L&M Turkish Blend Cigarette Review

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L&M Turkish Blend Cigarette Review
L&M Turkish Blend Cigarette Review
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L&M Turkish Blend Review + 1K Sub Shout Out
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Steve Hasse: That's my smoke, I love those!

Savvas Avramidis: Dan looks like he knows the art of crapting

jeff orne: I found that after a day of opening the Turkish, they taste much better the next day. I'm not sure what it is I've just found that it works. 

2007ToyotaCamryHybri: The Turkish blends are the lights and the nights are th ful flavor. 

ramp622: lol my friends use to call L&M's leftover marb's.

itsy0kush: Don't worry about it its just because you don't smoke allot if you did it wouldn't be an issue

Mike Hawk: Hey dan, Whats the worst cigarette you have ever smoked?

SaSkatevids210: I was talking to dubstep

chase cohagen: You need more e cigs flavors to man!!

khk7: Can you do L&M lights?

Magicman0430: hey Dan could you do a review on native natural cigarettes you can get them online. thanks Jessie Magicman0430

CounterCultureGP: Yes

Royal nash: everyone is switching to these lately cause the price of cigs are too much. i never even learned of l and m until a few years ago i noticed my friends were smoking these

gamerdude141: no

DyIennis: dan the man!! 170 amazing reviews and counting!

Luis Medrano: Dan do you prefer using a lighter or matches to lite your stuff up?

Royal nash: one of the worst cigs i smoked are 305's the full flavor and lights

CounterCultureGP: These are good cheap cigs

lou morrison: where is the zippo!?

Jon Benjamin: You should try and get the Marlboro crush from Mexico it's like a Wintergreen flavor, very nice

blindboygrunt13: Hey Dan, I'm sure it's been requested but, what about Camel Turkish Golds? I've heard they have a more vanilla taste whereas Royals have a more chocolate taste. I'm sure they're just as good.

Pete4Brains: I think full flavor has 1.8% nicotine, lights have 1.2% nicotine, and ultra-lights have .*6% nicotine.

TalkingGanja420: Damn in New York cigs usually cost around 10 dollars a pack. You got em cheep in Colorado.

ZorcovsParadise12: Nat Shermans Havana Ovals, blows the crap out of Lucky Strikes

HickoryHippie: My grandma used to smoke these, I used to steal them from here they were that good!

CrappyQualityWarfare: Not trying too be an ashole at all, but i just genuinely wonder... If you would get lung cancer tomorrow, lets say. Would you say smoking would be worth it in your life? Not trying to be a pickle or anything but it's a risk you have to take while smoking and i just wonder if it's wort it!

rickey011: I could taste the little ting too when I first smoked these, if you can get past that these are really a great cigarette!

SMOkINREVZ: Haha camel camel camel

jmurray01: I'm glad you're going back to your usual format, I don't really like the one you used in this video, it just didn't feel right since you used the other one for so long.

ChurchillCigar: Hey Dan, if you want to know, in USA, Marlboro Reds are 15 mg of "tar" and 1.1 mg, Camel Filters are 17 mg of "tar" and 1.3 mg of nicotine, and unfiltered Camels are 23 mg tar and 1.7 mg nicotine. Most lights cigarettes in USA are 8-11 mg tar and about 0.7 to 0.9 mg nicotine. (source "big six smokes.com") Also, are you left-handed ? I don't know if you already said that, but never mind. I hope you'll reply this comment, just to let me know you read it.

garydeanbaker: where the hell did you get turks for $3.50????

VannyHill: could u review 'al capone irish coffee' pls!?

candoanything654: ive never tried those.. they got em in new york obviously right? i think i might get them since you said they were a budget cigarette.lol

nocontrol628: keep up the reviews Dan! they are the best on youtube hands down.

Nathan Moloney: Marolbore reds are 9.70 in ireland

Erick Lopez: I'm going to grab a pack of this soon. I've never smoked L&M. I don't know but i think your cig prices are good in relationship with your salary's. Smoke on Dan!

Royal nash: i use to use matches but i noticed they the match inhalation was doing something to my lungs so i dont use matches regularly just butane

pyromatch: Well whats the worst tobacco cigarette you have ever smoked?

xgcDubstep: now i have a serious question. i know smoking is bad no matter if you inhale or dont but im just wondering. i smoke A that means 1 every once and awhile. will i still have the same risks as someone who smokes a pack or even half a pack a day? this is a legit question. not trying to troll at all

COREY LISTER: i agree Honey rose is an insult to cigarettes , had a pack smoked half of one and gave the rest to a homeless guy lol

iain abner: these and the turkish nights are now my 2 favorite cigs

DeathWshh aka Otto m8: Can you do a review on the - winfield blue cigs please !!!

RealCigReview: The Honeyrose were by far the worst I've ever smoked! They are non tobacco herbal cigs yuck!

0APSCHANNEL: Nice reviews those L&Ms sound like a decent cig smoke ob

Royal nash: i agree i like the camel turkish royal more than the camel lights

kujo21mr: My favorite smoke.

pchuman3: I kinda got a weird question but i hope someone can answer me.. I would like to smoke sometimes not like a pack a day, i mean like 1 cig a day just to relax. But when i did it couple of months ago after a half a pack everytime i went cycling after that my chest felt weird and i could not breath well that was the feeling soo i kinda got scared and stopped, so can smoking rarely make those effects or was it just maybe like fear of cancer cuz when i startedi didint know realy how long cancer takes

ZorcovsParadise12: What's the worse tobacco cig you smoked,other then the honey rose, and worst cigarillos

Ryan Beerss: Do they still make these?

metalmania310: Hey Dan. What's the best budget brand cigarette you've tried. (Less than a Marlboro Red)
L&M Turkish Blend Cigarette Review 4.9 out of 5

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L&M Turkish Blend Cigarette Review