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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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Kardo1994: gibts den eigentlich auch in Schwarz oder nur in Silber?
toni prout: Selena Gomez 
sanitoys: thank you:) and I also spend some time out there when i have time to do so but there's also the clip of the build, if you are interested take a look at my channel, since I can not insert links in the thread Best regards Mark
Евгений Шевченко: нету увы...
kontrolerMMK: Артем, случайно не замерял время 0-200км/ч??? Очень интересно за сколько выезжает, если на Stage1 я выезжал на МКПП максимум за 26 сек. Каков приход от Stage 2 будет???
Primusbumbum: Hey man, you're a really good reviewer/unboxer. You should do more motherboard and gpu unboxing.
JoeBlairSurf: Evan, Thanks for posting this video. Wish we could have done it at the beach and you could have riddent the boards. We will get some boards over to you in Hawaii and then you will be a believer. We have many different sizes available and I have made boards up for guys up to 310 pounds. If you want a custom stand up call me 760 809 9074 Joe Blair

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