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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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9mista361: I have a question I have a note 3 and lg vista on Verizon do u know if they will work on cricket wireless 
Bhavi Nandu: "We'll be room mates again." 
Damn right!

BlAZN420kush: i got sum on my dc5 base rides nice and people hate!
eduardo rodriguez: es completo ???
Vince Di Francesco: gregg4164: If you care to notice, I have three pitch based effects in front of the distortions. Distortions add extra harmonics and prevent these effects from tracking properly. I like the compressor close to the front, so I use it to tame the harsh peaks of the bass wah. Other than that, all I can say is thats how i like it. Thats what music is all about dude. Whatever I like.
@Luischva: Como siempre informas de lujo!!! Eres la alegria del Youtube guapetona XD
ApocalypseHub: 7000 BTU

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