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Eajry: *sigh* 6:08 is when you go full retard. /wiki/Ability_damage Although, I'd pray by now you have figured out that a Slow weapons ability damage is calculated completely different from a fast Weapons ability damage. Put simply, Average speed Weapons have a multiplier of 0.65x . That means they will do 65% the ability damage of fastest speed weapons - although the extra damage compensates to make the total ability damage the same. Fast Weapon speed is a .7875x multiplier. This means after the damage is calculated from your gear / crit, your ability damage will be 78.75% of fastest speed weapons - although extra damage from the weapon slowness compensates, and makes it equal. Fastest speed weapons is a multiplier of 1. This means, after all the damage from gear and crit is calculated, your true ability damage is exactly the same. Some simple math will show you that the ability damage between average and fastest are (nearly) identical. although in some very rare cases, they differentiate by , at most with current gear, a 1.2% margin in the most extreme circumstances, although the margin is closer to 0% when comparing T6+ gear. So the whole idea that you have at 6:18 is , in easier terms, completely and utterly wrong.
imprintaftah: yr bbs voice tho...
westr70: Well, does it work?
BASHVILLENJ: Great box i would like to do one myself but can't find any info on hooking up the deep cycle to the chrger and all the internal stuff. any chance you would do a how to video? i been showing all my friends your video and they all love the idea. knowing how to put it all togethers a different story. thanks!
netlinkenterprises: Bittersweet Symphony by the Verve Pipe starts at 5:00- before that was Beethoven.
~MsVirgo830~: I'm taking this and all I can say is that it truly works. I didn't get it for weightloss, but to make me more regular. I do not use it everyday though. Maybe every other day.

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