L&M Turkish Blend Cigarette Review

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DedSec1 11111: way amq

Robert Jackson: the Turkish blends taste better in 100s

GreatBeyond74: L&M isn't a budget brand, generally camel are cheaper than marlboro does that make camel generic brand?

niyla lovescigs: i like these over camel lol marlboro made a better turkish blend then camel xD

Britt Thomas: in my opinion this is the best of the L&M line

SEGA and Sony Fan: Y'all talking like 10 dollars a pack man in Missouri a pack of these are 3.75$ and marlboro's and newports are 5 something $ i think im in the cheapest state for cigs

StopFear: I too would always prefer anything with "Turkish" tobacco like Camels. Simply cannot enjoy any Marlboro at all.

StopFear: I laughed when I heard "it doesn't have that cowboy killer Marlboro flavor"

2007ToyotaCamryHybri: The Turkish blends are the lights and the nights are th ful flavor.

Steve Hasse: That's my smoke, I love those!

CounterCultureGP: Yes

CounterCultureGP: These are good cheap cigs

DeathWshh aka Otto m8: Can you do a review on the - winfield blue cigs please !!!

Raymond Stewart: I called grizzly to ask about the nicotine levels in their dip and they said they're not allowed by federal law to release that info so that probably applys to cigs too

Ryan Beerss: Do they still make these?

iain abner: these and the turkish nights are now my 2 favorite cigs

Jon Benjamin: You should try and get the Marlboro crush from Mexico it's like a Wintergreen flavor, very nice

gdb21: where the hell did you get turks for $3.50????

Royal nash: everyone is switching to these lately cause the price of cigs are too much. i never even learned of l and m until a few years ago i noticed my friends were smoking these

ramp622: lol my friends use to call L&M's leftover marb's.
L&M Turkish Blend Cigarette Review 5 out of 5

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DedSec1 11111: way amq
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L&M Turkish Blend Cigarette Review