HP Touchpad: Can It Be Charged By 3rd Party Chargers?

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drkastenbrot: Technically, the charger is communicating with the tablet. So, without little hacks, you can only use the original charger with any usb data cable. Most usb cables are data cables but some very cheap ones are charge only. As this thing needs quiet some power, I recommend using a thick quality usb cable (the 2.1A rated ones, or just the original one. 

biggtoggs12: if you use an adaptor with 5.1 volts and 2.1A amps output it will charge with any lead just fine.

Aadil AL qasem: how many charger you have homey

quietfart: Hi Mizuki Senpai, have you tried switching out the cable? I feel like those sometimes go bad for me and I have to replace them after using them for some time.

Mizuki Senpai: mine won't even charge using its own charger

Brittany K. Brown: cut the charging time by a third party charger nearly in half by putting the device on airplane mode while charging. cheers!

JD L: ok you have a hot voice!

Alex Wharton: Its not burning them out, they are either breaking from you being rough with it or just because you are using low quality USB cables, the charger would not cause a loose connection, the USB cable that came with the HP TouchPad is terrible, as in it breaks really easily! I usually get them on ebay for a good price, search this on ebay "6ft USB 2.0 A Male to Micro-B 5pin Male Cable"

Alex Wharton: Until the battery dies, then you need the HP one again to get it to start charging again.

adallas181: freak you, jackass

andicustherobot: Jesus, this is a pain. Especially since the U in USB stands for Universal

di007001: Yes I found this to be true also, unfortunately, I lost my cord :(

as128: I find that the original charger keeps burning-out micro-USB cables like crazy. I have no idea why. It's always the same pattern: works at first, then stops working unless you tilt the cable up during charging, then stops working completely. But if I use a new cable then it works again with no tilting. Grrrr.

cushe83: Okay so i have an LG USB cord worth the original HP barrel. Unfortunately my hp died completely down out if power can i get it back to life with this cord ? I've been reading you can't

fireball74: I've had Android installed on my TP for a long time. I have yet to have a non-HP charger work correctly. It shows the charging indicator, but never really charges. This is due to non-standard hardware pin-outs in the HP/Palm charging system, not software. I'd like to try a Palm Pre charger, but I'm not sure I want to spend the money just to have it not work.

Ken, Mirjana & Kim PILLIG: I changed my TP to Android, now all of my micro-USB chargers work; Galaxy S2, Plantronics Bluetooth etc.

Refurbished Guatemala: i tried the ipad charger but it doesn't work

neswiz17: how do u unlock a hp touchpad

Russell Matthews: tried a bunch of different micro usb cables and found that the only one that would charge it from completely dead was a usb cable from an old blackberry(using the hp adapter).I notice that if on the bottom of the Micro usb end it only has 2 contact points it will work. If it has 3 points it will not charge from completely dead

dp1582: Could you tell me the model number of the working chargers? thanks
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HP Touchpad: Can It Be Charged By 3rd Party Chargers?