Samsung Galaxy Centura SCH-S738C Review

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Samsung Galaxy Centura SCH-S738C review
Samsung Galaxy Centura SCH-S738C review
Straight Talk Samsung Centura Full Review
Straight Talk Samsung Centura Full Review
Samsung Galaxy Centura Review
Samsung Galaxy Centura Review
Samsung galaxy proclaim straight talk (update)
Samsung galaxy proclaim straight talk (update)
Straight Talk Samsung Galaxy Centura available for $99.99
Straight Talk Samsung Galaxy Centura available for $99.99
Samsung Galaxy Proclaim Review (Straight talk) S720C
Samsung Galaxy Proclaim Review (Straight talk) S720C

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Silver Bear: This phone SUCKS!!! It crashes all the time, and the time always changes 6 hours and it says my location is in Taiwan (probably where it was made) sometimes the date changes too. I tried changing time zones, that didn't work either. It's just a piece of crap.

Randy Walker Sr.: These phones suck. My mother and brother have them and they recently upgraded due to all the force closures, missed calls, and not being able to make calls. I wouldn't want to trust my life on one of these phones. My toddler now uses my mother's for a drawing app and it seems to be good for that. Plus if he breaks it, there is no loss. 

Barbara Howard: just bought a new Samsung phone and it say I don't have enough memory on it after loading fb to add but 7 contacts really disappointed

sergio hipolito: hello como puedo acctivar mi samsung no tiene linea


carcarcar Davis: Does this have the swagbucks tv mobile app on it ? I am looking for a phone or tablet that comes with this app on it. 

Tierra Alvarez: How can you Screenshot on this Phone? I Have the Same one.

Mmstudios03: Are you recording with ur showtime

Shane Dawson: worst review of a phone ever... what was your opinion of the phone... ?

DEEJAY_KNIGHT: Those this phone has a notification light when a message arrives? 

Mmstudios03: Madison burke power and volume down for two secs

deekay2: Are you sure it uses the Verizon network? Usually the phones that use the Verizon network on the Straight Talk website will show a small picture of the map of the USA with red highlights all over the map. This Centura phone on the Straight Talk website does not show this map.

sufficient19: Great phone, idk why people are complaining so much about it. The only con about it is I don't get text message ringtones

Rightt HHand: I made a new video that is more of a review then a sales pitch but it ended up being longer then 15 minutes. I need to ether brake it down into two videos or just play it and see if there is anything I should just cut out of the video.

Christopher Barnwell: This isn't a bad phone. The only that stinks is its slow and it's smaller than you think. I still have this phone bit I also have a galaxy s4

Rightt HHand: I will remake a video and make it a real review and not just a sales pitch. showing what all the phone can do.

Steven Knight: Can you get Instagram on the phone ?

Riley Lafferty: can u scrwen shot?

shannon dulaney: Dus recovery mode erase all the stuff because im a picture and social media guy so im wondering

Riley Lafferty: can you screen shot? **

Rightt HHand: My ebay name is ReNEWireless. but on ebay it shows up as all lower case.

tish24810: how is the texting? how do the notifications for text message show up? with the name or with just " 1 new message from ___"?

Aven Arzt-Green: u still have one

Christopher Barnwell: By the way, you can't take a picture of your face. But otherwise it's a good phone

shannon dulaney: How much is it? And whats ur ebay account name ? I would mind it these are cool phones

shannon dulaney: Found the centura on ebay can extend the days to monday because ill try ti get it on saturday

Joe Hernandez: Hold power button while holding the down volume button

Cristian Hernandez: I have phone and you can play temple run

Rightt HHand: its pressure type touch screen. it works great. it feels like a glass touch screen. it knows were you put your finger.

Rightt HHand: it will remove everything on the phone. now if you have photos saved to the sd card then they will still be there. and anything that is on facebook will show up again as soon as you log back into facebook.

Rightt HHand: I have more of them for sale and they are on ebay. ebay seller renewireless

Rightt HHand: I didn't leave it on long enough to see what it said with the text messages. I made a phone call then put my lg optimus showtime back on my account. the showtime is a better phone then this phone but for the price this galaxy is a nice phone.

Madison Burke: how do you make a screenshot
Samsung Galaxy Centura SCH-S738C review 4 out of 5

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Samsung Galaxy Centura SCH-S738C review