Remington 700 SPS Tactical 16.5 Inch Barrel In 308

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Remington 700 SPS Tactical 16.5 inch Barrel in 308
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Remington 700 sps tactical 308 review
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Al Tahir: what muzzle break have you got on there? 


thegr8pulido: How long do the operating components of the rifle measure from the tip of the muzzle to the end of the action? 

thecrimsonops: is that a coonan 1911 in 357?

mikentommiann82807: That is a awesome Rifle. I have to look into getting one. Great video.

P.O.I. Tactical: Thanks man! The coonan is such a joy to shoot. We shot it at the hundred yard range today. On a rest, its not a problem to keep a 10 inch group or better haha

P.O.I. Tactical: Yeah. Every little bit of weight counts when hitting the trails lol thanks for checking out the video.

Mr45Bullitt: Love the 700! Looks like a great day.

angy17hp: Nice video. Tha scope rings in the Remington 700, are low, medium or high profile? Thanks..

Drapetomanius Grimr: I don't use breaks simply because they are so punishing to everyone around the shooter. The reduced recoil isn't worth shattering my neighbor's sinuses.

P.O.I. Tactical: How many rifles have you owned with brakes on them?

Reality Survival: Liked and Shared. That is a sweet lil rifle! Now I want one...

TheFireArmGuy: Great man. Loved the Coonan 357 Magnum. Looked like a great range

23mrcowboys: That's a heck of a shade on that scope lol

MyHollowpoint: Sweet rifle. I wanted one just like that but chose another because I was going to use it for hunting and the weight scared me off. Very nice rifle.

Drapetomanius Grimr: No I would not. Obviously some calibers require a brake, but I don't use those calibers (where I live 200 meters of open terrain is rare and .338 is a waste). A lot of shooters right now are braking .223 rifles (driven by the competitive scene) and it's just silly IMO. .308 is nice but not necessary, and .338 and above makes sense, but man there are some superfluous brakes on the ranges.

P.O.I. Tactical: It was an awesome day. A guy later on came by with his barrett m95 50bmg. Made the day even better lol

P.O.I. Tactical: Thanks for checking it out bud

P.O.I. Tactical: Agreed! Thanks for checking out the video brother!

P.O.I. Tactical: Haha yeah. We went in the morning and thought we would be shooting into the rising sun

survivalaustralia01: whats it group like?

Integr8d: Muzzle brake pulloff can be an issue.

aramarine6: I just bought this exact rifle today. And I cant figure out what thread dimensions it has. What did your SJC Titan brake come with? and did you install it yourself?

MrSabotSlug: That spikes is freaking awesome. We went and shot a little yesterday. My buddy is thinking about getting a G30 or a G23. I let him shoot mine. Now he really can't decide cause he liked them both. Since ammo is so hard to find we only shot 1 mag each :(:( I ran some old remington golden bullet 22 lr in my 15-22. I only shot 2 mags cause of availabity but it ran the remington fine.

P.O.I. Tactical: I am not sure. I know they were the lowest we could get for it to fit on the rifle. You want the scope as close to the bore as possible.

angy17hp: I buy a remingon 700 xcr tactical long range. And i have a bushnell elite tactical 4200. But i dont have idea about of the rings. I think the medium profile works. Thank you.

Kevin Connor: SJC Titan

23mrcowboys: Looks like fun was had by all lol

TheMultiGunMan: ★★★★★

SHWELL11: I really want one of these models. This particular one is one of my favorite Bolt Action Rifles.. I told my wife this is all I want for Christmas.. Let's see what happens. Great vid brother.

P.O.I. Tactical: Well, I have a brake on my AR15 and it is great for 3 - Gun and stuff of that nature. A brake on a rifle like a 308 is also very useful in a competition. It will save you a lot of time when you have a timed scenario. Many brakes now a days also double as a QD mount for suppressors.

Kevin Connor: they are burris medium profile, im sure I could hunt around and find a lower set but I was impatient at the time and grabbed what they had on the self at the local gun store lol. they seem to work alright and I think they compliment the rifle well!

P.O.I. Tactical: it is a regular 5/8-24 thread. the titan came with a crush washer and its apain to install. use some rubber gloves around the barrel on a vise and you should be able to install it. its nice and tight.

P.O.I. Tactical: Who said we were reviewing the gun? It was just some range time we decided to video tape. If you want the specs, check out the video description.

Drapetomanius Grimr: The brakes that appeal to me are the "flaming pig" style brakes that channel the sound and shock forward. I like the reduced recoil and fast follow up shots, just not enough to justify the concussion. I've already lost enough hearing to gunfire.

P.O.I. Tactical: Sadly, I think with all the rubber stocks they touch the barrel. This particular rifle is a friends but I use to have a R700 SPS TAC AAC-SD model and my stock would contact the barrel but I never had any issues with that rifle. It would shoot 1/4 moa groups with my reloads. The SJC Titan doesn't affect the accuracy as far as I know. I have one on my AR which had a 16 inch barrel and I properly broke the barrel in on that rifle, I rarely clean it and it is extremely accurate.

stone4451: Sounds good man

Kevin Connor: you are right on that being a pain... just be carful and its easily done by yourself at home.

ASCBLUEYE: I really like those 16.5 barreled ones better than the 18 inch ones. I want one bad, cut it to 14.5, and perm attach my suppressor mount and put a manners folding stock and have a sick truck gun. Looks loud! Loud is good!!

Kevin Connor: This is my rifle, the only thing hindering the accuracy on it is me! Haha I also have the brake on my ar and its accurate as I can be! I cannot see the brake affecting anything honestly. It kills the recoil though that's for sure!

P.O.I. Tactical: From what I have seen from 16 inch 308s lately, I think this rifle with good hand loads could certainly do it. This is my buddies rifle and I think in the spring we will be taking it out more. I have a place nearby that we can actually go out to 700-800 yards! Be looking for a video in the spring

Kevin Connor: Thanks for the video Dan, I'm really happy with how the rifle turned out, can't wait to get it shooting longer distances

Grubkat: Nice rifle! Range time is always a good time.

P.O.I. Tactical: in that case would you like to shoot my 338 lapua without a brake on it? lol

Drapetomanius Grimr: Owned none; used more than I can recall.

P.O.I. Tactical: we gotta go out to the farm!

Kevin Connor: Awesome I love it, need to get it sighted the rest of the way in but so far its awesome

P.O.I. Tactical: I am not totally sure. I just saw your comments on this video! This is actually a friends rifle. I can answer your other comment below though. Scope rings sadly do not have universal sizes when it comes to low med high ultra high and so on. They will usually specify how high it sits from the center of the scope or from the bottom of the ring and if you have the scope dimensions you can usually measure out which scope mounts you need. Hope that helps! Take care!

Moises Rodriguez: beautiful Remington 700 what kinda break is that?

shooterisone: This video is useless! If u are going to talk specs do it at ur house not at the range while others are shooting. Also stick to one gun review
Remington 700 SPS Tactical 16.5 inch Barrel in 308 4.4 out of 5

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Courtney Guidry: OMG 3 straight minutes of nothing but cuteness!! ^-^
Riley Morrison: Ranger

Remington 700 SPS Tactical 16.5 inch Barrel in 308