Timing Belt Replacement Dodge Neon 2002 2.0 Water Pump Remove Replace Install 2001 2000

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Todd Morrill: You shouldn't use impact tools on pullers, tends to damage the threads and shortens the life of your puller. I need to do this (pump and timing belt) on my 02 neon, the front mount bracket is a biz-atch to remove and install, just have to jack the engine up (way up) and fish it out. Use a block of wood on top of the floor jack so you don't damage the engine oil pan.

MultiJosealvarez: realy nice vido my friend can u please tell me how to  time the ingine in dodge neon 2001,

Tanner Fleck: Thanks my 03 neons water pump started leaking.. I thought the cover was harder to get off

Autotechviewpoint: If it is off then you need to take off the timing belt cover again and get the timing marks lined up. There is no other way to set timing right.

kameron aiken: hey my friend has a Neon 2003 and he did the timing belt to self and the car is off time how do I set the car back in time

Autotechviewpoint: I do not know how long you have had the car but you should replace it as soon as possible, about every 100,000 miles you should do it.

cdowdy84: My 01 neon has 199,600 miles...when would u recomeend changing timing belt? Luckily i havnt had any problems yet...but almost hittin on 200k miles...im a lil nervous about it breaking down lol. Thanks for ur videos!!! Neon has been a good car but replacing anything on these engines is a real pain

Haley Wilson: crapTY CAR. I HATE THIS CAR UGH!

Jessee Meadows: When I went to take off my timing belt following this guide, I noticed that the gears were incorrectly aligned as it sat. I bought the car used about a year and a half back and have since put about 20k miles on it(82k in total now). I'm unsure now whether to put the gears back as they were(I marked it just incase) or to correctly align the pulley's with the indents. My uncle says if it's not broke then don't fix it, but I'm wanting to correctly align the gears with the indents. What should I do?

gunrock73: Looks to me if you are getting the timing belt kit replaced and you have bad motor mounts, there is no reason to not replace at least the upper and lower at this time correct? I mean maybe an extra 30 minutes to totally remove the lower or am I mistaken? What about the transmission motor mount? That add a lot of extra time? Thanks for the video!

freddyfreak1428: yeah I have a 2000 Plymouth neon and I had the same problem with it and it has head damage so ive been working the past to change the heads over and hope it works and runs again I'm just hoping I don't have any sever engine damage what do you think

Freddie Krueger: sorry, meant -pneumatic gun, and wedging a breaker bar and cranking the motor got it loose.

Omar Chisolm: the best thing to do is aline the marks before removing the belt. usually takes one to rotate the engine 2revolutions to line it up, then switch the belt. i would use some type of tie down on the cam to make sure it staysin pace while im puttin on new belt.

Omar Chisolm: u dont use a torque wrench to loosin bolts only use to tighten, or u will break the torque wrench. to loosing bolts use a impact, or breaker bar, or the puller kit this guy used in the video.

b fenti: Rather than bother with a custom puller I took my cheapie 3 jaw puller apart and by putting the jaws in and turning them then reassembling the puller in place. It worked by using a longer bolt to push on. Just don't destroy the threads inside.

Autotechviewpoint: What I have heard other people do, hit it with a torch to heat it up. Some through cold water on it then to shock it. Let it cool down a bit so you do not twist it off. tap it with a hammer a few times... Things I have heard that work.

Autotechviewpoint: Ya, if the belt isn't broken. then try to get marks lined up before you take the timing belt off. use some kind of cleaner (brake clean) to clean off the pulleys, engine area and you should be able to see the marks pretty well.

Pedro Juan: soon, my friend.....very soon.....lol. Congratulations on that.

Freddie Krueger: I hit it again today with the neighbors 16 cfm 200ft lbs compressor and impact wrench and it still didn't budge.

Freddie Krueger: I have a 230ft lb torque wrench and it wouldn't budge the crankshaft pulley bolt, how much torque do I need to get the bolt off? They sell impact wrenches up to 600lbs for under $200, which I hope I don't need.
Timing belt replacement Dodge Neon 2002 2.0 water pump remove replace install 2001 2000 5 out of 5

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Timing belt replacement Dodge Neon 2002 2.0  water pump remove replace install 2001 2000