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mallowbrian: freak letting sit on 26's let it sit on a set of pearl black 18's. black the window right the freak out. o and do more to a car then just put rims on it before you get it fixed. thats the last thing done. get that crap ready for the road first. add a 160 degree tstat n mess with the comp. itll smoke the camaro twin to it. same motor n everything just in a different car. and it would still run a 15 sec quarter mile, instead of a 25 sec quarter.
Nicole Wolnik: Where do you get all your yummy scents like love spell? 
Willer Marcondes: Hi Ricky , could you explain me how "Servants of the White Hand" (Saruman`s ability) works? I did`t understand the card description as well...For example: Does Isengard Elite units become a Nazgul? I mean, can they move anywhere and re-roll in Learder turn? If all regular units die in a battle,will Elite units die too because now they are leaders? If now they are leaders, Isengard Elite units cant take two hits, they are only leaders, am I right?
Silvio Roberto: this studio should made a new hulk game but for the next gen immagine it....would be awsome
Mrtutoriales Osc: atención: si no les funciona el link desactiven el adblock... like si te funciono.
warriorxp111: aWsOmE
Arctic Exposure: @TK42138 I hope so too =) Will do a proper test of everything when the engine is swapped to see how the rest of the car is. It looks good, and was used until it was parked due to the oil leak in the engine, so hopefully it will be ok :) I'll be fixing it slowly but surely if not though, I really like that car :)

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