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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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lowthertom: Armeniandan i have the bow myself it is a great bow beautiful design smooth pulling action very powerful my 24lb bow can fire arrows through 4 inches of wood i would rate it perssonally a 10 out of 10
The Anon: For anyone who says the Government isn't going to try and take your weapons. Your argument is false. During Katrina. Unarmed men and women were gunned down in the streets by police. While they also looked up gun registries and kicked in the doors of homes nowhere close to the surge area to confiscate their weapons. The gun ban is for control of you. Not the gun. Easier to eradicate the population if you have no means to fight back. 
Only Aviation: Wow the pilots could barely see anything!! 
4chanhatesyoutodeath: lol thats one high tec computer hes got there whats it run windows 98
D. Shamund: What's the name of the first song that was playing?
Matt Manning: Really Really good accurate and concise AF expansion explanation. I shoot action sports and have been shooting all spot. Am going to try some expansion. Keep aiming at the football players numbers (helmet/faces will get you in AF trouble)
Kristoforus Pratama: thanks man...but it doesn`t work for me

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