Shifting A 67 Kenworth 318 Detroit With Jake

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henryhelen09: boy, thay son of a gun sure sounds good.

Rinaldo Sipriano: Como é lindo o som dos motores Detroit !

johnnyhun1: 2 stroke?

William LaPene: I drove 74 W-900 8V71 318 60 injectors, cam timing bumped slightly, 4X4 with the reversed aux box, 10:00 X 20" tires, 36" sleeper, 212" wheelbase, pulling a 45ft. reefer hauling bananas from Tampa to Nashville & Birmingham. I'd hit 16th at about 75MPH and with a slight decline she'd do 115MPH! Those were the days!    Crawl up the hills....Fly down them!

MercedesKawasaki: Who needs a race car?

brian schmidt: smash you finger get in her and drive pissed

Russell Anderson: just. a. good. sounding. 2-stroke

William Gregory: I like those old KW's but I'll stick to my kitty cat.

Cody Ogden: i love the sound of screaming jimmies! aka a detroit

Tammy King: Good ole day's. Nice truck!

John Chauvin: I remember driving brigaders and general 5 stars with that hi sounding detroiter! !!

Basil Taylor: Wow what a wasps nest of an engine, no wonder you kept stirring Mr fuller,s gears,all those angry Detroit wasps buzzing under that Kenny,s bonnet(hood). Very nice paint job,and take her out at at midnight and wake the dead. In UK GM Bedford fitted the 6V Detroit in the KM Tractor, a bit mute and not a as rorty as those fitted in GM Fish Bowl City Buses, they scream when the loud pedal is pressed to the floor. With the right gearbox and axle ratios , a GM Wasp Nest fitted tractor will do 90 100mph loaded. It is like an Indy car on weed.

Pj Paris: reminds me of the "good ol days" 40 ft trailer, grossing 70 full of white crosses, 3 log books hoping i make it back before midnight friday

flyinsossers: nice !!

sp9rks: Ex army training General Lee tank converted bulldozer of my dad's had a jimmy. 2 stroke supercharged with ported sleeves and dry sump. some idiot bought the farm and ran it up the bush without checking the water. we could never get it to circulate the oil properly after that. also it would jam open - a scary thing when my job at the time was to sit next to the donk and be ready to pull the governor back.

Daryl Wilson: Almost sounds like a 238, talk about a long trip anywhere with a 238. It ought to be against the law to put a detroit in a KY or Pet, maybe a Imeriville or a 8400 White but not those two. Cant remember how to spell the IH Imeriville but I remember how HOT those things were in the summer.

Darryl Owen: Well, I guess I'm just prejudice. The old buzzard taught me in a 67 White-Freightliner cabover with a 318 and a 4 speed main box and a 3 speed brownie. I also caught of fast getting a 9/16th wrench smacked across the knuckles for every missed gear. Can you imagine teaching someone that way these days ? LmFaO

josh braford: I grew up with that sound. Them old two strokes put a lot of food on the table for us. I miss hearing that. Thanks for the video.

Awesomeman1987: love the smooth shifting

Ghghvghvhgv Vgvgvggv: high rpms kills your mpgs but back in the day what mpgs?
Shifting a 67 Kenworth 318 Detroit with Jake 5 out of 5

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Shifting a 67 Kenworth  318 Detroit with Jake