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PipsterKat: How old do you guess she is just my looking at her?
Grilled Salt: Gavy Wavy
Sally Shelly: hey man, with the internet, online shopping, tv, game consoles, everyone is lazy these days
thunderstudent: i need to find a new triceratops zord teradatle zord and mastadon head. much less teradactle because the wings are missing and its neck is very weak at the joints. back in 94 when i thought i would never be able to find the dragon zord and titanus*after the switch to the thunderzords* my mom and i found on sail at k mart from the back stock room shelves of megazord dragonzord and titanus toys. it was a dream come true. i finally had all the zords from the origional series.i love it.
DjordjeSrpski: dunno why but i hate indie movies, i never watched any of them, but i find it funny to watch random trailers of their movies because they suck so much it is hilarious, it's fckin B production.
Jadon Moon: 8:25 Song sounds familiar ...Hadouken Parasite?
chowderxillia: Is there any way to get game saves back?

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