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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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つおかちゃんねる: 高く評価押しましたよーwww 400のいいねでまた人気になりますね(っ'ヮ'c)ウゥッヒョオアアァ
xxM4JOR xx: Olha meu GP é o 5303B essa ROM pega nele de boa? 
Jori Saloranta: Omg that music in the backgroud and your voice combined sounds like some sortof pornvid :D
IpodProductionsHD: lol, you haft to have a jailbroken ipod newb... you wont find it in Itunes
DHIs Ad: "Nutritional facts I don't really care about." I loled at that
rhomai: what a waste, he wouldve made a great 007 villain
Jennifer Gutierrez: Why would you delete your past video because of the comments? if people have a stick up their ass and refuse to believe some drug store products are total crap well so sorry for them but that is NOT your problem bunny!! keep on doing your thing!! haters gonna hate whatever one says or does anyway.

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