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Mw7ed: الباتيتو ستراش هو البيكينق باودر
Julie Finnerty: I'm having the same problem, won't play any games or any blue ray movies. So upset with playstation, technology sucks. Can anyone help me out? Dis anyone find out what the problem really is? I've disabled the 1080p and the network. Still same thing. 
Donna Kelley: can you help me find a tank like yours online
atvkid0805: will this work with a nexus 7??
hamida mansouri: Tell doggy shut up And he's a ........ Transformers is the best!
Ryan FLuxo: i can see my samples show up in the Files sec.  How do i access my samples from the HArdware and load them into a new bank?
dragon ball xenoverse: carai fico apertando e n carrega tem q fazer oque para carrega ?

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