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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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jipsee1: ouidah=judah=tribe of judah!!hebrews
ER B: I'd get in this color :p
Joseph Downing: All that hard wood floor around his and he takes it apart on the rug. Wow...
dddux: I use apple cider vinegar very successfully as a coagulant. I've never tried lemon since apple vinegar worked for me. Funny thing, I tried with sea salt the first time and it didn't work. Then I put in some apple cider vinegar and it worked, so I got a slightly salty and even more delicious tofu. From there on I always put 15g of salt in 2l of soy milk along with two tablespoons of apple vinegar. I also got a tip for firmer tofu - keep it simmering on very low while it coagulates for around 15 minutes. I'm just about to try that.
ChasoArts: What is the height of the rider? im 5.ft5 will i be able to touch te floor?
Ismael Ocaranza Garcia: Coñoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo tatatatatatatatatatatat XDDDD 2014 :3 like
Aim Growtopia: how u get hands in that mode!

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