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andrea rossi: vorverin
Ezra Po: I LOVE watching Disney Hotel videos. I am sure it's a well groomed place but if you grow up in the Southwest of America, like southern Arizona where I grew up, the magic is lost here. The outside portions had to be completely paved with a brown pavement to make it look like plain dirt..... yuck all we see is dirt here. To me the "restaurant" part looks like a really cheap, crowded steak house. And people who grew up somewhere else in America move to the southwest deserts and decorate their houses with that southwest furniture and its just boring. From my perspective it is strange to see something like this on Disney property. They do things so well I suppose I am biased against this theming because of where I grew up. For magic give me topiaries and greenery, and inside give me molded architecture and classic looking elegant furniture and decorations. Out of curiosity does anyone else from my region think the same thing? Or is anyone thinking about how cool it looks to stay at someplace that looks old western?
faizal rahman: i love thala
Esteban G: Hello! nice video.. i have a question. Do u think that the new lightinig cable may scratch the iphone 5 lightning port? THANK U :)
yousef altawil: I bought the gun and I am waiting for it to come and I am only 11 it might be a good airsoft gun for me!
Scott Dinsmore: Why is the camera following the speaker instead of letting us see what the heck he is looking at?

Pokemon X and Y Rom Download Free For Desmume No$gba No Survey No Password