Stevens 87A Scope Mount

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CHOPPERGIRL AIRWAR: That's pretty insane, to spend $50 on rails to mount a scope on a $75 rifle. And that's not even for the scope, just the rails. There has to be a cheaper way to do this. I have the rifle and the scope, and looking on ebay, the two rail pieces mentioned add up to $50 for basically, two pieces of inert plastic. I'm thinking I might as well machine something myself. I hate that. Always having to custom fabricate crap because humanity is stupid with thier designs.

Eric Parks: where did you get the scope mount for it? I have this rifle in a bolt action, and have been having a hard time finding the mount.

cavalrytm: You didn't have any issues with brass coming up and striking the scope by having it mounted on top? What scope mount did you buy?

Tree Rat: I had a scope rail tapped in to the top, works fine, you can hace the screws to long or they will cause the action to stick.. good guns them clik clacks, with the jamming , make sure the bullet liffter stop hasnt moved, this will cause the bullets to jam, mine shoots a full mag

1960gambit: Loosen the screw on the bottom of the stock. It screws into the magazine tube and if it`s to tight the threads of the screw will touch the bullets as they go by it when you are shooting, causing a binding issue that throws the timing off on the lifting mechanism that feeds the barrel. Mine did that and it drove me nuts till I took it apart and saw what was going on. I would get down to the last 3-4 shots and it would jam every time because the mag spring couldn`t shove the bullets past the screw

1960gambit: I have one these that belonged to my Grandfather. It jammed up repeatedly till I took it totally apart and spent about 1 1/2 hours on it with a can of carb cleaner, brushes,etc. getting all the gunk out of it. I then used Remoil on everything and reassembled it. I refinished the stock and reblued the metal parts. It looks and shoots awesome now. If you have a jamming issue, loosen the screw on the bottom of the stock. It will get in the mag tube slightly if it`s to tight and drag on the bullets.

TheCamoKiller93: @ pigeon723 can do a video on it because this guys lighting is crap and lack specific details.

TheCamoKiller93: Could you do a video on how you mounted it and what parts are needed?

Clay Welsh: The Weaver Side Mount Base, PN 48402 comes with 4 screws that match the pre drilled holes in the barrel. These 4 screws go through the holes in the side mount and into the barrel. The Weaver PN 49350 is an adapter that mounts 2 of the 1" rings to the side mount. As for the problem of "killswitchband", I have loaded the tubular magazine with up to 15 rounds without any jaming. My rifle is over 50 years old and functions great. I would recommend you clean the rifle and lubricate with gun oil.

woodlandcammo27: @pigeon723 The 2 holes on the left side where there are 2 small slotted screws in them? I just got one of these and did not want to tap and die it. Saw those 2 screws and figured maybe that is where it goes?

killswitchband: have u had any trouble with it jamming? i just bought one of these guns and about every 6 shots it jams up.

Clay Welsh: Finally got it all together. The Weaver Side Mount Base, PN 48402 fits the drilled and tapped holes on the side of the barrel. Attached to that is Weaver PN 49350 with 2 1" rings attached. That's it. Just get your scope and you're in business.

Tree Rat: There very good guns, i had a slim line rail tapped in to the top ov mine,( these you can bye at most gun stores) and its one on the few autos that are good with a scope, you said that it jams when more than ten rounds go in, it may be you need to squeeze the small metal stopper at the fireing end ov the mag, them guns work like a watch, you got to get the timing right, but a spot on gun, you can get almost all the spare parts if required too

Clay Welsh: @lalala300 ~ The tube below the barrel is the tubular magazine feed. Turn the tube at the gop and pull the rod out until the feed slot at the bottom is clear. You then feed in up to 15 founds of .22 LR. When finished push the rod back down and lock into place.

Clay Welsh: Gentlemen, if you really are going to recommend something to people you really need to be more specific. I got the Gander Mountain reference but having difficulty locating the side mount you refer to. It would really help if you gave some part or items numbers and same for the recommended scope. A little early preparation goes a long way.

mad art: were did you say you got that mount from? can you send me a link please.

lalala300: does anyone know how to load it? or what the rod under the barrel is used for? I have the 87a from my grandpa, but died before I even knew he had it.

314299 Shooting Channel: That's a nice model 87!
stevens 87A scope mount 5 out of 5

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stevens 87A scope mount