Build A Router Table Cabinet.

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Router Table Overview

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Roberto Lopez: Is there a follow up to this video?

erik kramer: great video!! thanks! I build my router table last week together with the fence like in youre other video. I am loving it!!

Kevin Barton: nice job.

D Monty: I agree, pocket hole joinery is very fast, convenient and strong; especially with glue.Probably the best invention ever, since sliced bread.

Skinny Moose: That's pretty cool. It gave me some ideas for something similar. ...Thanks Man!

buddharmt: Greetings Mr. Ramsey. I was wondering if you could do a mere minutes explaining how you wired your switch? I'm aweful with electrical and any help is appreciated.

WillyVLD: To bad you dont have a sketch up drawing from this. atleast your YT video is very detailed.
What are the rough dimentions from you cabintes (individual)?
Greetings from the Netherlands!!!

edit found it: 34″ wide by about 26″ deep 42″ high

Bryan Acred: Hi Steve, Could you provide plans for this awesome router table?

Kenneith Middlebrook: where do I get the plans to make this router table

please someone help

I cant find them on the woodworking for mere mortals website

what am I doing wrong

Chris L: Wouldn't the high vibration from the router weaken the structure if it's just held using glue and pins?

Matu Nam: is this real natural wood?

mark nantais: Great video, I'm going to make one

John Treble: This is definitely one of your better, more useful, projects! I'm inspired to build one now.

slimshadow777: I would never use pocket hole joints on a tool they do not take long term vibration well

Christine Taylor: Wow! Your videos have come a long way, haven't they? I pick up some helpful tips from you by seeing the process. Thanks! ~Chris.

Ernesto Talavera: Steve
Just figuring out a size for the cabinet will it accommodate a 24" deep x 36" wide router top?

Ernesto Talavera: Steve
royallhawaii overall dimensions H W D would be great

will c: hi guys,

what is the name of the instrument that lets you drill holes on the side, or at an angle? The one he is using.

Thomas Gustafson: Nice work Steve!
Build a router table cabinet. 5 out of 5

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Build a router table cabinet.