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Damon Paolo: I have the RW version on ST And his record is 32 games 85 goals.. little bit less than 3 a game
Trini Lisa: Look at Jessica macooing your stuff LOL
Brony Gamer: Girl Meets World might be the only decent Disney Channel show granted I haven't seen much from Boy Meets World so I can't make the connection butt I'd seen a couple of episodes of Girl Meets World so yeah pretty good show
George Panagiotidis: HAHAHAHA you look so cute.
Omar Faruquee: dude im not hating but i dont understand why you even need a cinch or a scuf if you play claw. maybe for trigger stops but yhh still good review but scuf is the way i feel like cinch controllers are flimsy, if you have the money scuf, if you need a cheaper option cinch. 
Kyle Fitzgerald: Good job on the truck you guy`s look`s awesome! The person who gets that truck will be a very lucky guy. Also when do you guy`s think you will be getting the 2015`s rolling in? Because you should really customize one of those!! :)
Albert Vanderlyn: Her beautiful voice takes flight and soars !

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