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lucas França: Quem comprar dvd posta um video dele funcionando pra gente !!
Pablo Cesar: Como se fala besteira nesses vídeos... Hatchbacks SEMPRE são MENOS eficientes aerodinamicamente do que as versões SEDAN. Pode ser mais leve, mas aerodinamicamente é pior pq tem mais turbulência na traseira. Aprendam antes de fazer videos, please...
Maria Martinez: I got my fortifying cream a couple of days ago and started using it right away. Today I received the vitamin nail strengthtener
UYUU ゲーム実況TV: 動画中にずっとコレクション行き!!とかいってるから、カードバトラーというより カードコレクターなのかな?と思ってたけど今回の動画中に『デッキ』って言ってたから やっぱバトラーなのか??デッキ持ってるなら見せてください!!!(リクエスト)
sotwiztid1: WOW! people will put anything online.. NEVER use PVC for BHO, for 1, the butane will release chemicals left behind from the production of the plastic and this will leech into your product and will not be able to be purged out by vacuum, as the chemicals will bond to the lipids in the solvent during your initial purge. in addition to the release of Bisphenol A. Aside from that, PVC is prone to building up and releasing electrostatic shock, the smallest of which is enough to ignite butane vapors. freezing plastic can also cause it to crack or split which (in this case) can build up & release static shock literally turning your device into a pipe bomb that your actually firmly gripping on to. I highly recommend glass tubes which can be purchased at most head shops now for around $40.00-$120.00 depending on size and a pair of rubber coated insulated gloves. they'll protect against static build up and keep your hand from freezing during blasting. and ALWAYS use a fan, even you're outside. those vapors are heavy and will settle at your feet which release static shock when you detach your foot from the floor with each step. blow those as far away and dissipate them as much as possible.
wonderwall135: no
Andre DeVille: This crap has to be rated hahahahaha its actually not for kids...i remember i use to watch this when i was young now i watch it when am stoned it still works....hahahaha

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