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CoryCDS: See i was gonna get some.... then i saw the price im not payin 200 plus dollars for some lit up badges thats crazy my head lights and led tail lights put together was cheaper
He Je Ga: i like Twin Hammer its my favorite
Patrick Waters: The only weapon those lads had at their immediate disposal capable of taking on a shotgun toe to toe and besting it was the Smith Model 76 9mm Submachine gun. And its potential is pissed away. The stock is never unfolded and the guy was never trained to fire a SMG properly. The Russians fielded whole 1000 man brigades armed only with a lowly SMG. A well trained soldier with a 9mm Subgun from Smith & Wesson, or France or even Denmark would have been more than a match for a guy with a pump shotgun. Still a great movie though.
Daniel Guadian: Batcrap crazy was good. A good description of a vehicle that is insane. The crossover of my dreams. After 2 hip replacements I can no longer get into anything that is low. I rather slink around in this sleeper. I subbed. LLTR
XXTacoBellLovaXX: hmm well this was 4 years ago so it could have gotten better :) i'm interested in this school ps. not gona be in north quad
Arkturos: You know what we want...a version for PCs pls this Browser is amazing
MingTheMerciful: Bruce lee will always be a hero in hong kong

16' Saturn KaBoat SK487 with 5HP Suzuki Outboard Motor.