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Notahero121: Teach Lance Combonation of the basics like Varial flips Tre flip Laser That'll be great lol Loved that series
Adam S: Land Rover is Horrible! I have personally only dealt with land rover of glen cove, and Land Rovers corporate head courters. But what i can tell you is that all the talk you always hear about land rovers breaking down OFTEN and not being reliable is VERY true. The company itself also does not stand behind their cars. I myself own a Range Rover Sport Autobiography edition. (MY VEHICLE WAS IN THE LAND ROVER GLEN COVE SHOP FOR A TOTAL OF OVER 100 DAYS OVER A 3 YEAR LEASE) Since i have had the car (2011 brand new) the suspension has had numerous issues and had to go into the shop. Sometimes only weeks after getting back out of the shop. The transmission also has been having problems for the past 2 years, yet land rover cant seem to find the problem, so that is still ongoing. Had a problem where something in my engine was loudly knocking the entire time i would drive, and i was told i would have to wait two weeks for them to have room for me to bring in the car. I argued and they allowed me to bring it within a day or so. Even had an issue where once when i picked up my vehicle from land rovers service, my sunroof wouldn't open. We found out this was because my roof got dented while being in land rovers shop. At first land rover refused to fix the damages until the BBB got involved. My point here is, if you decide to buy a land rover, be prepared for all the extra expenses you will incur as they overcharge you EXTREMELY on every service or anything done to the car. Also be prepared to get one of the many FAULTY CARS land rover sells people and have to bring it back in for repairs constantly (in which case you will probably wind up driving around in a loaner car (if they even give you one at all) for a decent amount of the time you own/lease the vehicle, worth much less then the car you are paying for. Oh and most of all, be prepared to NOT BE a "valued customer". I clearly am not considering they still have me in a vehicle that constantly breaks down and won't do anything about it. Horrible company with a horrible customer satisfaction.
snarky77005: I hat this commercial. I think the dubbed in baby noises are annoying.
steva30: looks like mine... I love the car BUT it has been in the shop 4 times for transmition problems....akkkkk
Zee Cee: be aware of this viehicle,(model 2009) around 40k miles tranny may go down. If u do not have manufacturer extended warranty u ----
systemoverload1000: I don't get into petty consol wars because all consols have thier good and bad qualities.I own a PS3 so of course GT5 was my choice,but now that the Xbox 360 is under $200.00 I will be finally checking out Forza series!!
I Laugh Like A Monster Now: *Salem's Lot (1979)* Directed by Tobe Hooper Starring David Soul, James Mason, Lance Kerwin Based on the 1976 novel of the same written by Stephen King

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