Hands On: Official Jelly Bean Update For Samsung Galaxy S2 (Straight Talk BYOP)

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Ripley Hamster: u made ppl think u were going to show them how to update their straight talk s2 phone but instead u rambled on about the stupid features for att wtf

Jason Etcheson: download link is broke

doll.20: so i have a straight talk samsung galaxy s2 sgh-s959g  how can i update this phone

danny42068: So if I get the tracphone one is everything unlimeted thats dumb 2 or 4 gbs of data

KidMizzle: I did this via root methods, but since I've done it, Samsung released official updates for the S2 so you should be able to upgrade that way

doll.20: how do i update my phone to that? maybe it was said somewhere in the vid but i missed it

Carrie White: I have this one i like it

KidMizzle: I've actually have never had that happen to me, that's a weird one

KidMizzle: Yup

SaraST8: Hi Jah, this is Sara from Straight Talk. Please be informed that for you to avail the Straight Talk Bring Your Own Phone program, make sure that your phone is an unlocked GSM phone. For further inquiries, please do not hesitate to send us an email at TF.CorpResolutionTeam@tracfone.com. Thank you.

jah stinson: ok i have the tmobile galaxy s2 with jelly bean can i get straight talk on my phone?

Absyy: Everytime i scroll on the home page a man says " page 1/5 etc " how do i turn this off

BrownSuGar Babi: what about the tracfone Samsung galaxy s2 version for straight talk that you buy from walmart.com an how do you upgrade your phone to jellybean if its possible with that phone that is

Fernando Encarnación: hello the link to this rom not completely discharge to see if you could give me another link to download this room if you can thanks

Fernando Encarnación: no descarga :(

Felipe Espinoza: Lol thanks for the heads up. So you had to buy a sim card right? since it was from at&t

KidMizzle: I bought my phone on ebay for basically that amount LOL But that was over a year ago, so you definitely should be able to find the phone in the low 300 to high 200 range

Eric X: its already out. download it through samsung

Felipe Espinoza: did you buy the sim card for it? and how much was your entire total? I bought mine off of walmart (tracfone) from ST version. I bought it online. with taxes and all that stuff it came out to a total of $384!!! I know I can find it cheaper. I'm gonna return it and get it somewhere else.

Felipe Espinoza: @KidMizzle hey man! at what price did you get your phone for at ebay?
Hands On: Official Jelly Bean Update for Samsung Galaxy S2 (Straight Talk BYOP) 5 out of 5

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Hands On: Official Jelly Bean Update for Samsung Galaxy S2 (Straight Talk BYOP)