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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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Roman Alekseev: Is it my eyes or the game a bit lagish. All okay about car movement but the background a bit laggy
zsmorr92: Fring seems pretty hit or miss though, engadget did a review of it and it looked fantastic, when I did it it was acceptable but not good.
Adam McKola: Do people think I've sat through all three parts with a #MoyesIn banner making no other comments whatsoever? Listen to all of my opinions before saying I'm blindly supporting Moyes. Far from it!
Randy Carreiro: what's the down side gary? i mean besides its ugly. and i dont care because i like it. but is there some down sides?
Lightscameraerin: Yes champion! :) 
Drake: انا مره متحمس لـ بات مان اركم نايت و واثق راح تكون اقوى جزء ان شاء الله لكن واتش دوقز مع كثر التأجيل الي صار تجينا اخيرا بهذا المستوى المتدني من الرسومات مااااااش كل الحماس طار + اني كنسلت الطلب المسبق لها صح ان ( القيم بلاي ) مهم وان في ناس يشوفون هذا كافي بس ياهووه حنا في الجيل الجديد من الاجهزه لازم تبهرونا بالرسومات
NappyTHEGREAT: AYYY #NAPPYNATION THUMBS THIS UP FOR MEH SO EVERYONE CAN SEE IT!! Thanks! :D I know we're only on the second episode but I hope you guys are enjoying this mini-series detailing Dungeon Defenders 2 Pre-Alpha!! I know we mentioned giving away codes for the Pre-Alpha so you guys can play along as well, and we've decided to hold a livestream event AFTER the mini-series to give them away! Either way, I hope you guys are enjoying the mini-series so far and if we can SMASH 750 LIKES on each episode, we'll keep the series a DAILY thing! Thanks again for checking out the video!! :D -Nappy

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