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DanRob0123: Did you do the foglight mod yourself? I like the look of the clear fogs what did you use, lexan glass? where can I pick up some? I was thinking of doing the same mod. thanks
superiorbandgeek: And here we the freak go again in St. Louis...
TCBTCB20: STAY AWAY FROM NET10 AND THEIR PHONES. Bought an LG L35G Net10 optimus android phone 31 days ago. ON THE BOX it says 4GB, expandable to 32GB. I bought the phone and an SD card - THE PHONE CANNOT ACCESS THE 32GB for O/S or data or app purposes. it is basically just picture storage. This phone has SO LITTLE INTERNAL MEMORY allocated for the O/S that after the initial OS upgrade which it needed it RAN OUT OF MEMORY! This phone CAN NOT POSSIBLY FUNCTION as a smart phone. TOTALLY FALSE ADVERTISING. Will NET10 issue me a refund? NO. Will the store I bought it from take it back? NO. so I am stuck with this POS and an SD card I do not need. I spent HOURS on the phone with NET10 trying to get it to work then trying to get a refund - a credit - ANYTHING. THIS COMPANY S/U/C/K/S A/S/S STAY THE H/E/L/L AWAY. (I am PC tech in Florida if that matters as far as credibility)
Nattavut Imsub: โฮ เบสกระหี่ม ควย กระจอก
ALLHmac: Can we get this video to 100 likes
xxTaKe2xx: 03:04 "gonna be introduced to that ghost there THEREAREELEMENTSOFTHESUPERNATURAL or perhaps the ethereal that will appear fromtimetotimeBUTAGAINIM VERY EARLYINTHISGAME so im not totally sure were the story goes so far...BUTIREALLY I'LL....." dafuq dude your narrative is a freaking rollercoaster
fox steve: only one think wanna tell u man but don't b angry. its not the same story bro so if u want arnav and khushi its better to rewatch the 1st season. on writing such comments its like you are making us revive that loss when we try to keep up with reality so please i would appreciate to not spoil the mood when we discover that new story. Thank you ^_^.

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