Mosin Nagant Custom Sniper Rifle

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matthew koepp: Do you have any plans to make this for others i would love this

Airduinec SI: Is it even a mosin anymore if you made a new receiver?

gurumagoo: I know it's your money and your rifle, but spending that much on a rifle that out of the box cost $80-$150 is dumb.

CHRISTOPHER WILFORD: I want one! how much for you to make me the same "custom components"?

jack hudson: Thats very impressive work man. I've been thinking about buying one along with the arch-angel stock and going from there. Did you do the machining work yourself? Modifying the bolt was a great idea to allow modern optics.

Jesus von Nazaret: Nice mod you made there, quite impressive what you did there 
for me personally the scope would be a bit too high without a raised cheek rest

Harald Pettesen: A mighty godd friend .

Sam Walker: " i also machined up an whole new goddamn rifle !"

rionduval: looks like you machined that foregrip out of a maglite flashlight.

sylhetypolasab: how much the second one cost total?it looks really good...

wheelmen: Well that Mosin is awesome that looks sharp that is one classy rifle forget all these
Morons they complain about you change this gun in spending money on it is your guns your money do what you want to do with it god bless america

Puppet Puppet: Why the freak would you go and ruin a perfectly good war rifle like this?
The 1891 is a classic piece, and deserves to be kept that way, and preserved. They've had a venerable war history, and are still in use over 100 years after their creation, just like the 1911's you yanks all seem to hold dear.

You've ripped apart a classic rifle, and you've gone far beyond the insult of sporterizing it. Not only do you not bother to use Warsaw Pact modifications such as dovetails and PU/PSO sighting equipment to keep the Russian authenticity, but... So many freaking /rails./

And how does the AR15 stock handle the recoil? A stock designed for a 5.56x45 rifle must have some trouble standing up to the recoil from a 7.62x54R round.
Kill yourself. You're the epitome of mall ninja culture.

Reeled You Inn: You said "I machined up a whole new receiver for it" wouldn't this fall into the category of manufacturing a firearm? I know the Russians serial numbered their rifles on the barrel but most imports have a new number on the receiver.

Jarrett Boucher: Beautiful 

Joey Gecko: lol

Dylan Watson: that's a pretty cool rifle

matt daily: More people need to customize this rifle so the stock ones can become more rare and valuable they are 100 dollars for a reason and it's not because they suck cause they don't they are badass and fun to shoot. I love custom mosins good work 

George Johnson: It must be real nice to have the knowledge and access to the machines to build these custom parts/rifle...............

89DArmy: How are you supposed to get a proper cheek weld when the damn optic is that high?

jacktheripped: I like the bolt, way better than most. Most just look like ass and I cant stand the "ball and stick" bolt handle's they come up with. I wanted to get a spare bolt and use a torch to bend it but I don't know now...

Your mod also adds an extra lug, always good.
Mosin Nagant Custom Sniper Rifle 5 out of 5

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Mosin Nagant Custom Sniper Rifle