How To Roll A Joint (the Easy Way)

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Samantha K: Jesus Christ your voice is soothing 😂😂

Jack Williams: Wiz Khalifa - the thrill 😋😋😋😋

gbotzworld: my man you droped like half the weed. what i do is i put a little bit of weed at one end with the filter in already and i start to roll that side, then you just slide your fingers a few times up on the paper so it gets a cone form, after you carefully lick it, stick it, stuff it, and light it c:

Expensive Pasta: What's the name of that song you ended with

Thomas Estrada: You got a ps4 bro?

Ap3xpr3dat0r: Come on man, you should of lit that joint up yo...

joel salazar: nice crap bruh,,someone goes to freakn vallemar school xD

Michael Cartagena: Song , Walking on a dream ? 

Gamaliel Medrano: "Tabaco"

DrPlayzMC: What if its not weed and your smoking crack

zaharius69: really good should be doing it at home tho.

eurasiankid21: I cant see crap your hands are blocking it

Tunak11: Whats the music on the background

michael atkison: Do i smoke it with the drawing paper in the zig zag 

julio ruiz: Some nasty ass weed that's stress n crap 

Eric B: thats that fake weed

variax2: lol cool but I'm lovein that niggas can tell this nigga be snorten somthin on the side lines by the way he movin that card tu scrape that base plate lls

THANH TRAN: what songs just play wikhlifa

STEELO: At what point did you think crap I make some if the best joints ever I need to show the world how to roll as good as I do. Nigga your rolling skills ain't crap. And I'm only watching cuz I'm bored.

andrew ford: good joint but crap weed
How to Roll a Joint (the easy way) 5 out of 5

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How to Roll a Joint (the easy way)