Tracfone & Net10 How To Download Apps

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Tracfone & Net10 How to Download Apps
Tracfone & Net10 How to Download Apps
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Lyfe Way: i got $25.00 plan and get 750 minutes a month

Mary Barratt: Once you enter your device/phone model on the site you can't change it, What do I do than? I put in a micro, formatted it, and moved the game to it, but I checked the My Stuff 3rd tab and there is nothing there, what now? I was going to change the model, like others have said might help and I can't??????

Mary Barratt: The only problam I am having is the GETJAR site won't let you change your device/phone model once you enter it, you are able to change the language, thou like what will that do????

darth108209: yeah it wont let me download from my laptop

DaPhenomAce: so u don't put in lg800g u type in lg t130?

Godisable321: Doesnt work for me.

cerberus1015: it won't let me download it to my computer?

K Ross: when i went to the site from my phone it says doesnt support lg800 what up with that

lightblazeboy: @saveonprepaidphones when i click the download button to download the aps it just gives me the download from phone option. how do i get it to dowload straight to my computer?

cam94z28: The only option when I click on download is to phone. I can't download directly to my phone (java is blocked that way). I'm trying to use the workaround method on the LG Rumor Touch to download apps.

jbasketballgirl16: @zekromisawesome when i started it up the first time, 1.5 minutes. then somehow i ended up with 8 less minutes when i closed it, but i hope its just because i download gmail and the internal browser got opened twice

Jerry Colbert: Try looking for the LG T310 Wink Style. These apps work for the LG 800g.

Dylan Doar: What website it he on

no name: with the tracfone one how many minutes will it take away if i download the imessenger on it?

Acin101: it only gave me the choice to get it on my phone it didnt say any thing about download on computer!!

tonyWilliams: @saveonprepaidphones i got it working

tonyWilliams: @saveonprepaidphones Ok i've now finished doing all that except it's telling me that it's an unsupported type file.

saveonprepaidphones: @muscleoutlaw Kind of sounds like you haven't installed it. If you have the 800, go to My Stuff, pick the 3rd tab on the top which is the External Memory and you will see the folders on the SD card. Go to the folder where you saved the file, click the file, it will install it and put a link to it in the games and apps folder.

tonyWilliams: i just downloaded the facebook mobile app. I've put the folder into the "Games & Apps" folder, that doesn't work. I've taken the facebook file itself and put it into the the "Games & Apps" folder, that doesn't work. I've even put the folder beside the other ones and it still doesn't work. No matter what the app doesn't show up on my phone.
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Tracfone & Net10 How to Download Apps