Mora Bushcraft Black - Review

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Cory Matthews: Good job on the review. I'm lookin at getting this knife

Alessandro Guglielmana: How much is it ?

BushcraftBear: Does not have the knife any londer... Sold it because my hand was to small for the handle. Sorry. Max (BCB)

bushcraft4you: Nice review! How is the coating after A year? Can you show it ?

joesphx19: Just got a Mora Black, great review by the way.

JAD1225: The Bushcraft Black is not the same as the Force. They have the same handle and overall blade shape; but the Black is coated carbon steel 3.2mm thick; whereas the Force is stainless steel 2.5mm thick. I have them both, and they are both good knives; but the Black is much heavier duty. Best to all.

nekto555: Bad news if original Bushcraft Force is discontinued, as I've said earlier original Bushcraft Force is better.

nekto555: It rusts a lot and it's not significantly better in keeping sharpness or in needed durability than original Bushcraft. This model is another marketing freak, but not an advancement. Plus, some countries may relate new model to cold weapon and limit its sale. When marketologists rule the world but not engineers the World becomes worse.

Qaderius: It's the Mora bushcraft black. The Force is a stainless, non coated discontinued version of this.

survivalmike: Tolles Video mein Freund....danke fürs zeigen! Seit FR hab ich auch ein black und muss sagen es ist das beste Mora bis dato das ich in Händen gehabt hab. LG Mike

Finn Young: NOT A FORCE!!!


Al Fairclough: Nicely done review, BCB, I quite enjoyed it. I now have a 'Black' on order.

keanoman1000: all i said was' its the NEW mora force, and you got on your high horse, i take it you've been in touch with mora ?

BushcraftBear: it's maybe the follwoing knife...thats true....i just thought your talking about the name..and thats obviously "BushcraftBlack"..

keanoman1000: i'm pretty sure of what i'm talking about seeing as i was in conversation with thomas erikson of mora knives, if you email him i'm sure he'll tell you the same, dont troll me again,

BushcraftBear: No it is NOT...the handle is the same as the fore, but the knife is not...go to theyr website...all the new bushcraft model have that handle ! But that does not mean that all the knifes are the same...

keanoman1000: yes, its the new force mate, look at the handle, its the new force mate,

BushcraftBear: No ! It's the BushcraftBlack !! The Fore is a different one!

keanoman1000: its the new mora force mate,
Mora Bushcraft Black - Review 5 out of 5

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Mora Bushcraft Black - Review