Shifting A 67 Kenworth 318 Detroit With Jake

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Awesomeman1987: love the smooth shifting

Ghghvghvhgv Vgvgvggv: high rpms kills your mpgs but back in the day what mpgs?

Gabriel S.: love that sound, reminds me of how the trucks used to sound like when I was a kid and they gave off that puff of black smoke.

mike tyson: i love this truck.

Darryl Owen: I grew up in screamin Jimmie's. Just ain't nothing that sounds more beautiful to me. Almost made me cry remembering my daddy jammin gears with two sticks. freak that kitty assed single stick woman's transmission.

jimmy stansberry: trucker porn

Anthony Lopardo: great vid

traingp7: Why can't my mountain bike sound like this.  Just to have guys on road bikes look over their shoulders and say " what the freak."

ANDRE ROSE: First second third then in the low range on the high side then you start splitting from the 13 speed bandit

ami2evil:'s no Barking Satan.

rock dawg: still lov this ole gal she screams

Nora Steel: All I can say And much respect to Truckers!!

wq1299: Reminds me of being on a big boat with that engine sound.

Bob Conner: Oh man!  A sound you just don't hear anymore.  Niece

B. C. Schmerker: This is the most transparent operation I've observed of a compression brake on a Detroit two-stroker (I'm guesstimating an 8V71-T tuned for 318 bhp @ 1900 rpm).  Is the speed control pedal equipped with a combination fuel cut-off and decompressor trigger, backed past the idle stop?  It would make for quicker handling of any gearbox; the Eaton-Fuller RTL-14913 shown here is a simpler-handling example, but some of the old hands of the day may have run through a Mack TRT-72 in both directions like lightning on a similar engine setup.

lekkousa: Love the old 2cycle Jimmies, easy to work on and parts are damn cheap in comparison to the 4 strokers!

Dayqwan Henderson: Maximum Overdrive

Neil Jepson: Excellent - really nice guy. nice to see someone driving a twin stick right - no clutch and "feel it through"
Take care and i hope you have many more years of friendship
Thank you

dog1880: i think the kinks are out, dam it son thats what im talking about
Shifting a 67 Kenworth 318 Detroit with Jake 5 out of 5

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Shifting a 67 Kenworth  318 Detroit with Jake