Shifting A 67 Kenworth 318 Detroit With Jake

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Bobby Green: Gotta love them old jimmies. Drive um like you're mad at them and they will go forever.

joe daly: Holy smokes! This guy can shift!!

Drake Dee: just slam your fingers in the first thing in the morning she will drive sweet and smooth all day👂

slobodan martinovic: Now this is one awesome Detroit-Diesel powered classic rig ! :-) I like the engine - loud as hell , lots of power, not like that fancy trucks we have ( Lots of power too,but the sound is ‘‘weak‘‘,a bit more kick is possible only with custom made pipes).
Just hope the "beast" still lives :-):-):-) Keep the rubber down ! :-)

Steve Ross: One of the best sounding engines ever made, but you know it was hard work dealing with it every day. I'll take a mildly tuned 8V-92 TA ( Silver, of course ) with DDEC controls over a 71 series. With an Allison. Gotten lazy.

white69rabbitt: Heavy truck mechanic, can make it sound like music. 350 injectors sound so much better

Christerart1: If I remember right I got almost 700K out of that engine (and clutch) before it needed an overhaul and I passed it on to one of my drivers.

Christerart1: My first semi was an International Cabover with a 318 and 13 speed.
Always a pleasure shifting those high and quick revving engines and shifting it without using the clutch.
Of course, in those days you seldom got better than 5 miles to the gallon but then diesel was like 35c/gal...=*^)

Aj Januszkiewicz: I could drive that truck all day and not feel like i was working at all nice ride , You lucky mother bugger.

Jose Hernandez: i drove a truck like this when i was 12 and i did good

Calvin Crews: 8v71 two stroke Detroit diesel engine the other single 8v71 Detroit diesel engine

walker redman: and just think......this does not have straight pipes.

Bob Brua: i dont see much plastic in that cab thats a real truck i use to put a little gas in each tank i was always breaking the tach

Ody Slim: Thanks! My Uncle started his logging business with a 57 Kenworth. I dont remember what engine it had but it did sound like a sreamer. It had an 18 speed triple stick. He used to scare the crap out of me up on those mountain haul roads up in Oregon. Ice Road Truckers had nothin' on those muddy, slippery mountains with no guard rails. I last rode in that truck in 1974 and dont know if he still has is or not. He is pushin" 80 now. Thank for the ride. Ody Slim

larry harris: I drove one of these 30 years ago running the west coast out of Georgia and I remember it would wind out but would lay down on the hills. I could out accelerate some cars when I would drop my trailer and bob tail somewhere.

slimchancetoo: the old addage -- drive it like you hate it -- it ain't hard to do either.

Ramblin Man: An old driver once told me that the Detroit diesel was writen about in the Bible.That there one day would come a great beast, that would Roar like thunder, belch fire and smoke, and CRAWL across the face of the earth. LOL.

kellen beadford: Reminds me of the movie Maximum Overdrive!!! Great Sound!!!

kellen beadford: Reminds me of the movie Maximum Overdrive!!! Great Sound!!!

Frito Plays Games: Really missed that sound, drove a Detroit for more than 3 years, Loved every minute
Shifting a 67 Kenworth 318 Detroit with Jake 5 out of 5

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Shifting a 67 Kenworth  318 Detroit with Jake