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Enzo Petitfour: I have an HTC sensation and i was having this problem, i took it to T-Mobile and by turning off the radio and turning it back on, the employee fixed the deathgrip for the wireless network, the wifi still has a deathgrip problem but it isnt too much of a big deal when you have the 4G backing it up, just take your phone into your carrier and ask them to fix it, unless you find the code to access the radio setting you wont be able to fix it on your own.
Zippy1one: what ever Keeps our troops safer, I like.
angeredsmile2: in depth? lol
Nanette Yocum: I'm sure PLE counts on people giving up, this is how he makes his money. I wrote many letters and never got a response back. I am involved in 2 home businesses that are showing me profit and are great. I will be posting my reviews on these here shortly. If you'd like to check them out before my reviews are posted you can go to the links: http://goo.gl/lRVgzp http://goo.gl/bNFhqT Thanks everyone for your great comments!
Matt V: This is so cool. A great idea. Too bad the iPad is to expensive.
Андрей Рудых: Качество видео всё хуже и хуже... прощайте ребята
Vanessa Franco Castellanos: its beautiful!!

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