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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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EvazionHD: Hey, I love your video! Also I have sent you a inbox about a potential business opportunity.
Ryan Labuga: what do you do if your folder does not have the bin folder?
Lauren Lozzie: are you sure that is an ipod 5 because i got the ipod 5 for xmas and it doesnt have a camera?
pitbull FirstStyle: พึงรู้กันหรา
randy richards: can someone PLEASE help me, when i put the SD card in the phone the sd card icon comes up in the top right hand corner but it has an X on it.
HolyFuckinShitBatman: I though B&W was Bollocks & Wankenbury?
Juicybath: So cute. What a doll:-)

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