How To Cook Backstrap

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How To Cook Backstrap
How To Cook Backstrap
Bacon Wrapped Deer  Backstrap   Smoked Venison Tenderloin Malcom Reed HowToBBQRight
Bacon Wrapped Deer Backstrap Smoked Venison Tenderloin Malcom Reed HowToBBQRight
How To Cook a Whole RedFish and Venison Backstrap
How To Cook a Whole RedFish and Venison Backstrap
Grilled Back Strap wrapped in Applewood Smoked Bacon!
Grilled Back Strap wrapped in Applewood Smoked Bacon!
Pan Roasted Venison
Pan Roasted Venison "BackStrap" with Red Wine Reduction- Tasty Tuesday #3

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TheGreeen420: why would you nuke that poor meat let it thaw and get to room temp would help the tenderness then you wouldnt have to beat your meat.....

chezzlover hoff: This made my mouth water "LOOKS SO GOOD"

Pharcyde Safaris: We fry up backstrap medallions with tatters at camp. It's the best eating around the camp fire!

Neil Slack: why don't you just pound on a trash can with a baseball bat to start your video, it would sound about the same

Mike Carlson: what oil did you use?

sas spencerport: Dude no dang. if your going to fry try butter. Oil no way have a French fry then. grill it much better just not oil butter adds more flavor. easy to kill something but now learn how to cook it. sorry not to be rude but no way. like your vid just not the way you cook lol. check me out coltshell youtube. maybe we can pop a beer hang and cook. My way lol


George H.B.: Try 30-35 seconds each side and it won't be as tough or rubbery. Pink and juicy...

Broxty: Why wouldn't you just BBQ it? It is literally sacrilegious to fry a beauty piece of venison like this...

kurt brayford: what type of oil do ya use? as i like to cook with bacon fat.

the southern hunter: why in the world would u cook venison loin that done, why not mid rare.

bluto2000gs: Thanks for the vid. I never cared to hide the deer flavor. I like salt, pepper, a touch of minced garlic and cook to a warm red center at most.  

heiney69: dude ur doing nothing wrong only thing i recommend is a mortar and pestle then you won't have to go back over it with the hammer after the rose mary leaves great vid  

thinkingjack: seriously put on hand sanitizer on before handling raw meat?  Unreal 

mrwilltattoodude: good lord man.First thing not to do is put that meat in oil.Get the grill as hot as you can and put em on for 3 minutes a side.High heat locks in the natural flavor of the meat.Grilled backstraps blows fried away.the best part of that deer was left in the pan.deer meat needs to age in a walk in for 3 weeks.than cut the backstraps and tenderloin.once you eat em off the grill you gonna throw away that raggedy pan.

savagenomore: looks like something I might try...

ads681: Why is it that every game cooking video looks the same?  Over seasoned, over cooked.  You crowd the pan that isn't hot enough to begin with and you should use half that amount of oil.  Try again, in two batches, and just use salt and pepper and you will eat really good venison.

Joe: fat is flavor...leave it on....theirs not much on deer meat to start with...

Craig Tew: Looks great. I'll give it a try tomorrow night.

Shant Jindoian: Try to cook it a little less it looks over cooked
How To Cook Backstrap 5 out of 5

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How To Cook Backstrap