Hyperion Vs The Hulk

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Slade Wilson: but hulk can win if the writers want him to win

Slade Wilson: even I am a fanboy of hulk i know hulk will lose

Austin Minton: Hyperion has been beaten by iron man. Hulk has completely torn hyperion apart as well.

flash 26: im not sure but is this the hyperion that survived his universes destruction? if it is he should be very hard to beat.

jan stank: hyperion is better

lore “apre368” mar: vediamolo contro il world breaker....che nn si trasforma più in banner...poi vediamo quanti secondi dura....hyperior

Anthony Perella: the hulk is no character to freak around with or take lightly but i mean every character has to be beat otherwise the story is pretty much crap.

the Wild Card: even if hulk wasn't controled,hyperion could one shot hulk,this has power to lift entire worlds.

the Wild Card: god i love hyperion!! :)

JohnnyJohn116: Take that Hulk fanboys!!!

Charles Neruda: Yeah he defeated mind controlled Hulk. Thing can beat mind controlled Hulk.Thats when he's at his weakest. I want to see World Breaker Hulk vs Hyperion!

Yannick Poppe: the reason why hulk lost is that he first was mind controlled while beating hyperion, after thor shotted a lightningbolt and that girl lost the control over hulk's mind, hulk calmed down because hyperion is hes friend, and letting him lose to turn back te banner. but a serious battle with those two powerhouses, would during 4 ever.

kaka88z: whats the comic name..issue please?

Jacob McLellan: WOW! Hyperion just turned the hulk into bruce banner with one punch!!

J Double C: This is a mind controlled hulk not regular hulk of it was regular hulk this fight would have been very different and by that I mean Hyperion in a crater battered and bloody

Alexander betancourt: como se llama ese comic??

WhistlingWater: WWH owns Hyperion. Period. This isn't that incantation of Hulk.The writers have kept World Breaker Hulk out for now. For reasons obvious that he is too powerful. 

John Sanders: That was gay Hyperion doesn't even have a chance

verdes25: No one can beat HULK, Hulk the strongest‼️

Олег Вусикер: Song name: 12 Stones – Broken
Hyperion vs The Hulk 5 out of 5

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Slade Wilson: but hulk can win if the writers want him to win
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Hyperion vs The Hulk