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sara tara: little mistake camilla, the eye you were doing, you ve put much more liner than its on your other eye, it is a big difference and its obvious
TheRealDeal: you!!! you are freaking hot
pokecardlaza7: i dont get it
ßildØva Dova: 1st lol srry had to also i was wondering if you knew of a good website where i can find a led right for me. im looking for a really good one not top of the line or anything but up there and one that will cover veg and flower tyvm, bildova
Rom Gramm: Polu krima
Music Production Tutorials: Enjoyed this. Can't believe the lads were not into maschine though!
Yefim Shvarts: Agera is a car that's faster in a quarter mile than the Bugatti but the Bugatti is faster and better at drifting and privileged. The Hennesy venom is a glorified lottes extige so the Bugatti wins the car of the decade 

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