Remington 700 SPS Tactical 16.5 Inch Barrel In 308

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Davon Corrie: whats that scope and how much is it

TWDxKILL3R: Was that a pistol at 100 yards?? I like your style

blackout 1971: What is an average yard distance on this gun?

Jerry .Roberts: Also it's mounted on a Weaver Tactical rail (all I could afford)

Jerry .Roberts: Hi mate ,nice rig ,I have just put together something similar and the scope I chose i a Bushnell Tactical 2.5-16x42 and I'm having a tough time getting it mounted as low as poss ,I currently have Burris Sig Zees in medium but it leaves a 10mm gap between barrel and scope bell (too much) would XTR lows be s good option as it looks like what your using ,cheers

Muhammad Abdullah: what muzzle break have you got on there? 


thecrimsonops: is that a coonan 1911 in 357?

thegr8pulido: How long do the operating components of the rifle measure from the tip of the muzzle to the end of the action? 

stone4451: Sounds good man

P.O.I. Tactical: From what I have seen from 16 inch 308s lately, I think this rifle with good hand loads could certainly do it. This is my buddies rifle and I think in the spring we will be taking it out more. I have a place nearby that we can actually go out to 700-800 yards! Be looking for a video in the spring

stone4451: think you can get out to 800 yards with that barrel?

Drapetomanius Grimr: The brakes that appeal to me are the "flaming pig" style brakes that channel the sound and shock forward. I like the reduced recoil and fast follow up shots, just not enough to justify the concussion. I've already lost enough hearing to gunfire.

P.O.I. Tactical: They are really an awesome rifle! You don't lose that much velocity with the shorter barrels with the 308 caliber!

SHWELL11: I really want one of these models. This particular one is one of my favorite Bolt Action Rifles.. I told my wife this is all I want for Christmas.. Let's see what happens. Great vid brother.

P.O.I. Tactical: Well, I have a brake on my AR15 and it is great for 3 - Gun and stuff of that nature. A brake on a rifle like a 308 is also very useful in a competition. It will save you a lot of time when you have a timed scenario. Many brakes now a days also double as a QD mount for suppressors.

Drapetomanius Grimr: Owned none; used more than I can recall.

P.O.I. Tactical: How many rifles have you owned with brakes on them?

Drapetomanius Grimr: No I would not. Obviously some calibers require a brake, but I don't use those calibers (where I live 200 meters of open terrain is rare and .338 is a waste). A lot of shooters right now are braking .223 rifles (driven by the competitive scene) and it's just silly IMO. .308 is nice but not necessary, and .338 and above makes sense, but man there are some superfluous brakes on the ranges.

P.O.I. Tactical: in that case would you like to shoot my 338 lapua without a brake on it? lol
Remington 700 SPS Tactical 16.5 inch Barrel in 308 5 out of 5

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Alec Vascellaro: Thank you guys this helped immensely
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Привет! Посоветуй пожалуйста, что использовать для обзоров, что бы руки были свободны и камера была как бы от первого лица. Вот как у тебя сейчас. Для SJ4000 или для смартфона.
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На ходу не чего, кроме крепления к груди стедикама (1500-2000р). Все остальные крепления без стабилизатора будут давать дрожь, колебания. Если стационарно то, всё то, что я показал. Маленький штатив на подставку перед собой, можно большой  или монопод крепить со стороны. Всё остальное тоже самое только дороже. SJ4000  звук плохо пишет(может SJ5000 лучше будет), надо громко говорить или озвучку потом в вебку на компе наговаривать, или в саму камеру отдельно наговаривать как в микрофон, посматривая свой ролик на мониторе и дорожку потом монтировать. А так камеру SJ4000 рядом со ртом держать (20-30см) или звук потом отдельно накладывать.У меня эта веб камера, на которую снимаю, прикреплена к настольному светильнику. В некоторых видео он в кадр попадает. Закреплён на столе справа от колонки. Все свои ролики про ремонт нивы (как вы хотите от лица камеры), я снял с этих штативов. Сегодня ночью выставлю ещё один ролик от первого лица, про замену верхнего ролика стеклоподъёмника, полностью снят с большим штативом. Тем, что на этом видео. Желаю вам удачи.

Guillermo Aguilera García: un centro de maquinado, es lo mas interesante que hay.
omidool: Over a year has passed since the upload of this video; that engine is still healthy?!  I'm not gonna pull 330hp out of my GTI engine, it's just too much stress on every single drivetrain component!  And it's not so much fun, it's a front-wheel-drive car after all!  I'm pretty happy with stage 1 - 265hp.

Remington 700 SPS Tactical 16.5 inch Barrel in 308