Shifting A 67 Kenworth 318 Detroit With Jake

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ILikeWafflz: I've been checking out various videos of big rigs including fail videos, shifting videos, and just general driving videos and I've come across a few comments harping on cummins. From my experience and from reading around and hearing, I thought cummins was a good engine, from big rigs to pickups (I have a rig and three pickups at my house). Can anyone explain what it is that some people find about cummins engines that makes them inferior? I'm not "offended" or getting on these people's case, I'm just actually curious about what the problems might be.

Klay Kracka: Beautiful truck, sounds killer!

Diesel_Ramcharger: I've got an 8v92 with ddec3 controls. think i could safely turn 2500 with it? my m1070 only goes 45…i need to speed her up a little bit.

Owen McCaffrey: The typical rpm band for a road ranger in those days was 1700-2100. Hit 2100 let the rpms drop to 1700 and shift to the next higher gear. Maxidines were 1200-2100 if my memory serves me.

Miguel Arzola: Such a beautiful machine. The sound alone makes me proud that I have a CDL.

rock dawg: still lov this ole girl sound the old detroits had a sound to them the truck is sick looking one of the nices kw iv'e seen out of the older trucks one of my friends had an old kw with a 440 cat motor straight stacks the ole girl could run

bat man: sick as, sounds mean.

Igor Emanuel: open

James Showacre: She's a beast 13speed sweet

Joseph Ladarski: It sounds better than any 12V-71. In the late 60's, early 70's Mobil Oil had Dodge COE tractors with the 8V-71's with the biggest injectors. And man, you could here them coming a mile away. Really impressive.

Tony Reeves: This is real truck!! 

Patrick Rogers: Some of the older Detroit 2 strokes had only an intercooler and some didn't even have those on them. The later models did have a turbocharging system on them especially the 92 Silver series of engines.

Marcuss Smith: That's a big ass steering wheel

Josh Harenza: That truck looks and sounds boss! 

Darnell Gholston: Sweet. Thank you for showing the right way to shift. I learning to shift an 18 speed 100 ton Western Wrecker. This was soooo helpful. 

dusty stackhouse: gotta love it, sounds great. Thnx

Ryan Becker: I know where and old IH transtarr II cabover with a rebilt 318 and another with a cummins sitting because the farmer said they ride too rough he said I could have the Detroit for free momwouldnt like that in the driveway lol:)

fezants: Here in England I used to drive many a Fuller gearboxed truck, Good to see you're not using the clutch, so many folk don't know how change gear nowadays, they're all to used to Synchromesh or automatic trucks.

Chris eddy: Love the sound of an old 2-stroke detroit! Nice truck! 

Katsumoto0456: I have a 318!.... A BMW 318i :(

krazziee2000: gotta love the sound of an old D/D, I miss em,,,, 

Jason D: Damn this truck sounds sooo good. 8V71s are the original Detroit sound in my mind. I know the 671s came first, but the 8Vs are what I remember hearing as a kid. I now have a 453T in a '79 GMC pickup that's got twin sticks and jakes coming soon for it. Close as I'm gonna get to something like this.. I just don't have the parking for a big rig!

Owen McCaffrey: Brandon...the idea was to make you're shift at 1700. That puts you right in the Detroits happy zone. Maxis were designed to handle 1200. They pulled fine from there. What was really nice was when you had a 300 Mack with a 10sp. You could pull just about anything.

Donald Brown: I live for this crap

Tim Hughes: Hook up to 35k and wind up and shift like that and see how long that old DD stays together

jim blevins: Nice work on the gear changing too bad my new hires cant even get close. Bought a W925 set back axle from the original owner with a fresh 318 with a jake, Will post some pics after we start the restoration, Its funny to see the look on some of our younger drivers when i tilt the hood, I think every gearhead got hooked as a kid by the sounds of a DD.

Mark Repola: Sound like the truck in Maximum Overdrive. Sweet

Claymann09: 18s the way to go, nothing beats grabbing gears in a379 Pete. 

Stupar Baia Mare: this is beautifull . magnific. big-like from Romanian . atention noo gipy !!

Drum bum: drift it

Gray Byrd: 318. sounds good.

John Barker: misconception to many people called them 318s . when the 318 was mostly used in busses and dump trucks and power generators . most Detroit powered class 8 trucks cad 6 V 71 s the 318 was a 6 V 53 . 

nnaatz1: back when you had to drive a truck....

unkslappy: NICE!!!!!!

1971mako19: Always easier to float shift,like he's doing.

Gerald Page: That is a Gennie KW! used to work in a Detroit shop just as the Series 60 were being introduced. A properly adjusted and driven Detroit never leaves a bad note on the ears and the soul!

TheLoader69: oké a question. i'm from belgium 'europe'.. i like the sound of this detroit trucks. Dont realy know a lot about them, because they are fairly unknown here.. But they are gasoline right? or are they diesels? (dont think so or?) must be nice to drive.. good sound :D

Nadejda Schmidt: poor engine

Hans Greuber: I used to drive an old Brigadier dump with a Detroit series 71 in it. The old 2-smoke couldn't get out of her own way, but it was a lot fun making her scream. Thanks for sharing. Sweet old KW.

Brock Landers: Beautiful cab. Your shifting is smooth, but do you always rev that high?

TwistedWarp: Ugh, I would love to learn how to drive one of those, itd be soo fun :D

slmull01: I drove a 8V71 many a mile in a 1969 Transtar 400. They had a lot of bark but not much bite. Get in a real pull with a load and they would fall on they butt quicker than you could grab gears. I have to admit, I would like to drive that old truck just one more time for old time sakes.

Clifton Jamison: I know this is an 8-71 but I was breast fed in 1952 while listening to the haunting sound of a 6-71 Detroit winding up,one after the other coming up Franklin St.,from the Fisher Body Chevrolet Plant in Tarrytown,N.Y.That has had to affected me in some way.When I started driving trucks in 1970,I felt right at home with all the noise! At 60 yrs. old, I love it, to this day.Nice post especially for us old F..kers.I mean Truckers!

Ian Mangham: Nice shifter , mad max

The Compact Electra C9 guy: now thats truck driving shifting like u mean it show the truck whos boss lol today trcuk driver just press button but none the less its a hard job

chris c: thanks for the bad ass video. beautiful truck! I drove a 8 axle 1980 359 transfer dump in Oregon in the mid 2000s hauling gravel. I would gross 105,500lbs with a silver 92. I am 43 been drivin since I was 21. I have my own w900 with a 550 cat. that old truck was a blast to drive out of all the trucks I have drove. thanks for keepin the memories alive!

sasop117: those are some serious gear shifting skills!

Peachezz131: Yea, like really? I don't think he actually even had it up to 2400 the whole time.

n6bhu: Really cool Man!

John Borkowski: What is the dodad on the side of the shifter? Is that a countershaft brake? Sorry for the noob question, I am just learning...
Shifting a 67 Kenworth 318 Detroit with Jake 4.8 out of 5

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Shifting a 67 Kenworth  318 Detroit with Jake