Lee Enfield SMLE Disassembly (Part Two) And Reassembly

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jaybryd134: have a question for ya, the screw that's in my trigger assembly is stripped any ideas how to remove without having to drill it out

Stig Stigson: Definitely a amateur armourer, rifle must be scratched up after that strip and rebuild. ...

Loren Mitchell: Thanks for the videos. Care to demonstrate how to dissasemble the bolt?

M96Swedish: What happened? no new videos for a long time?

Clint Wilcox: Thanks for a super helpful video, I have needed to repair a buttstock for some time and this was just what I needed to see how to do remove it properly. Great job!

Matt Boudreau: What exactly did you have in the butt-stock compartment again?

Andrew Gagnon: what is the part that you insert the stripper clips into on top of the bolt called? I have a 1918 Lithgow but somebody sporterized it and removed that piece. I am trying to find it to replace it but don't know its official name.

H110orWin296: Thanks man! Great video. Now I know how to take my rifle apart after 20 minuets instead of spending two hours scratching my head trying to figure out what the righter of the Army field manual was trying to get across.

pat pelletier: great video, had a good laugh. im like you. oops here opps there, trying not to loose parts lol

WILSON!: I was recently given one of these Enfield .303 rifles. I really like it so far. I was thinking about re-blueing it, but wasn't sure if the original was blue or black. Do you know by chance?

Stick1370: I need to take my rear sight leaf off. Is it just pinned in at the front or is any of that threaded?

Toby Rutter: Hi this was so helpful. I want to strip the wood to make it natural any suggestions on what product i should use. Also is there any websites which explain the markings on the stock. I have a MK 3 from 1927.

blackknightzulu: Great Video!!! Do you treat the wood on the Lee enfield rifles with anything?

DayZwTrizzo: Cheers mate! Be needing this soon

BLDiddybop: The tapping to get the wood stock from the receiver was my key to dissassembly. I've added a S&K scope mount to mine and am going to use it for hunting this year. Thanx for posting. It was very helpful.

bones020694: seems like a complicated rifle...

Phaux Redtail: nooooo you forgot to add the sling D: I watched this just to see how it's done

TheFonz: I also wanted to add, awsome jacket. 5th USAAF!

TheFonz: Again, thanks for posting this video. I got my 1944 Lithgow today and I took it apart and put it back together again, step by step, as I followed your video. Gave it a good clean while it was apart. If I was back in Australia I'd get you a case of beer as payment.

ratagris21: Thanks for pointing out the issue with removing the butt stock without the fore stock removed. I have a sporterized No1 Mark 3, and the stock was loose. I followed your instructions and sure enough I was able to tighten the stock bolt 3/4 turn to tighten and it resolved the problem as well as I cleaned up the underside of the barrel, receiver, and trigger assembly and the forestock. My Mk 3 is now ready for shooting. Any other videos on this or any other fine rifles would be appreciated!
Lee Enfield SMLE Disassembly (Part Two) and reassembly 5 out of 5

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Lee Enfield SMLE Disassembly (Part Two) and reassembly