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DrJekyl30: @Vanrocco thanks for your comment. You are one of those that makes sense. But you have to agree, well you don't have to but most HD people are like cult members. I was watching a movie called children of sorrow. Watch that movie and dig where I am coming from. Some people can be talked into anything and if you speak in the right manner you got them hooked.
Thetransformergundam: @RonaLarhz the strike and aile strike are the same gundam there is no difference in the face or body but when it says aile strike it is just talking about the pack that comes with it. The red back pack wings that comes with is the aile pack there is also a launcher pack and a sword pack it is not a whole different gundam it just the same gundam with different back packs with different accessories. 
That_Black_Guy: Put A PRICE ON THAT BYTCH!!!!
Tech4Geeks: Not aussie but I live in Australia. I'm pretty sure Harvey Norman still sells it although there's a newer model of this monitor with QHD panel.@paddytreanor
angelofdeathstyle: omg can y'all make a chocolate
Saso Lasic: Stihl got no chance...stihl sucks :D
Michele Perini: L' AVETE PESATA ??? GRAZIE

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