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vicious274: @slightlyfused Your wall says that you're 30 and you're watching fingerboard videos? Also, fingerboarding is not a toy.
Vanity Rae: The maybelline rocket volume mascara is my absolute favorite! I am a mascara addict, always trying new& different ones, high end & low end. But I always come back to the rocket volume. It lengthens & separates my lashes wonderfully. The volume builds up so easily. And in my experience it's super black. The rocket volume works especially great on my lower lashes at separating, lengthening & volumizing. I like thick chunky clumpy tarantula lashes. So I usually use 2-3 different mascaras to achieve that look. The loreal miss manga mascara is perfect for thick clumpy lashes. It's a drier formula so the volume& length is evident at the very first use. But because it is a drier formula it dries out faster & doesn't last as long. Also, about the loreal miss manga mascara, I don't like the bend in the wand because I can't get a firm grasp of the brush onto my lashes. But besides it drying out too quickly & the bendy wand, it's great for long, thick, spider anime lashes. But back to the rocket volume, I think it's great! Separates awesome. Gives great length. And va-va-voom volume. It's one of my favs. Sry it didn't work for you. Also about the cover girl clump crusher, EmilyNoel83 Loves that one for her bottom lashes. So try it just for the bottoms & see if you maybe like it there?
Gee ox: no point me getting this game now i have seen it all !!!!
labeautepaige: have you ever thought about trying a middle part? i love your features and i think youd look really pretty!!!
ACEPabloJames: Can't wait to see this. TPB 3 and season 8 were freaking awesome, I expect this to be freaking awesome as well.
SpeedGamingHD: There's really no need to add subliminal messages into your videos... All I can see is "Subscribe" 
JMcBadazz: Two of the top badass's right there!!!!

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