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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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Brandon Gutierrez: dude are you kitting me, the n64 is the console my gradpa plays, to you're info there's something called xbox one, ps4, xbox 360, ps3. but n64 that's a piece of crap so your channel is so stupid just stop making videos go to gamestop buy an xbox and restart your channel, stupied
UrbanSurvivor: Am I the only one who gets a disco or magical girl anime vibe from this...? 
Keith Wright: I wear a 10.5 which one should I get the size 10 or the size 11? 
Ian Sinclair: There was another part to this scene. Before the cops were called the owner hired some local thugs to beat Zhu up. He flattened them all with archetypal tai chi techniques, and didn't move his feet. 
cirujanodiego: Jetzt, ich habe ein chrysler sebring. aber, mein nächster Auto der Passat CC wird sein. Klasse!
Aidan awesome: wtf?
unpicked1: I thought about driving up there, and trying to watch them film. Maybe I will if I can.

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