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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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Sarab Bhatia: thx bro
theKbAshInA: nice jop:)
ToyPitStop: @TheJritch89 Yes it is :)
Дима Саржевский: 2013
shaolin95: I have the e11 and want to get either the e17 or e18. Have you tried both? How is the bass on the e17 compared to the e11? Thanks!!!
Bobcatt22: The background music is distracting. Otherwise, good video.
727cami: I have had a Powermatic 2 since August, 2012. I only make cigarettes for myself, and only jammed the machine a couple of times (at the beginning). I haven't had any trouble until recently, when the handle started getting VERY hard to lift up. (Making the cigs and pushing the handle down is not a problem) I need to know how to disassemble the bottom so I can thoroughly clean dust, etc. My warranty is good until Aug. 2013, but at this rate, the machine won't make it much longer. Help! 727cami

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