Mosin Nagant Custom Sniper Rifle

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Book Review:
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1925 Mosin Nagant M91/30 PE Sniper Rifle
1925 Mosin Nagant M91/30 PE Sniper Rifle

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2gamesplus some: man I'm ok people upgrading there mosin but you just made a new gun in plus it's ugly as hell

Brian Gonzales: You built this?

Djentmaster_yodabest: Nice, though I'm not a purist, simply an admirer of the original red army nugget, but hey, great creativity and craftsmanship.

Bruce Guevara: wow nice custom

Billy Batshitcrazy: bubba ur rifle is stupid, just get a modern action if you want to make a decent gun, have fun with your sticky bolt and worn out barrel. also nice chin weld ya freaktard

ThtTallGuy: Why bother spending so much money on a gun that Won't even shoot better than a typical hunting rifle? Also, the bipod is too close. There's no use for it.


Gen X Murse: Beautiful, but the only thing I don't like is that it looks like you can't load with those stripper clips.

Cur M: A truly skilled piece of work on the rifle but the cinematography? VERY hard to really appreciate what is superior craftsmanship with hand held, out of focus camera work. Use a tripod for the camera, still shots for the up close views (that way I could have seen your badass logo), and go from one end of the rifle to the other when discussing the mods with still shots of each piece if work. The rifle looks very, very good, though.

matthew koepp: Do you have any plans to make this for others i would love this

Airduinec SI: Is it even a mosin anymore if you made a new receiver?

gurumagoo: I know it's your money and your rifle, but spending that much on a rifle that out of the box cost $80-$150 is dumb.

CHRISTOPHER WILFORD: I want one! how much for you to make me the same "custom components"?

jack hudson: Thats very impressive work man. I've been thinking about buying one along with the arch-angel stock and going from there. Did you do the machining work yourself? Modifying the bolt was a great idea to allow modern optics.

Jesus von Nazaret: Nice mod you made there, quite impressive what you did there 
for me personally the scope would be a bit too high without a raised cheek rest

Harald Pettesen: A mighty godd friend .

Sam Walker: " i also machined up an whole new goddamn rifle !"

rionduval: looks like you machined that foregrip out of a maglite flashlight.

sylhetypolasab: how much the second one cost total?it looks really good...

wheelmen: Well that Mosin is awesome that looks sharp that is one classy rifle forget all these
Morons they complain about you change this gun in spending money on it is your guns your money do what you want to do with it god bless america
Mosin Nagant Custom Sniper Rifle 5 out of 5

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adamyaw: I like the memphis stuff! Had the same alpine awhile back I thought it was great. If you have a specific type of music you like more etc you can call Memphis (or any other company im sure if you have diff brand subs) and tell them you love hard rock etc but you still want the box to dump they'll give you more specific specs on a box more suited vs just the generic cu ft in the book. I've called Jay@Memphis tech support for box sizes several times over the years and it was always spot on and always loud as crap. For people building a box spend the 30 min and just ask the company techs. For all the $ you put into the system etc makes it kick ass that much more. Maybe the generic box size is what you need, but the boxes I've tweeked that extra little bit per their opinion has pd off every time. That's not geared towards your set up dude just Hopefully that helps someone out that watches your video and cares about more about the actual then how much the mirror shakes or how far away someone can hear them coming...... Both are great and I love that double bass knocking me in the stomach but SQ and a clean install counts more to me then hooking crap up in an hour to cruise the mall parking lot cranking the same song on repeat bc it hits low
Djinho Itshary: really helped me thanks
luna moon: there is no code dude!
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Mosin Nagant Custom Sniper Rifle