Taurus Tracker .44 Magnum Revolver

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My revolver hurts my hand.
My revolver hurts my hand.

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b brady: nice piece bro. will be getting the blue one in 4 inch and carry that freaker in the winter. alongside my Glock 26 in my boot.

JC Crabtree: Just ordered my Taurus 44magnum with a 4inch barrel can't wait to shoot it next week!!!!! This will be my first 44magnum wish me luck lol@!!

necronamacon x mortis: took my wife togo shoot mine this gun has so e serious power in all its one hell of a hand cannon

Cesar De La Torre: where did you get that beuty?????

Tim Harris: might run into an angry elephant. I love mines but it tears up my wrist.

Mike G: Cool gun enjoyed it

ruby1487: I really don't get people that use revolvers such as this for a carry weapon. I get to each his own, but why not something a little more practical.

backcheck31: Rossi is owned by Taurus.

NATURECAMHD: Would you recommend this as a safe-room gun for a home invasion? Could this stop a junkie high on meth?

CrimsonFlagg: Taurus grips. Ribbed for your pleasure not theirs.

Manpreet Brar: where i can find exactly same like u have....any online site address....

Batch Squatch: Great review. I'm going to check one of these out. Thanks.

Robert Allen: is this the talo tracker

Dalton C. Rocha: Here in Brazil to have any gun is a crime. And Brazil is the world's leader in number of crimes. Please, dear Americans, don't follow our way!

SOUTHERNANDPROUD1861: I have one and it shoots great.It says Taurus on it.Its a Taurus tracker with a cut down barrel.

Tim Naughton: Soon as I'm 21 getting my ccw and a .44 mag till then my 9mm hi point keeps me happy

Z-Boys Gun Channel: its around same quality as taurus so for that price sounds good

spanky44mag: I found a Rossi 44 magnum that is very similar to this gun (except in a blued finish) for $369 at Academy in Mesquite Texas. Would you recommend buying the Rossi?

CASTRO45ACP: Then why do foreigners run to our country more than any other free country?

SOUTHERNANDPROUD1861: Oh you can get the Rossi for $269
Taurus Tracker .44 Magnum Revolver 5 out of 5

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HEI MAN: stunning video!
Tousled•Bird•Mad•Girl: this is amazing!! just gorgeous! !
Douglas#10: Godread was made from Ryan Ernest was made from Gordon culdee was made from Thomas Patrick/lord Harry was made from Percy and Alaric or Eric was made from james
Rebel Collects: gotta love the noam dar jacket! great improvisation!
Neil Frodsham: Hello mal,
Great video's!,I've not been metal detecting long,but i've found a couple of those lead disc's!was wondering if you managed to ID them?.
Keep up the good work,Neil.

ArT oF wAr: ewwww, I hated how they shaped the transmission. why cant they just shape the stick in a strait line instead of zig zag shape?
Unshaken Storm: I like your vids

Taurus Tracker .44 Magnum Revolver