Build Your Own Chain Saw Mill

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home made chainsaw mill build
home made chainsaw mill build
Build Your Own Chain Saw Mill at a Low Cost
Build Your Own Chain Saw Mill at a Low Cost
Build Your Own Chain Saw Mill
Build Your Own Chain Saw Mill
Building an Alaskan Chain Saw Mill
Building an Alaskan Chain Saw Mill
Poor Boy's Sawmill
Poor Boy's Sawmill

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YONiS “YONiS”: the conception seems okay but I personally wouldnt waste the time on the armstrong winch and a few other things. if u go this route, make sure u can use the rig later on once u have time to toss the chainsaw rig and convert it to a band mill. Chainsaw mill is a good idea but dont expect it to be profitable or fast.

davesny302: I want his truck.

Loke Man: How do you adjust the tracking on a youtube video?

docrw: What a crappy camera, dang I hope the mill works better than that... tee hee

MrThx84: @mccormickchainsaw echo is better than both w/5 yr replacment i use a norwood potamill ansd a echo 550,its all in how well u keep up on chain sharpening and shaping

theAngelofhevn: haha he looks like Boyd Coddington


vwchopperman: how can i buy the plans to build this style saw mill?

ploetzlich30: how do you put the logs on that rail? i mean, the size you couldput on that thing, could way maybe about 200 kilos.

Wolfrick308: The video is garbled at the beginning. Could you post the website where you found the plans for this sawmill? I tried searching for "procut" but had no luck.

th19940305: This is nice, how much did it all cost?

13lael: u think u could maybe CUT a log

13lael: @mccormickchainsaw BS

MrJoseph1157: What kind of saw do you use and what kind of rpm do you have to run? thanks joe.

Seth Hersch: Almost forgot: how precise do your welds have to be on that housing? Can a bad bead affect how level the saw runs? Any tips or tricks from building it? Thanks, -Seth

Seth Hersch: I was pretty sold on the Logosol M7 with my Husq 385, but someone told me to look into these Procut plans. This thing is slick. The only problem looks like portability. Looks like a great trailer, but the M7 weighs less than my gal, and you can set in over a log and start wrong side can get into some tight spaces. How do you load your logs onto the unit? Have you got another winch?

BlueMacGyver: Nice, check out mine >>> GARAGE BUILT SAWMILL>>> IN RELATED VIDEOS

chickenpoper: if you do put 2 chain saws so i cuts it into about three 2 inch pieces(depending on log)and if you want i just cut in half you can reel up the second saw up so it wont touch the log =D

MarcoFilippo1: very very very smart

trackerdogs2: like it a lot might try and build one
Build Your Own Chain Saw Mill 5 out of 5

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Build Your Own Chain Saw Mill