How To Cook Backstrap

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How To Cook Backstrap
How To Cook Backstrap
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savagenomore: looks like something I might try...

Broxty: God get rid of that freaking honda pilot and get a truck.

Satan: fat is flavor...leave it on....theirs not much on deer meat to start with...

kurt brayford: what type of oil do ya use? as i like to cook with bacon fat.

thinkingjack: seriously put on hand sanitizer on before handling raw meat? Unreal 

bluto2000gs: Thanks for the vid. I never cared to hide the deer flavor. I like salt, pepper, a touch of minced garlic and cook to a warm red center at most. 

mrwilltattoodude: good lord man.First thing not to do is put that meat in oil.Get the grill as hot as you can and put em on for 3 minutes a side.High heat locks in the natural flavor of the meat.Grilled backstraps blows fried away.the best part of that deer was left in the pan.deer meat needs to age in a walk in for 3 weeks.than cut the backstraps and tenderloin.once you eat em off the grill you gonna throw away that raggedy pan.

the southern hunter: why in the world would u cook venison loin that done, why not mid rare.

ads681: Why is it that every game cooking video looks the same? Over seasoned, over cooked. You crowd the pan that isn't hot enough to begin with and you should use half that amount of oil. Try again, in two batches, and just use salt and pepper and you will eat really good venison.

heiney69: dude ur doing nothing wrong only thing i recommend is a mortar and pestle then you won't have to go back over it with the hammer after the rose mary leaves great vid 

Skankpronger: it is good, i been useing italian dressing marinade for years, its like eating candy, always like to see what others do though, i like the cooking vids, tmac has a few of them also.

keithw20: Will try you should try and do it the same only put it in an egg wash then bread it with crushed saline crackers

Peeks Cheeks: i justed cooked my deer and what i did was put pepper, salt, onion powder, garlic powder and chopped chives on both sides then wrapped it in bacon then threw it on the grill for a couple of minutes and it tasted great.

Shant Jindoian: Try to cook it a little less it looks over cooked

Craig Tew: Looks great. I'll give it a try tomorrow night.

bowshott007: barbecued with country gravy and potatoes is also a good way to do this.

TheKrowls86: thanks ike! got some fresh backstrap in the freezer im gonna try this on this weekend. maybe i'll call it bike strap lol

kylemcgeever: looks like you cut yours pretty thick ike. i cut mine no bigger than a quarter inch. then i marinate them in gartners sauce for a day. i think gartners is just a local market but it makes the meat taste like candy! check em out and give em a shot if you can. then i barbecue em, and i could probly eat a couple pounds of that stuff.

bassbucksnbeards1: Awesome video I trying this soon!

Dan Nevius: its amazing ike !!!

Hob0Magnet: Use a very similar recipe myself, im lucky enough to have some herbs like the rosemary in my garden!

Raymond Moreno: Good videography. Nice and close viewing. The end result could have used a bit more lighting to bring out the colors, hence making the end product much more "tasty looking". Good video tutorial.

MultiOutdoorsman1: brown them for 2 minutes on each side then smother them in mushroom gravy and finish in the oven at 350 for 20 - 30 minutes

nichoharri: the itialian dressing is good, also you can do soy sauce and worschister sauce with some montreal steakseasoning, mix it in a bag and marinate them over night and those are good too.

Bobby Landis: Ike try Ginger. Yes zesty italian dressing makes it good. Heres one for you Ike, cup of soy sauce, cup of worcestershire, 2 cups of pineapple juice, cup of light brown sugar. 2tbl garlic,2tbl ginger. Marinate 8-12 hours.

xkillaz18x: Awesome stuff man. Looks very good and im not lying. Marinating, frying, broiling in the oven, charring on the bbq!!! Win Win!!!

Jayf283d1: Looks fricken good!

Dan Nevius: now im hungry again lol i marinate mine it zesty Italian dressing over night and pan fry in olive oil for 2 mins on each side or until its a little crispy :)

S M Knabel: Thanks for the video. Those backstraps sure do look good.

Ike's Outdoors: I'm trying that. That sounds good!!!!

Brian Reed: Sounds good will give it a try. I usually soak the backstrap in milk over night then roll it in a mixture of flour and Creole seasoning. After that fry it up and plate it along side some biscuits and gravy. Everything is good with good ol Tony Chachere's on it even duck.

Alec Williams: wrapped in bacon and cooked on mild heat on the grill (gas or charcoal)....YUMMMM! just tried it this year and it is just awesome. we did it with both the deer i shot this year

rovert97: Watching this at 5am at work and all I wanna do now is hit my freezer for some more straps. Made some Sunday night on the George foreman grill. Nice and quick and cooked perfectly.

ilducedevenezia: "I may be doing this wrong, but it does turn out tasting great" And that, sir, is all I care about! Great video, as always.
How To Cook Backstrap 4.4 out of 5

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The Druid: a few tips for you as you asked for in your flashlight video...if you don't mind? 1. SLOW DOWN. You are shooting "quantity" over quality. 2. Your draw. Nock the arrow but don't draw the arrow until your bow arm is already at full extension. So point the arrow tip at the target first and THEN draw the bow. This helps prevent the string from twisting too much as you draw. 3. Form. You are tilting your head to the right, sort of trying to "meet" the bow string. Stand up straight, keep your head upright and bring the bow sight to YOU. Take a long, slow breath in and begin an equally slow exhale. I can't really tell if your anchor point is the same but if you notice it yourself, your index finger should ALWAYS touch the EXACT same point on your face EVERY SINGLE TIME you draw. Personally, I have my bow set to where my index finger touches the corner of my mouth. That is my anchor point. make sure yours is the same spot every time [if you notice it isn't]. 4. Release. Exhale about half of your breath and hold your breath for about 1/2 a second when your sight is on the target. At that time, let the string roll off your fingertips by its own force. It looks to me like you are trying to force the release by "pulling" your fingers away. That will throw your shot EVERY time. 5. Follow-through. After you have release your arrow, you are not holding the bow in the "shoot" position long enough. I can see you are dropping your bow hand way too early...tilting or tipping the bow down right after the shot. A rule of thumb is, your bow should be in the same position for about one second after the you hear the arrow hit the target. The bow has recoil and if you don't hold it in place long enough, that recoil + poor follow-through = really poor accuracy. **special notes: 1. I can't see where the bow string is on your fingers but it should be about halfway between your fingertip and the first knuckle. It should NOT be inside the knuckle joint because it will 'bind'...making the string twist and "jump" as you release. 2. You are using a mixture of different arrows. Use only the same arrows of the same weights with tips of the same weight. So all of that ^ in a short paragraph is: Nock your arrow, stand up straight and point the tip at the target. Take a slow deep breath as you draw your bow. Align the sight and slowly exhale about half that breath. Hold your breath for half a second and let the string roll off the tips of your fingers. Hold the bow there until 1 second after you heard it hit the target. Hope this helps you :)

How To Cook Backstrap