Weihrauch HW30S Vortek PG2 Tuning Kit, Accuracy Test From 50 Meters

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Alberto Jorge Soares: Amazing...! Vortek kits are great, as well as Weihrauch rifles. 

biodot88: If you record the sound and then analyze the wave form in Audacity (freeware) you can figure the time from fire to impact.  This time coupled with the range could give you FPS.

Ghroznak: I just bought an HW30S for myself and for my mom (she does love plinking). I was thinking mostly about shooting at targets @ 10-15m ranges. How far out would the HW30S (without a tuning kit) be able to shoot .177 pellets accurately?

trappolaify: joule?

Airgun Austria: very nice!!!

Daniel Song: did the pg2 tuning kit make the gun quiter? how was the recoil after? the roostering effort?

airgunfun2112: That gun really need a lighter pellet such as JSB Exact Express or Crosman Premier Lights.

Nicolas Boschel: @carlos varela Yes. But it will be impossible to shoot so far.

carlos varela: Hi friend,good video,i have a question,this rifle is so accuracy out of the box,i mean without vortek PG2 tuning?? thanks

Tomaz Holmström: The scope is an old Bushnell Trophy 4-12x40 AO

XplosionNo1: Very nice group...I am going to buy an air rifle soon and i couldn't decide betwen HW30S and Diana M.240 classic. Thanks to you i'm definitely getting a weihrauch. Which scope do you use?

Gilson Ferreira: Congratulations by the group, note 10, this is really HW chou.
Weihrauch HW30S Vortek PG2 tuning kit, accuracy test from 50 meters 5 out of 5

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Weihrauch HW30S Vortek PG2 tuning kit, accuracy test from 50 meters