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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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DiverseLA: Wouldn't it have made sense for the sake of your own comfort and for the sake of the viewers watching this, to have put the camera on some kind of stand -- so we don't have to watch a shaking camera and you can relax and watch the game?
frans dolmans: just wondering how many times you actually can measure someone in the field from shoulder to shoulder its better to know wich distance every line is from the acog scope
Лешка Черников: Ребят, я кончил когда он на затвор нажал
fighttillyoudie0: Don't pull very hard... My 93' P.O.S. Probe GT does about the same... and thats a 17 year old car...
Marc Salvador Jordà Buchaca: A mi también me pasa, me dice imposible obtener ssid. Al final lo he enchufado con un cable de red al ruter i tampoco me deja configurarlo con cable, pero por sorpresa lo veo en la red de mi casa i puedo trabajar con el desde mi pc... Voy a actualizar el firmware aver si se soluciona la cosa...
Jonas92: Der ist nicht von dieser Welt ^^
scotty555babe: What is the 1st track please.

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