How To Check Inertia Switch On Ford Vehicle Fuel Systems

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Airtex Pumps: The inertia switch is usually on used on Ford vehicles. Nissan does not use a inertia switch on this vehicle. If there is not any power to the fuel pump you will need to check the power at the fuel pump relay. If you need any help with diagnosing this further please feel free to call our free Technical Assistance hotline.

elementmaniac: Music is louder than your voice... Great... 

Robert Stevens: Do all fords have the inertia switch?

Mark Young: where is the cut off switch for fuel on a ford expedition 19997

Marcel Edmonds: I have a 1989 F-250 that has been sitting for 4 yrs., would that cause the inertia switch too trip.? My vehicles turns over but will not start so do I have an inertia switch and if so where may it be located?

Ethen Matus: Is there anyway you can reset it like pop it up and the pop it back down without having to crash the car ?

Juan Padilla Garcia: Sorry spoke little English but wanted to see if I could tell if a Ford countour 99 has inertia switch

On Site Patrick: @ Airtex On a 1999 Ford Mustang 3.8 L What is the location of the inertia switch?

dean simmons: where is inerta switch on 2008 4.0 motor mustang convertible

Johnnie Swift : I'm having a lot of trouble locating the inertia switch on my 2010 ford fusion. The manual to the car states the switch is located under the right side passenger dash board, however it is not there. I watched a video on how to bypass the switch (which is NOT what a want to do) and its showing it in the truck behind the speaker deck. However that is on a different car, but still a ford. Can u please help with locating the switch? Thank you for any help your able to provide!!

David Williams: How so I reset the inertia switch?

agalvanunez: I found the inertia switch and Preston down does that mean that my truck will be able to start now or does the red button have to be in the position

Dimond Loft 925: Where is it on a 2000 ford focus

Pedro Diaz: Sr. i have a 2000 Ford Excursion V10 4x4 that was starting fine and it's been siting in the garage for long time, but yesterday i check it in the morning and started fine but later i tried again and didn't start, that happened to me before, and i just spray some starter fluid and started right away but this time it died for good, now i sprayed that starting fluid and nothing it yes crank but doesn't start, i have checked the relays and fuses, they are good, also checked the inerta switch and i press the switch down but feels like is not moving down or up and my it cover with some thing and cant see the color of the witch also fuel pump sounds good is it some thing else that i am missing, please help, Pedro,

Tall Midgit: Any help on nissan frontier 2006 ? V6 engine? I can't find the inertia switch

Chan Raxter: Thanks for the video but it's a shame you would go to the trouble of making this video telling people to always "check their inertia switch" and not even tell them what to check nor tell them what is the correct position of the switch or what is the tripped position of the switch! Should you not have simple told them if the red button is up they need to push it back down? Otherwise how are they going to know by what you told them?

Jay Frazier: THANK YOU SO MUCH! I was just about to buy a fuel pump for my 2003 B2300, but I saw your video first!

cam nel: I have a 1989 Lincoln town car and I have a no start situation and I can't seem to figure out the problem. I'm pretty new to maintaining cars so a little advice would go a long way. I'm not sure if it is the fuel pump or what but I'm not getting any gas in to the engine. When I cycle the key I can hear the fuel pump kick in so I don't think its that but I could be wrong. All I know is I was driving the other day and my car sounded like it was getting bogged down or the engine was getting choked for a second. I thought I was running out of gas but then it start running fine again so I got home and turned off my car and the next day I went to start it and nothing. I've tried starting fluid and all that and no luck. And I can't seem to find the inertia switch so if you would be able to point me in the right way it would be greatly appreciated. 

james boyd martin jr: can this switch be found any where other then in the front( 94 ford explorer sport)

Patti Eldredge: i have a 97 ford ranger and the truck has been sitting for a month. in went and check the switch and it was down. however it will not turn over. what do i do?

Rob Coats: My van has a switch but there is NO BUTTON to reset it. Just a red plastic slide that just slides back and forth liek it's holding the wiring connector on... where the heck is the button?

liam whittaker: I have a 1988 ford ea fairmont ghia and I think the intertia switch may have tripped? Could you help me by telling me where it is located in this car?

De'Anna Clark: I have a 2005 Ford escape that has recently hit a pot pole and repairs were made/completed to the rear quarter panel. Currently my car will not start. Will reseting the inertia switch help with this issue? 

denvor robertson: hi there iv got a ford fiesta 2005 1.4 but seems that my gauge i not consatant what can be the problem 

superlatoso142: What year and model was this 

Lucy A: What makes my 1987 F250 with dual tanks abruptly stop running. Going down the expressway, it will start right back up but driving short distance in hot weather, not so lucky to start right back up.

Jorge Hernandez: On my 06 mustang I had to reset it two day in a roll. It takes me a couple of tries. I dont know if im doing it right. But can the inertia switch be the problem. 

gilberto munguia: to know where is the fuel pump shut off in a ford f 150 2011 i cant find

junytheluny92: I have a 2002 ford f150 5.4, There is no power going to the fuel pump. and no ground to the fuel pump relay. would this switch cause that?

kingfulgp: Very helpful thanx

MrTexaspreacher: I'm having issues with my inertia switch, it's gone bad on me. Can I replace it easily or bypass it in some way?

Benjamin Arellano: Thanks for the reply I'll have to look into that . I also got from a mechanic that it might be a skipped timing belt . Thanks again 

syfaz777: sir. i have a 93 ford escort that reads 8 volts at the wiring harness for the fuel pump. my inertia switch seems fine. what could be the problem. the car battery is good

alex iverson: Damn! thanks guys it helped me out a lot 

April Law: well i am a welder by trade, already went out and purchased a fuel pump $200.00, I wish i would have seen your video b4 hand and i would of sent that to you... after replacing the fuel pump n checked the fuse, found your video, jus wanted to say that was our problem... and THANK YOU...

Benjamin Arellano: I have a 2001 Ford focus Manual, I turned it on not knowing it was in gear i let go of the clutch and the car stalled, It jerked around pretty bad, I found the Inertia switch clicked it on still nothing, i was told it could be the belt came loose or skipped is that possible?

Em6726: I have a 2004 ford ranger edge. A few months back my truck shut completely off on me while driving. I pulled over and tried to start her back up but nothing happened. had my passenger step out. I checked the fuel shut off switch located on the fire wall and she started right up. The connector had come loose probably caused by the passenger. Hope this helps. God Bless America and Ford Motor Co.

Chadd Chevrolet: Can this switch go bad without it showing its tripped? 

shelia starnes: had an accident n 90 ford ranger after pressing inertia switch fuel pump wont cut off 

corey corvi: Thanks any way for your help guys. I will keep trying

Airtex Pumps: Yes, simply press the switch down. Please let us know if you have any issues we can help you with or feel free to call our free tech line: 800-424-7839. Thanks for watching.

SAMCROx508: Hi, I have a 96 Ford Explorer, We broke down about a week ago, The mechanic where we broke down said it was the fuel pump that it was dead, The car wants to turn over but just wont, We replaced the Fuel Pump and Filter on it but still it wants to turn over but just not doing it, Do you think this switch might need to be pushed ? There are a lot of pot holes in my city.

payjay337: 2000 ford mustang, my red button stays down, brand new fuel pump, brand new fuel filter, but car still not getting gas, fuses are good

Thorgiersson: Every post I find says on the passanger's side like pictured here, however, on my '91 F250 with dual tanks, a 7.5L engine and automatic transmission, the Inertia Switch is located on the drivers side mounted to the fire wall on the left side basically under the fuse box.

Airtex Pumps: The next area to check is the voltage & ground at the fuel pump. You should have battery voltage minus 0.5 volts. You can view our voltage drop video for more help on this issue. Thanks for watching!

Joel Trevino: I dont really under stand you the car dosent mark how much gas it has the gauge disapears and where you have how many miles till it rans out theres a CO thank you

Alfonso Ayala: I have a 2002 ford focus. I suspect the inertia switch is faulty. My switch looks liek one black primer ball . once it's pushed down nothing stays in the down position, could it be faulty?

custom: I have a 2006 ford ranger. The car sometimes stops and wont start again. A few years back we had the inertia switch replaced. Now it is happening again. I have located the switch and it does not stay down when pushed. Can you bypass the switch? if so how? In the past when this happens, it eventually starts again? How can it start again? does the switch build up pressure to trigger it to stay down? Thanks for your help

corey corvi: Where can I find this switch on my 2009 model (Australia)

corey corvi: It's a 2009 ford ranger xlt 3 ltr turbo diesel. We ran out out of fuel, threw some in and got 20 feet she died. So we changed fuel filter ended up cracking cracking injectors and getting a jump cause killed battery by then. Drove about another 100 mtrs and she died again. I have been threw every mechanical check I can . So turn to YouTube for ideas cause you can't purchase a workshop book ifor the ute! She cranks but won't fire.
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How to Check Inertia Switch on Ford Vehicle Fuel Systems