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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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Henna By Heather: @monicac351: you can get henna from Artistic Adornment - we ship worldwide, from within the US :) @bruce banner and @bethany hills : pure, natural ground up henna leaves like this don't actually interact at all with the stainless steel spoon and bowl used here... weird compound hennas with unknown ingredients do, though. So be sure to always ure pure, natural henna. @+MrDokalu : You can apply henna with any applicator you like, but the thinner the application, the lighter the color will be. So you might want to use a brush for a wash of lighter color, but something that lays it on thicker will be better for the main design elements that you want to be dark.
sakanaya360: ちゃんとした字幕がほしいですね
Anarion18: you sick or something? your voice sounds like it
thefurious83200: yé participe!
Jimmy Henriquez: what happened to superpop ???????
Ryu Hadouken: Glacier bay toilets are complete crap...actually is that a compliment? I think it is because it is incapable of flushing crap down. Bug kitty toilet.. they actually waste more water per use because you have to flush 3 times to get if down, unless it clogs up..
Guugle Suxballs: oddly not stereo

16' Saturn KaBoat SK487 with 5HP Suzuki Outboard Motor.