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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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Matt Davis: The Correspondent Season 2 Episode 6: BMW i3!
GamesPlayer321: It wasnt nicknamed the tardis. All of the tardises were named tardis. Exept that he has a THE tardis not A tardis
PHeMoX: I'm sorry Force, but Destiny is nothing like Borderlands when it comes to loot. Borderlands has a sense of actual weapon progression, it has actual worthwhile more awesome weapons at higher levels, a MUCH greater variety and no RNG to screw players over. And nope, the 'loot cave' is the result of a badly designed game that's supposed to be about loot gathering. Grinding in this game is repetitive, boring and honestly not very rewarding.
David O'Donoghue: @LangBoatWorks Thank you Steve, your a cool guy for letting me (a stranger) film you that sunny day. I always wondered who you were and if you ever saw the footage. I like your simple (but not too simple) explanation of the car. Great car!
casey baldoz: omg ash duhs and snake dokter heads on round one
Sophie Marrelli: Nice wall😃😀
Jacob Pina: are you on pc now or xbox ?

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