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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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Jake Bullit: Just ordered an Android head unit for my Amarok, so your video proved very useful thanks.
c3dr1cb: Eric explains the scenarii of another work basicly, and he explains that he used the rotoscoping animation, rotoscoping is a technic which use video footage (e.g. the drift car) and make a drag and drop to the computer.
Nerixshop: You bet!
TheJigglyJuggler: Man a mediocre player with a mediocre personality and mediocre tips gets 1.3 million subs. Jesus christ it seems like as long as you sound super excited, you'll be successful on youtube.
Chris Zammit: When's the Malfoy ferret scene?
pongman: You should do a snow exercise video for all your fans in Boston.

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