Build A Router Table Cabinet.

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Making a Shaker style cabinet door with the Festool CMS router table.
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Kevin Barton: nice job.

D Monty: I agree, pocket hole joinery is very fast, convenient and strong; especially with glue.Probably the best invention ever, since sliced bread.

Skinny Moose: That's pretty cool. It gave me some ideas for something similar. ...Thanks Man!

buddharmt: Greetings Mr. Ramsey. I was wondering if you could do a mere minutes explaining how you wired your switch? I'm aweful with electrical and any help is appreciated.

WillyVLD: To bad you dont have a sketch up drawing from this. atleast your YT video is very detailed.
What are the rough dimentions from you cabintes (individual)?
Greetings from the Netherlands!!!

edit found it: 34″ wide by about 26″ deep 42″ high

Bryan Acred: Hi Steve, Could you provide plans for this awesome router table?

Kenneith Middlebrook: where do I get the plans to make this router table

please someone help

I cant find them on the woodworking for mere mortals website

what am I doing wrong

Chris L: Wouldn't the high vibration from the router weaken the structure if it's just held using glue and pins?

Matuvo Namikaze: is this real natural wood?

mark nantais: Great video, I'm going to make one

John Treble: This is definitely one of your better, more useful, projects! I'm inspired to build one now.

slimshadow777: I would never use pocket hole joints on a tool they do not take long term vibration well

Christine Taylor: Wow! Your videos have come a long way, haven't they? I pick up some helpful tips from you by seeing the process. Thanks! ~Chris.

Ernesto Talavera: Steve
Just figuring out a size for the cabinet will it accommodate a 24" deep x 36" wide router top?

Ernesto Talavera: Steve
royallhawaii overall dimensions H W D would be great

will c: hi guys,

what is the name of the instrument that lets you drill holes on the side, or at an angle? The one he is using.

Thomas Gustafson: Nice work Steve!

royallhawaii: Steve, I don't know if you read posts to your older videos but If you do read this, It would be nice to at least have the overall dimensions of the carcass less the casters and table top. ie, height, width, and depth.. I'll be able to do the rest from those figures I will be using my old table top and router plate. I also almost completed the router lift that you made as well. I've got a 3 1/4hp Porter-Cable motor to install into it. 

Shujashaher: Great Mr Ramsey.  You have a very good knack of saying things

CholTaaim: A router-table is probably going to be our next "big" project. This video series is very helpful!
Build a router table cabinet. 5 out of 5

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Kevin Barton: nice job.
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Build a router table cabinet.