Repair Dell Ac Adapter Charger

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repair dell ac adapter charger
repair dell ac adapter charger
FIX Plugged in. Not Charging
FIX Plugged in. Not Charging
Dell Laptop Power Supply Repair AC adapter PA-12 frayed wire
Dell Laptop Power Supply Repair AC adapter PA-12 frayed wire
How to repair a Dell Laptop / Battery Charging power problem with a DC adapter.
How to repair a Dell Laptop / Battery Charging power problem with a DC adapter.
Laptop power supply repair
Laptop power supply repair

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cartola48: this is pure gold

Ben Pope: People always just buy new instead of fixing even the easiest of fixes. Some do not know that all things are built to only last a few years. one of the first light bulbs built still works. Would be hard to keep a factory in business that only sells a item to everyone once and then never again. So SO many electronics now have a easy simple point of failure designed to only last a few years now. There are fuses inside most electronics now. It can be extremely well hidden but that should be the first thing to open up and look for. This does not apply to this problem just in general. This power supply snaps apart but has inner workings surounded by tape glue and metal that looks like it just surrounds the insides but also attaches to the circuit board but mine is broken and i cant rule out a broken fuse inside somewhere. The next problem is even if there was this is a 19 volt power supply and most likely has a specially made fuse that is not available for purchase and cant be substituted with the strongest ones you can buy. I was going to fix a microwave that everything worked but it being able to heat food. All lights, turntable, everything. There was a big fuse that let a huge amount of power through before breaking. I couldnt find it online or at any brick and mortar store. 

Blahblox Gyuanox: This is kid,it just broke the case and see a broken cable !.Noob.Waste of time,this is melt again,you must solder new cable or cut the existing.

Jomy-FKD charger supplier: helpful

Cory Burnett: Thanks, help me find the problem, however I will be using solder and heat shrink on mine.

Mijc Osis: Software guys - sigh. If a supply has a sufficiently high internal impedance then no matter what its supply voltage it will not be capable of delivering a lethal current (although of course terminal voltage will drop immediately any current is drawn). Also if there is an insufficient amount of charge (coulombs) to deliver a sustained flow whole there is sufficient current (coulombs per second) it will not have sufficient duration to harm you - as in the case of static shock (thousands of volts).

Mijc Osis: Wow - new epic realms of dodgy have been reached with this 'repair' also quite possibly the slowest thing I have EVER watched. Do you even HAVE a voice?

French4Assassin: You can not have an electrical current if there is no voltage, so yes voltage does determine danger. I would love to see you to grab a wire with 200 volts going through it and see how well you survive that. You are a troll. I am a robot programmer that programs welding robots, I know what I am talking about. 1000 volts wont even just kill you it will "fry" your body from the inside out.

kickitup2006xc1: Voltage doesn't determine the danger.. I've been shocked by 10, 15, and even 20k volts. The current is what kills you. Those capacitors can still hit you with a lethal shock, not likely, but possible if you have any heart problems.

nNemna: Thanks :DDD

DarkStar1O9: My power adapter's barely working at the moment, was beeping earlier but eventually got it to spark while watching this video, haven't had to crack it open yet, already spent so much money on new ones (3) xP

whatusayIam: thank you for this. sorry for the sh*t talking lames you know how the matrix effects people.lmfao

grosslyclever: why didn't you just talk. You clearly had the microphone on. -_-

koubale youtube: لقد جربت الطريقة ونجحة معى افتحوا العلبة بحذر شديد


SenorCajones: I know...maybe at least unplug it before attempting this repair.

SenorCajones: I think that he would have used ANY tape that was available. I wouldn't have been surprised if he'd used masking tape.

ItsAllGood5225: Now fix your freaked up camera

French4Assassin: Lucky that the whole point of those are to convert from 120Vs to some kind of voltage that WONT hurt you. also... next time use electrical tape, using clear tape like that will just risk a start of a burnt down house. Chargers are just way to expensive for what they do, people who buy new chargers are just dumb, might as well get a whole new laptop for a couple hundred bucks more.

AJ Verde: *it is certain that you take the proper precautions when you do this manipulation.
repair dell ac adapter charger 5 out of 5

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repair dell ac adapter charger