1977 Yamaha TT500 Fired Up On Cold Start.

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1977 Yamaha TT500 Fired up on cold start.
1977 Yamaha TT500 Fired up on cold start.
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Marti woodchip: Needs a valve adjustment, I owned every year TT-500 and XT-600's and yours has a bit of valve clacking going on. The 500's only have 2 valves and do make more noise than the 600's which have 4 valves and are a much quieter running engine as far as the valve train is concerned.

eric lluwderic: A buddy had one in high school ( about 20 yrs ago ) first big bike i ever rode and i whiskey throttled right off the back! Lmao fun bike! Beautiful vintage!!

moppedcrak: TT 500 real nice bike

Chris Swayze: brother you are brave kicking that over without boots lol the "Thumper" aint known just for its sound but as well as its nasty kick back if you dont index it right lol

Orthman Customs: What an awsome memory! Thanks for sharing it.

xttt500rustling: Hi, thanks for posting your video on the 1977 Yamaha TT500D, I enjoyed your commentry.

brrrdrrrs: Beautiful bike, man. My Dad had the orange one, and I had a yellow one and a black one. (Different years, all great bikes.) Set Ol' Yellow up for the dirt track/ice. Miss those old bikes...low end like tractors!

Mike Jones: don't even need the sight window. kick it over until you feel the point where it will no longer kick off easy. pull the compression lever in, about 1/4 kick, bring it back up, then fire away. the older the get, the more fogged up the windows get. regardless, very nice.

TerryToon17: Hi, 1980 XT500 owner here (owned since 1982). I had a look at a few Vidz on the starting procedure, and yours is one of the better ones. EG: Do not twist the throttle when starting, get it up on compression, then let the kick lever return to the top and kick it, like it stole your wallet. (they are rather cantankerous beasts). Mine will start pretty much first kick if you ride every 2 to 4 weeks. But leave it longer, and I will raise a sweat before it starts.

Orthman Customs: @xttt500rustling Thanks. I always enjoy watching people try to start thumpers who "have ridden for years". My favorite part is just after the 20th kick, when they are exhausted and ashamed. They slowly look at you and say "start this damn thing".

Orthman Customs: It's easier explaining it using the window method to most people who have never tried to start one. Otherwise, they are lost. Thanks.

HOYOSM: super machine

Jack Lastname: Still have it? Had 2 of them, And a '77 XT. What a GREAT m/c. loved mine! Counter sprocket cover missing. For Sale?

Orthman Customs: LOL! Awsome bro. Take care and keep the rubber side down.

Peter Marshall: Thanks for that... great vid. Bought a TT today, have been swearing and sweating... for the last 20 mins. to much gas is the prob.

Jamie King: Thanks for the tip on starting. I have had mine for a few years and I always gave it a few twists of the throttle before kicking... yup it wouldn't start... This week I kicked it on three different days - no gas but yes choke and it started in 4 kicks each time. Thanks for the insight... My old CB750 needs the fuel cranked or it won't start... Old bikes are like women - every one of them is different. But we still wan to ride em!

Orthman Customs: @thumper444 Thanks. They are great bikes.

albud85: good ole tt500 deathtrap rode the hell out of these when i was younger.

Orthman Customs: Those are Dunlap Enduro's. They are crap on the street but wicked it the woods. Thanks.

Orthman Customs: These old bike mean business for sure. Not my normal attire for firing my bikes lol. My dad laughed too.

Orthman Customs: @smvirili Thanks man. As far as "hard starts", check your points first. Gap and clean them. You'll exhaust a leg if you don't. Second, make sure you have good spark at the plug and a good "flash". Weak condensor will have a weak plug flash. That may help to start but let me know if you run into any others snags. Best of luck!

Jeff H: I had 2. To start. Take it to compression pull the decomp lever, just nudge it through then kick it with no or only a minute amount of throttle. When new I used choke when it was cold. After you drop it or just flood it, pull the decomp lever and kick it through half a dozen or so strokes at full throttle. It may backfire whilst doing this , then start it as recommended. Wish I still had mine. A friend put a tt500 motor into a yz250 frame. Tricked up the engine 560cc kit. It went and handled.

blacktailslayer3006: first bike when i was 15..bout 7 years ago...god i miss that thing

Ralph Swartz: Many years ago I had a BSA 500 cc Gold Star. A great classic bike. Later I got a Yamaha TT 500 and it was WAY faster. The BSA looks cooler and is worth way more money, but the Yamaha is faster. They are both a bastard to start sometimes...ESPECIALLY the BSA!

motoclubtt Guatemala: la pieza que lleva en el timon ahi van los cables van por dentro no por fuera y la tapadera naranja hay qe engancharla mejor

soulrful terrain: We used to take off the little front fender and put a Preston Petty 'Mudder" on ours. It had that flare on the top sides and looked cool.

Orthman Customs: Thanks for sharing! I love hearing stories about the old Thumpers.

traxxas35: cold start in shorts lol

mega dv: O M G !!! q linda TT , and it sounds great, congrats :)

TerryToon17: When I went looking for a used Motorcycle in 1982, my first choice was a XL500, but all I could find was the 1980 XT500. Even back then it was outdated, with the old style shockers and alloy tank compared to the Hondas mono shock and plastic tank. But FF 32 years and my XT500 is still going strong, original bore, (never seen inside it). But the Hondas of the day had problems and are an even rarer sight on the road, than my "old fashioned" XT500. (I own 2 hondas by the way XR50 and 100)

brrrdrrrs: We always replaced the exhaust systems with Supertrap exhausts. BTW, my Dad would yell at you for wearing shorts and tennis shoes on your TT! :)

casper crump: What kind of tires are they? I have an XT 500 81`. Best bike i ever had. Thanx for sheering:-) Casper

whipzter2: TY mine went in the gulf after a tornado , south Texas, MISS my baby!!

Orthman Customs: @cj15941 Thanks man! And trust me, it gets ridden.

Orthman Customs: @Ariannazo start with the basics. 1) is it firing? pull the plug out. ground it to the head and kick it over. should spark. 2) is it getting fuel? check these issues first. hope it works out.

papabru80: gotta love the TT's! my dad had one a few years back. we just bought a 78' XT500 this week actually. it deff, the widowmaker of 4 strokes. love the supertrap exhaust on it too! have u heard of the white bros swing arm? it has one on it and i think its pretty rare from what iv found online?

Ariannazo: i need some help i have one like that it was running before but someone came and do something to it and its not running no more what that can be?

Paul Davidson: In 1997 sold my Dads for 800.00 I Rode this when I was 10 yo by stepping from the car bumper it was a fun and very powerful Ride

whipzter2: amen, welcome 2 my world, I was 18,, miss my baby :)

robinsteal4u2: Me and me mates had these and if you didn't you were nobody lol. After a while you can feel top dead with the kick start, pull in the deco, push the kick start a wee bit let out the deco, kick it and your off. Me brother was 20 stone and would jump on door it in the guts without even bothering with the deco and it was away every time, I tried that method and received a lovely bright bruise and went back to the deco method lol. Have to say I do miss my tt5 :(

Chuckie25: God that's a GORGEUS!!! piece of machinery there!! That thing deserves to be riden though man! Why let it sit up?!?!!

red88ization: yada yada yada ride it!
1977 Yamaha TT500 Fired up on cold start. 4.7 out of 5

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1977 Yamaha TT500 Fired up on cold start.