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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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Ariel Bissett: I NEED TO WATCH THIS MOVIE! You'd definitely pushed me to do it asap. I remember being really excited when I first saw the trailer last year and then I never got around to it! Have you seen The Jane Austen Book Club? It is legit one of my all-time favs. 
Terran B: I have a trrible time with striping tape..mine always curls up on the sides after a day or so...even when I put top coat on it.. :( am I doing something wrong?
tanny0543: i love this phone but the mic is so sensitive and sends too much noise while calling people specially when i turn on the speakers during the call, people dont hear a word but only noise
Anthony Dicenso: 0:49 and on could've turned out way differently.. What if when she said "show me what you got" he just beat the crap out of her LMFAO
Fred Trebe: thanks, know the value?
The Diva Master: "Ass lock" LOL
Sandra G. Wolff: For over 5yrs, I waste money and time buying wood working ebooks, blueprints but most of them left me more problem than solution.

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