Taurus Tracker .44 Magnum Revolver

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Tim Harris: might run into an angry elephant. I love mines but it tears up my wrist.

Mike G: Cool gun enjoyed it

ruby1487: I really don't get people that use revolvers such as this for a carry weapon. I get to each his own, but why not something a little more practical.

Harry A: If you reload, my recommendation would be to shoot a reduced 44 magnum load. I shot the Hornady 180 grain HP's through this very gun and they penetrated 3 full gallons of water jugs and had great expansion with 10 grains of Unique. Recoil was relatively mild and it was far more effective in penetration and expansion than the .357 125 grain HP's. Placing the two calibers side by side looked like papa-bear and baby-bear. GOT TO LOVE THE 44 MAG....

backcheck31: Rossi is owned by Taurus.

NATURECAMHD: Would you recommend this as a safe-room gun for a home invasion? Could this stop a junkie high on meth?

CrimsonFlagg: Taurus grips. Ribbed for your pleasure not theirs.

Manpreet Brar: where i can find exactly same like u have....any online site address....

Batch Squatch: Great review. I'm going to check one of these out. Thanks.

Robert Allen: is this the talo tracker

Dalton C. Rocha: Here in Brazil to have any gun is a crime. And Brazil is the world's leader in number of crimes. Please, dear Americans, don't follow our way!

SOUTHERNANDPROUD1861: I have one and it shoots great.It says Taurus on it.Its a Taurus tracker with a cut down barrel.

Tim Naughton: Soon as I'm 21 getting my ccw and a .44 mag till then my 9mm hi point keeps me happy

Z-Boys Gun Channel: its around same quality as taurus so for that price sounds good

spanky44mag: I found a Rossi 44 magnum that is very similar to this gun (except in a blued finish) for $369 at Academy in Mesquite Texas. Would you recommend buying the Rossi?

CASTRO45ACP: Then why do foreigners run to our country more than any other free country?

SOUTHERNANDPROUD1861: Oh you can get the Rossi for $269

SOUTHERNANDPROUD1861: I have the Rossie made by Taurus snubnose 44 mag as my CCW gun and i feel safe.It shoots great even out to 50yds.

Dead Deputy: guns .. you ain't got any more freedom than anyone else lol
Taurus Tracker .44 Magnum Revolver 5 out of 5

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Taurus Tracker .44 Magnum Revolver