Repair Dell Ac Adapter Charger

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How to repair a Dell Laptop / Battery Charging power problem with a DC adapter.
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FIX Plugged in, Not Charging
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Nicolas Guerrero: no offense but.. are you retard? second question.. you have a kind of illnes? think about it... you broke the case just to fix it with some tape, does not have any sense... look around YT "How to open laptop charger"

Ben Pope: People always just buy new instead of fixing even the easiest of fixes. Some do not know that all things are built to only last a few years. one of the first light bulbs built still works. Would be hard to keep a factory in business that only sells a item to everyone once and then never again. So SO many electronics now have a easy simple point of failure designed to only last a few years now. There are fuses inside most electronics now. It can be extremely well hidden but that should be the first thing to open up and look for. This does not apply to this problem just in general. This power supply snaps apart but has inner workings surounded by tape glue and metal that looks like it just surrounds the insides but also attaches to the circuit board but mine is broken and i cant rule out a broken fuse inside somewhere. The next problem is even if there was this is a 19 volt power supply and most likely has a specially made fuse that is not available for purchase and cant be substituted with the strongest ones you can buy. I was going to fix a microwave that everything worked but it being able to heat food. All lights, turntable, everything. There was a big fuse that let a huge amount of power through before breaking. I couldnt find it online or at any brick and mortar store. 

Blahblox Gyuanox: This is kid,it just broke the case and see a broken cable !.Noob.Waste of time,this is melt again,you must solder new cable or cut the existing.

Juan Cano: This guy is doing several things wrong. I'm not an electrician but I wouldn't follow his technique step by step. Yeah the issue is the short because the cables insulation is compromised. The problem is the safety in the steps. Firs he should wear gloves to prevent getting electrocuted, second every time he pulls the plug he should be doing so from the wall, third he broke the a/c adapter, fourth and final thing come on that not electrical tape he is using for insulating the wires he is using the office kind of tape that is a fire hazard my friends. USE THE RIGHT ELECTRICAL TAPE.

Jomy-FKD charger supplier: helpful

Jaime Sánchez: Good, very good, thanks

Sky Pewds: Tape Fixes Everything Tnx BTW Liked And Subbed :D

nathan jeremiah: Mine's beeps and dos'nt charge should i by a new adapter or fix it

ItsAllGood5225: Now fix your freaked up camera

shane Bailey: did you fix your camera like this too?

niclas0405: Nice. my problem is solved thx for uploading :)

kostas2419: these motherfreakers are clever... charger is easy to be fixed, but they make them like this to buy new... also, i tried to fix my own charger with a kitchen knife.. i almost cut my finger WITH THESE IDIOTS IDEAS...

Dragon-FlyWolf10: suffered to deplug XD

Alex Fornés Gandia: It seems so easy to fix ^^ I'll try it when I arrive home. Nice video. Thanx!

trillriff-axegrinder: @celtpro the easiest thing to do would have been to unplug the ac cable from the wall, not struggle with it like a weak limp wrist-ed woman.then you "USE ELECTRICAL TAPE $0.50 AT THE DOLLAR STORE "not scotch or clear tape. electrical tape insulates the connection preventing shocks and fire hazards and you completely cover ALL EXPOSED WIRES

jdeleca: How do you open the adapter??? seem to be easy

LeBadman: Unless you are an electrical engineer I don't recommend touching things you don'tk now about.

Christian Medina: the video is great and the only one in youtube but the most important thing is hot u opened it, make a video please or some pics to show me

KONTURcentrum: kurwa człowieku! - większego abnegata ze świecą szukać - jak tak się zabierasz do każdej roboty to nie nadajesz się nawet do tarcia chrzanu. nic dziwnego że macie kryzys... freak man! don't try to make babies if you're gonna do this in the same way you "fixed" your adapter.

French4Assassin: Lucky that the whole point of those are to convert from 120Vs to some kind of voltage that WONT hurt you. also... next time use electrical tape, using clear tape like that will just risk a start of a burnt down house. Chargers are just way to expensive for what they do, people who buy new chargers are just dumb, might as well get a whole new laptop for a couple hundred bucks more.

French4Assassin: You can not have an electrical current if there is no voltage, so yes voltage does determine danger. I would love to see you to grab a wire with 200 volts going through it and see how well you survive that. You are a troll. I am a robot programmer that programs welding robots, I know what I am talking about. 1000 volts wont even just kill you it will "fry" your body from the inside out.

ChocoToken .: Wow.... I HAVE THAT SAME CHARGER TOO, AND IT BROKE ALSO! Ha.. just give it up, those companies scammed us, and we lost. :/

Kao Xiong: @13LittleDude13 - well mine the wire broke off so im using th primary now without the recharge to the battery

AKIDPRODUCTION09: this is dangerous

IITomTomII: Indeed :)))

LeWolfy: Did you tape all the wires together? i couldnt see ,sorry.

erzhs: Im having problem with charger, but just dont wanna break it to repair.

Nick McPherson: How do you open these?

danwat1234: Ya I just get an aftermarket AC adapter on Ebay with a 3 year warranty, less than $20. Problem solved. If it keep burning out, just keep getting new ones 4 free

Martin Adaikalam: Thanks a lot for taking the effort to make this video. The hard part was to break open the adapter after it was just to make sure that the wires were not touching each other. When i opened the adapter the wires looked properly consealed but then i went ahead as you said and pulled the wire to check if thats the case. They were not properly sealed so pulled it apart and sealed it properly and it worked. dont worry to break open the adapter as there are clips around to put it back in place.

Dubreuil Patrick: hey man i have a question for you my charger cannot charge my dell latitude correctly ? i would like to know wht's the problem .

DarkStar1O9: My power adapter's barely working at the moment, was beeping earlier but eventually got it to spark while watching this video, haven't had to crack it open yet, already spent so much money on new ones (3) xP

Peter A Edwards: That is one of the most dangerous repairs that I have ever seen. I would never recommend anyone to do or attempt a repair like that. It is much safer to go out a buy a new power supply. Think Safe Be Safe. Health & Saftey is a top priority, what if little fingers got in the way.

nNemna: Thanks :DDD

Leo Luna: hey dude, i have the same problem, i wanted to know how did you managed to open the case???

Ramazan Tinaztepe: Thanks for sharing that video. I repaired my dell charger in the same way. For safety, one can first unplug the cable from the power outlet, then do this repair. I did so.

account01: i think its great that you decided to repair your charger... but you ought to take more percautions! the loose cable strands you were manipulating could have easily touched some of those nasty condensers that you didn't took time to properly discharge, you came out unharmed... This time... next put some rubber gloves on please!

silntdoogood: There has to be a better way to open it than destroy the case like that... Is this unit equip with a fuse like a normal PC one?

vwfreak0: @celtpro Dude this is for people who dont have the money to buy another one, and if your dumb enough to freak with it while its pluged in and u get electrocuted than u diserve it, ohh and freak you and your safety rant.

Kao Xiong: hey can you make a video that show how to fix the pin or wire that is in the tip where you plug into the lap top

Yota Moteushi: @egmgamer18 they made it that way so you have to buy a new one, same with the life time of many other electronic devices such as mostly those related with computers (laptops mainly) (because this kind of electronic devices are expensive and profitable) lol we are on another type of slavery jejeje

whatusayIam: thank you for this. sorry for the sh*t talking lames you know how the matrix effects people.lmfao

thephalwan: it works and i am happy use electrical tape sparking is because of interfering connection

Twin2247BAT: i bet u opened up dat ac adapter in rage :)

Volume: ThankYou very much! I did this to my HP adapter and it worked.

Sammy, Ahmose: I repaired mine successfully but it was the other end of the wire (the plug). Unfortunately, after that, the charger is recognized as "unknown" and it's NOT charging the battery, any thoughts?

AJ Verde: *it is certain that you take the proper precautions when you do this manipulation.

vwfreak0: Dude you have know idea how much time and money you just saved me. Thank you very much man, cause there is no way i would pay $60 for a new one at walmart.

salim hajji laamouri: спасибо:) merci bcp :)

JDT Studios: for me the green light is not switching on at all. plzzz help
repair dell ac adapter charger 3 out of 5

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Nicolas Guerrero: no offense but.. are you retard? second question.. you have a kind of illnes? think about it... you broke the case just to fix it with some tape, does not have any sense... look around YT "How to open laptop charger"
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repair dell ac adapter charger