Tareq Flying Synergy E5 With Gens Ace Battery 6s 5000 45c

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Tareq flying Synergy E5 with Gens Ace battery 6s 5000 45c
Tareq flying Synergy E5 with Gens Ace battery 6s 5000 45c

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MrCofl1001: Nice...obviousely he cannot say synergy:)

Fly Blood: I think the dislike are selected by mistake

Tareq Alsaadi: Brain Fly bar less system

Trexaddict: Very nice! Which heli do you prefer best out of all the ones you've been flying?

challengertaisa: すばらしい!

Topxe: What flybarless system?

helidayz: wow!....you really make helicopters cry.

In2Helis: AKA Super Man !!!!!

SHAWN BEHRENS: Sweet flight! Lots of unique transitions.

RCHeliJet: wow realy FAST..

Paulo Gouveia: Which Scorpion Motor and ESC you are running?

FXSTCHIEF: Awesome flying once again.... that heli sounded like it was begging you to quit. hahaha

slinkytreekreeper: cest super!

synergyrcheli: Excellent flying Tareq!! Hope to see you soon!

Mike Dawson: That's the most insane flight I've ever seen you do, that thing is hella twitchy and fast

RCHeliJet: Exellent flight Tareq.!!

Greg Virden: Lol who is this guy with the tail gain and over reving comments? Lol does he know who he's talking too? Killer flight man. I could only dream of flying that good

MADelectriCITY: Ridiculous!

cafediablo30: how come my e5 doesn't fly like that,..lol...nice job scareing the birds away,.hahah,..excellent flight as allways,..take care,stay safe.

wcwicked clown: W O W AWESOME

snotlobber: Nice!

badastinner: Very good!!


JJamea: Good one Tareq

Devesh Singh: HOLY crap THIS IS SO UNREAL! crazy flying

wcwicked clown: his biggest fans always post first lol

Rich Summerbell: what motor pinion 13?

GrindInYOURcore: the Heli master God has shined once again.. oh its a reward to see a new video out by Tareq every time... Thanks for doing what you do Tareq... You the Man ..

MyOnehand: liked

Ross Kerker: Sounds like the tail gain is a little high, maybe has to be that way to stop blowouts? Some over revving there too, maybe governor gain needs to be increased?

gustavo romano: faaaaaa simplemente el mejor de todos !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tareq flying Synergy E5 with Gens Ace battery 6s 5000 45c 4.9 out of 5

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MrCofl1001: Nice...obviousely he cannot say synergy:)
Justin Blokesch: Hahaha
96emanon: มันต้องจ่ายตังอะค่ะ T^T
Fizzy: umm...what?
Elijah Gooden: what i will do to you if you don't stop look and listen >:D
Jonathan Murray: I would like to thank you. Your videos encouraged me to take the exam and good news is I passed thank you
Derrek Duden: Did yall get that thing broke in yet

Tareq flying Synergy E5 with Gens Ace battery 6s 5000 45c