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sciencemile: The names he gave his Space Wolves actually sound more fitting for Blood Angels, just based on what I've seen from the recent Space Hulk pc game and the novels.
Peter Jivotovski: This video is incredible. It's usually hard to come across such descriptive yet simple ways to make a spark. This really helps thanks!!!
JT Lacy: I was lucky enough to shoot a Mountaineer while hunting Elk in Montana. By far one of the most incredible rifles I have ever shot! I am now just a tad hooked on Knight's black powder!!! Not to mention they are 100% handcrafted right here in the USA baby! Love them!
Eric Cartman: vo coloca na pontinha
Anna Comloski: Your a homo dude and you talk like a ghetto low life
Слава Королев: Это не мэд
Dejan Spalinger: Brate Imam isti Ford. Auto je zakon, mali je, pokretljiv, brz kad treba ;), prejak klip. Pozdrav iz Bosne

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