fuel pressure gauge on the test port to see if you are getting the correct fuel pressure (35-45 psi). You can view our video of checking fuel pressure or if you need further help, please call our free Tech line: 800-424-7839. Thanks for watching.

Anissha K: how check why the inertia switch keeps poping up when starting a 1996 ford mustang gt. I replaced the fuel pump then started the car and it ran, when I turned off the car and tried to restart it wont start and the inertia switch wont stay down.

Airtex Pumps: Hello Mark: Yes, The button should be depressed. It may raise slightly when pushing down but it should remain in the down position after pressing. Hope this helps... thanks for watching.

Airtex Pumps: Yes, when the reset button is pushed in (or down) then the inertia switch will let the voltage flow onto the fuel pump. It only disrupts the voltage when the reset button is out (or up) showing it has been tripped. Thanks for watching!

Mark Stevens: Can I manually over ride the button simply by crossing the two wires on the plug in adaptor for the fuel reset button?

luanneburch37: hi I cant find inertia switch ford transit 2005. says in manual it shows it in clove box but its not. do I need to remove panel on side of glove box? thanks

Airtex Pumps: Can you please tell us the exact application/model? From there we can try to help you find the switch. Thanks.

Joel Trevino: I have a 1995 lincoln town car and its digital dash and where the gas miles are its says co and it dosent mark how much gas the car has

Airtex Pumps: If the inertia switch keeps tripping then the switch is probably faulty. The only time it should trip is with a collision. It should not trip at any other time. Hope this helps you... let us know if you need anything else. Thanks.

Airtex Pumps: It could be faulty. When you push the switch in it should stay down. If it does not, more than likely you need to replace it. Hope this helps. Thanks for watching.

Mark Stevens: I have my switch off the vehicle (2005)Ford Escape XLT 4WD and Im wondering if the switch is susposed to remain down when its pressed? In the video I seen a small window of the red button rising?

Airtex Pumps: Good point, Brent... sorry for any confusion here. There are many "legitimate" things that can trip an inertia switch (collision, wreck, large pothole, etc.) for which the switch was intended. However, in Anissha's situation above, the switch is tripping while sitting still, which probably means a faulty switch.

Airtex Pumps: Unfortunately we don't have diesel engines in the Rangers here in US, so we don't have the tech specs. But if it starts & runs for a short period, the inertia switch is fine. If it were bad/tripped, it would not start at all. First thing to check is fuel pressure. Sounds like lack of fuel issue. Could be faulty pump or injection pump issue. Sorry we don't have more info, but US Ford Rangers don't use these engines. If you call our tech line, we could try to help further: +1-800-424-7839. Thanks.

pederman15: seems like i have no voltage at switch. tried turning key on when checking. switched relays around. fuses in distribution box are ok. its a 94 explorer. have manual for 92. says it has a 30 amp in distribution under hood but doesnt show fuse on plastic cover.

Airtex Pumps: Hello: If you cannot get the button on the inertia switch to stay down, it's a good indication that it is faulty. It will need to be replaced. Thanks for watching.

kristopherDay: would this be the same procedure for a 96 ford explorer. I notice the switch is under the hood. Do I just need to simple press the switch down. Have a no start with vehicle that comes and goes

BrentTheManCan: Isn't this a contradiction to what your video says? The video clearly says that "There are many things that can trip and inertia switch." What gives?

Honey Hole Hive: Got any ideals how to get switch my front and rear fuel tanks working on a 96' f150?

Airtex Pumps: Mark: While it is possible to eliminate the inertia switch in that fashion, we would strongly recommend you NOT disable it. It is used as a safety feature in this application & we do not advocate removing safety items. Thanks.

Airtex Pumps: Unfortunately, we can't find much info on the 2005 Ford Transit and we don't have one that we know of local here to check. Usually, the switch is in the glove box or passenger side kick panel on most Fords. You may need to remove the panel in the glove box or remove the kick panel to find the switch. Hope this helps. Thanks for watching.
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Chadd Chevrolet: Can this switch go bad without it showing its tripped? 
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How to Check Inertia Switch on Ford Vehicle Fuel Systems